Unusual composition and shooting techniques

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Sometimes to take a good picture, a pair of well-trained "photographic eyes" is indispensable. Just like the following picture, when the right time and interesting ideas are added, it becomes a shocking picture! Do you think so?Unusual composition and shooting techniques

(Photo by Janos Barberis) camera Ricoh GR Digital 3 focal length 6 mm shutter 1/20 sec aperture f/1.9 ISO 400

I. Use of Comprehensive Skills - Reflection + Frame Composition + Interesting Points

This is a photograph that I can't find enough time to give. It uses a few tricks. Students can take pictures just by adding one by one. Now let's study it together! __________Unusual composition and shooting techniques

Hoto by Julian john) camera Nikon D5100 focal length 42mm shutter 1/30 sec aperture f/6.3 ISO 800


When the light is projected on the water surface, it will reflect the reflection. When we shoot, we might as well add the reflection into the photograph to increase the visibility. To take the reflection, we usually use the slow shutter. But be careful, there is a pair of father and son walking in this photograph. If we use the slow shutter, they will become blurred, so this is the case. It can only be shot at normal speed. If the water surface is calm and dark, the reflection will be as clear as it is.

2. Shooting patterns and textures

Because buildings have repetitive textures, we can make a texture composition, but pay attention to the photographer skillfully put some of the columns without light around the photo, forming a "frame composition" to make the main body in the middle more prominent!

3. Add an interesting point to the photo

If you just take pictures of the building itself, the picture will become empty, so the photographer put a couple of father and son in the picture, add some vitality, remember to wait for the time when shooting, we can also learn!

2. Use of Comprehensive Skills - Long Focus + Filling Composition + Side Light

Unusual composition and shooting techniques

(Photo by Allard Schager)

1. Long Focus Compressed Image

The use of long focal length photography has a feature that will eliminate the sense of distance and space, that is, there is no longer a distance between the house and the house, everything seems to press on the same plane, you can try!

2. Filling Composition

In order to get a sense of oppression, it is very suitable to use filling composition. If you shoot with long focus, you can easily fill the main body with pictures! __________

3. Side light gives texture

Look carefully, the room in this photo has light and darkness, because the sun shines from the upper right corner, we can shoot in the morning or dusk, it will produce this effect, make the room more textured.

3. A Fresh Way: Slow Gate Shooting

When we go to the amusement park, we often see the Ferris Wheel. In addition to daytime shooting, we strongly recommend that you shoot the Ferris Wheel at night. Let's see how to shoot this picture.Unusual composition and shooting techniques

1. Slow shutter gives motion

I believe many students also know that the slow shutter can "paint" the light trajectory on the photograph, which is very similar to the "light Painting" technique. Just slow down the shutter and let the photo be exposed for a long time. It's like this photo was exposed for 25 seconds.

2. Establishment of aperture and ISO

Because we have to shoot with a slow shutter, according to the actual situation at that time, the aperture should be smaller. In the same way, ISO can also be lowest to keep the quality of the photos. F/8-16 is a suitable aperture, which also helps to deepen the depth of field and shoot night scenes.

3. Make the photo bluer by balancing the white tones.

If you want a sci-fi image, consider turning the white balance to a tungsten filament lamp or setting a lower K number so that the picture will be cold-tuned. Even if the color of the Ferris wheel is yellow, the image will have a blue effect.

Fourth, A Bright Way: Contrastive Composition

When you travel or attend a celebration, you usually see a crowd of people, so how can you take pictures? Let's refer to this photo shooting method, which is also a very common and not difficult skill! How do I take this picture?Unusual composition and shooting techniques

(Photo by Nicholas Scarpinato)

1. Using Contrastive Composition

Composition is not only so simple as to locate the subject. In order to make the subject more prominent or to express some focus, we can try to use "Contrastive Composition". Contrast composition can be the size, color, distance, etc. of an object, or even the expression and action of a person. Just like this photograph, different actions can be used to achieve the effect of focus.

2. Depth of field should not be too shallow

To achieve outstanding results, we need some repetitive patterns. If the depth of field is too shallow, the effect will be diluted.

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