Why are Hasu cameras so expensive

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To answer this question, we should first explain the difference between "full painting" and "Chinese painting". Literally, the former is stronger than the latter, and the fact is the opposite.

The "whole" of a full picture is a comparison of the CMOS (sensor) imaging area with 35mm film. It is called "full picture" because of its equal area. But digital cameras have developed more formats, such as Nikon's DX and 4/3 systems.

Chinese painting is the name of the era of film. Their photo-sensitive original is much larger than the full picture, that is, 35mm film. Some use 120 films. The image of the Chinese painting system is excellent, more delicate than the whole picture, and the price is naturally higher.

Invincible Rabbit, Invincible Three, Nikon D3X, these expensive SLR fuselage, are just full picture SLR. And cheaper, thousands of pieces, such as Canon 700D and Pentax color series, are APS-C small picture SLR. Many people call these APS-C fuselage "Chinese picture", which is a big misunderstanding.

In the shooting of high-end films (advertising films, clothing films, advanced artistic creation, etc.), professional photographers will be the first choice to install the back of the Chinese picture camera. Of course, there are special cases. In the past two years, there were not a few studios that used 230,000 fuselages to shoot advertisements. When I went there last week, even the grass-roots studio had to go up the back.

Next, talk about Hasu. Strictly speaking, it should be called Chinese painting Hasu fuselage and lens group why so expensive.

We have to popularize knowledge, otherwise we can't talk about it. T What is Digital Back

Digital back refers to the digital imaging and processing module on the frame camera in installation. The main work of digital back is to replace the original film back and digitize the photos. At present, the digital back integrates many functions, such as sensors, screens, memory slots and batteries.

The greatest advantage of digital back lies in overwhelming pixel resolution and excellent imaging effect. Take the Feith IQ series as an example. The product line covers 80 to 40 million pixels at all levels. Recently, a full-format digital back with 30 million pixels has been launched.

Another advantage of digital backs is sensor size. The sensor sizes of IQ160 and IQ180 are 53.9 x 40.4 mm. Although the sensor sizes of the entry-level product IQ140 are only 44 x 33 mm, they are still larger than 36 x 23.9 mm of the full picture.

In addition, ordinary SLR cameras can output only 14 bit RAW files, while the digital backs are basically more than 16 bits, although only 2 bits difference, but the naked eye has been able to clearly distinguish the difference between the two files in the dynamic range.Why are Hasu cameras so expensive

The picture shows PhaseOne and its back.

PhaseOne is a machine often used in advertising. It's not very clear how much it costs. When it first went on the market, it was HK$300K, or RMB 280,000.

But a penny a penny a penny. With 40 million effective pixel sensors, the sensitivity range is ISO 50-800, which can be extended to ISO 3200 in Sensor + mode, and the continuous shooting speed is about 1.2 sheets per second. The dynamic range is 12.5 f-stops, the unit pixel size is 6 *6 micron, and the Sensor + mode can be changed to 12 *12 micron.

The lens multiplier of iq140 is about 1.3 times, and the specifications are basically the same as P40 +. On the back of the fuselage is a 3:21.15 million touch LCD screen, which is rarely seen on SLR cameras.

Uh huh. It's only 40 megapixels, right. Your Lumia 1020 has caught up. But what I want to say is that woodlouse is more than pixel.

For a camera, the most important thing is the image quality. Influencing the quality of imaging are: ISO range, dynamic balance, sensors, lenses, weather, whether aunts are coming... Pixels are only one of the reference values, but they are regarded as the most important data. Well, we can't blame everybody alone. There are also errors in the company's propaganda of irregularity.

After talking about the pictures and back, I want to talk about why the painting fuselage in Hassou is so expensive. Hasuzhong Picture Film Fuselage

The figure shows the back of Hasu 503CW and HaseOne. Do you like it? The viewfinder is on it.)Why are Hasu cameras so expensive

As we have said before, the Chinese picture camera itself is of high quality and high price. It is for high-end photography services, not ordinary consumer goods. This has laid the price line for Hasu. A lot of people can't see this sentence, not to say that I'm attacking the ordinary single-handed. Please see what I said before you speak.

Another reason is that it has a long history and guaranteed technology. Victor Hasselblad AB is a high-quality film camera manufacturer in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was founded as a commercial company in 1841. In the 1980s, Eastman Kodak sold photographic products. During World War II, the photography department developed. Victor Hasselblad was appointed to develop an aviation camera for the Royal Swedish Air Force. After the war, photographic products were converted to civilian use. Hasu 1600F, introduced in 1948 as a SLR camera in Medium Format format, became the choice of many photographers.

Perhaps the most famous use of Hasu cameras was in the Apollo lunar landing program when humans first set foot on the moon. Almost all the photographs used in the mission of the lunar landing were taken with improved Hasu cameras.

Hasu cameras are also widely used by professional photographers and high-level amateurs, one of the reasons being that 6x6cm-sized film, together with a famous durable and sophisticated Carl Zeiss lens, produces better photographic quality than smaller-sized film. The combination of Hasselblad and Carl Zeiss symbols represents perfect quality, accurate exposure, smooth operation and incredible durability.

From: Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia

To sum up.

1. The fuselage of the Chinese painting frame is expensive, not to mention the brand of Hasu. But it's not the fuselage, it's the back. The price gap between the Chinese frame fuselage and the top full frame fuselage is getting smaller and smaller.

2. Compared with the ordinary SLR (invincible three or less, Dama three counts to wipe the edge ball), the advantages of the middle picture + back are: high brightness and shade, high tolerance, large dynamic range, high granularity and thick layers. There is also greater controllability in the later period. Larger files mean more late space.

As if it is still not clear enough, let's put it this way: the covers of world-class fashion magazines and front-line brand advertisements are basically made with Chinese pictures + backshots. In New York Times Square, it is impossible to photograph large static images with ordinary SLR in any case. Level gap.

Let's just talk about pixels. The LED in Times Square in New York is 18 meters * 12 meters. You can convert the imager to look at the billboard. It's almost 50 meters above the line of sight. Now, with 230,000 SLRs, D3X is more than 21 million pixels, Invincible Three is more than 20 million, and D800 seems to be close to 40 million. Even the most lossless format output, the size of the LCD on such a large scale will not be clear. This does not count the display quality of the LCD itself. Moreover, to put it in such an important position, advertisers will take the initiative to find reliable photographers. Reliable photographers naturally use their backs. It's too unprofessional to fool people with horses.

That is to say, ordinary SLR can't take pictures with such large pixels. If you zoom in to such a large size, the result will be mosaic. The Chinese painting with back can't be put that big, but the effect is better than the ordinary SLR. Recently, 200 million pixels of technology, which was phased out from NASA, has been mass produced, so it will not be a problem in the future.

Also, the LCD resolution is 10,000*4,000.


The SLR has ruined your life. Stop touching the back and stop.

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