Wedding Photographer You Don't Know

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Many people don't know how to communicate and coordinate with wedding dress companies. To the general public, the experience and information of others on the Internet are the easiest channels to obtain. There are many ways to depress wedding dress companies, how to become an Olympic guest to make money, and the harder the attitude, the more domineering the better. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. In the wedding dress industry for many years, many guests have been trampling on mines without knowing it. This article is mainly written by the long-standing aspiration of a photographer. If you are going to get married, please read it patiently.

When you approach Miss Door, your domineering attitude can help you get more gifts or groups, but Miss Door will tell the photographer about your situation, and your photos will be discounted.

Why discount? Faced with the customers who are greedy, cheap and in great condition, the photographer's enthusiasm for your service is halved. Even if he wants to help you take a good picture, the psychological negative effect has already been produced. Photography is very sensory. When the photographer does not feel for you, then how about your picture is the general level. Because it's people, not machines, that take pictures of you.

It's a dangerous thing to think that taking a wedding dress two months before marriage is enough.

Many people think that taking a wedding dress is taking a picture and then making a photo, which takes so long. But let me tell you that the actual situation is good.

From taking photos to taking photos, assuming that everything goes smoothly, it takes at least one month to one and a half months or so, the problem arises. What if it doesn't go smoothly?

The weather was bad on the day of the photo shoot. It is self-evident whether you want to take a hard-headed photo or make-up photo on the day of the photo shoot. But the wedding dress company does not have to serve you as a couple of guests to maintain his huge expenses, each delay takes at least 15 to 40 days, why so long? If a wedding dress company allows you to make up at any time you want, then you have to worry about whether there is a problem with the supply of customers and the quality of service, so that his photographers can be so idle.

After taking a picture, you have to choose the time to choose the photo. In principle, you can choose the photo (unmodified photo) within 3 to 7 days after taking the photo, but if you can't cooperate with the time (such as personal affairs, work......................................... You have to wait until the wedding dress company can cooperate with your time, on the premise that there is a date for the wedding dress company, not to mention that you have to choose wedding dresses, bridesmaids'clothes, and busy with personal wedding necessities that do not fall within the scope of the service of the wedding dress company, which will only force you to death.

"In principle, it's safest to take a wedding photo at least half a year ago. At least when the weather is bad, you will have at least two delays. "

Wedding Photographer You Don't Know

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To communicate with the photographer, please do your homework first and find your own photographic style.

Many people think that if I pay for the wedding dress company, the wedding dress company will take a good picture of me. In fact, this irresponsible attitude is like you throw your child into school and ask the teacher to teach him good students who are good at both learning and learning.

Photographers can only help you by 50%. The rest of the couple needs to be done by yourself. If you don't want to throw everything to the photographer, you can only get a standard picture, the background you want, the tone of the picture, the action, the expression.. Those must be carefully communicated with the photographer. The photographer will give you the right advice according to your needs.

The common problem is that the guest asks the photographer to provide the scenic spot, then shoots or questions the photographer's opinion, asks the guest what he wants and says, "I don't know, do you have any good recommendation for the photographer?" It's like you go to a restaurant and you don't know what you're going to eat. The chef gives you advice and you have to say, "I think it's terrible." Or go to the department store to buy something, and the sales consultant shoots you like a gun, but you don't have a direction or goal. It's hard for a strong person like Buddha not to be annoyed. There's Minasan who has worked in the service industry!! ~You understand that...

Many people will communicate with celebrities and Madou samples.

The cruel fact is that... You think it looks good just because the picture shows Ma Dou. It's not the nature of photographs, the poses or expressions that you think are natural, the things that have been honed and refined repeatedly, or the natural features and body. It's as simple for them as eating stewed pork rice, but for you... maybe it's a hell of a test.

Needless to say, if these pictures were replaced by vegetarians, you might not even look at them at all. & nbsp; this situation most often happens when guests communicate with foreigners by taking pictures of foreigners, because the proportion of body features and the degree of openness are different (it is undeniable that foreigners'nationality is comparatively open mind) often learn four different things.

