Understanding what a cantilever platform is

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Understanding what a cantilever platform is

What is a cantilever platform?

This kind of platform is a special one that can be used on tripods or unipods. It is very suitable for heavy lenses, such as super-long focusing lens and zoom lens. Similar to the installation of two-dimensional, three-dimensional or spherical platform, it is directly connected with tripod or unipod.

How do they work?

The cantilever platform is unique in design. When the lens and body are tilted up and down, the center of gravity remains unchanged. This makes the heavy lens more stable, greatly reduces the risk of camera and lens overturning on the scaffold, and avoids the "nodding" phenomenon that still occurs after the conventional platform is locked.

Who is making them?

Cantilever panels are mostly between 2,000 and 5,000 yuan, which seems to be very expensive, but it's really not expensive compared to the fuselage and expensive long-focus lenses that fall to the ground. Common manufacturers are Wimberley, Kirk, Manftu, Bernard, Into and Jepper.

Understanding what a cantilever platform is

Wimberley Head MkII is a popular cantilever platform with an independent lateral movement locking device for easy panning.

When should I use them?

Considering that many super-long focal lenses are too heavy for hand-held shooting, cantilever panels can be used whenever such lenses are needed, especially when shooting wildlife and sports, which require extra mobility.

How do I install them?

The cantilever platform is connected to the footrest ring of the lens, not to the fuselage. If you want to switch between horizontal and vertical compositions, you only need to rotate the footrest ring on the lens. Most cantilever platforms use Arca-Swiss fast-loading boards, but it's best to buy a few more pieces, so that each lens is equipped with one for quick replacement. It should be noted that for heavy ultra-long focal lenses, two screws on the scaffold ring and the quick-fixing board should be tightened at the same time to avoid loosening in use.

Understanding what a cantilever platform is

The side mounted cantilever platform can be locked in horizontal and vertical directions respectively, and the side mounted fast panel reduces the weight by about 0.5 kg.

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