Wedding Photographer You Don't Know

_Photo Source: Green weddings hoes

Photographing is like buying clothes. Please choose the feeling that suits you.

It's not like you're not a very flexible or open person, for example. It's also like telling the photographer that you want to be more lively and natural. This is not the photographer's final say.

If you don't have a good expression, the photographer will only ask you to remake until you want to commit suicide; your acting skills and style account for at least 80% of the success or failure of the photograph. If that's not the case, then everyone can be a Ma Dou, so don't expect a stiff-faced photographer to take you like Lin Zhiling.

You can pretend to understand or tease the photographer, but it's not good for you.

The photographer is not a big head mounter. It's made of human flesh. It's important to give a photographer basic respect and trust in his profession. If you doubt or disrespect your photographer but expect him to take a good picture for you with a happy heart, listen to me, you'd better change the photographer.

When you ask the photographer: I'm looking for a friend to take side shots. Basically you've been sentenced to death by a photographer.

Photography is a major.

Can you imagine how long it takes an assistant to climb to the position of a photographer? Control ability, action guidance, expression introduction, and how to create the atmosphere, how to select scenery, how to make you laugh while leading the assistant to shine.................................................

Wedding dress industry is a very hard industry with long working hours and fewer vacations. A photographer's monthly working hours can easily break 300 hours. When you are tired and take photos after a day, the photographer has to work overtime to make the final computer adjustment of your photos. It is common to be busy till late at night. The experience of sacrificing how much time you spend with your partner, how much time you spend with your family (once you met a photographer colleague whose father passed away and asked for two days off to go back to work, and you had to take pictures of the guests with a smile) and your "side-shooting" - greedy for temporary convenience and cheap is undoubtedly a photograph. The most ruthless and harsh trample on the profession that a film artist spends his time and sweat getting

Then you may ask: Why on earth can't you shoot sideways??? Even if you think what I just said is nothing, would you take a video camera to shoot in when you go to the movies? Do you think the cinema will let you shoot?

This example is easy to understand, this is the commercial copyright of the photographer, even if you really get the wedding dress company to let you side-shoot, the enthusiasm of the photographer has long been extinguished, he will not be so serious to help you shoot.

Wedding Photographer You Don't Know

_Photo Source: Green weddings hoes

Many people think that the photographer just wants the guests to be more selective and ask for money.

Everyone thinks that the photographer's job is easy and he can get money into his pocket by pressing the shutter, not at all. The average base salary of a photographer is about 20,000 yuan. It is entirely based on the number of groups you choose multiplied by a small percentage as your performance. That is to say, if you haven't picked more than half of the photos, the photographer will be doing white work for you that day. In other words, if you were a photographer, would you like your guests to choose more??? If you are a clothing industry practitioner, would you like customers to buy more clothes?

This is not a matter of right or wrong. It is purely a matter of the law of supply and demand. If not, what do you think the photographer is trying so hard to do for you? It's a little narrow-minded to think that photographers are dying to ask for money. Like you, photographers have to pay rent and car loans for meals. It's very realistic to just press the shutter to fill their stomachs, right.

But in fact, photographers know that not every pair of guests have the ability to choose more. After all, marriage costs a lot of money. If you tell the photographer that I like your photos very much, but I really do not have the ability to choose more. Thank you so much for helping me take pictures. It's really embarrassing. I'm sure most photographers will still laugh and tell you it's okay. Not...

The pictures are ugly. I don't like them, so I don't want to pick up more professions to arm my dignity and spoil the photographer.

These are the secrets that the Internet Volunteers will never tell you, and she doesn't know about photographer Mixin. You can choose to believe that the Internet sour people, even if his consumption experience is not completely fair and neutral, or look at this matter from a different perspective, after all, people get along with each other. You can be an Olympic guest or a domineering waiter for the wedding dress industry, but you may lose more in places you can't see, especially when most people experience it once in their lives. How much right experience can you expect him to share with you???

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