Trend Forecast of Men's Wear Patterns in Spring and Summer 2020--Fashion Art

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Show refining
Graffiti is an artistic act with an era of color. Nowadays, the medium created by graffiti is not only a wall, but its creation form and content are more diversified and diversified, and it has once become the patent of avant-garde fashion designers. More and more brands have collaborated with artists in the near future, using the artist's work in fashion design to achieve the perfect combination of art and fashion.

Style refinement
Fun graffiti / character, animal / partial pattern
Lonely Crowd uses the classic graffiti of street artist Keith Haring in the latest 19 spring and summer products, and the designer applies it to the front of the single product, both artistic and design. Printing or appliqué embroidery can be used.

Color art / graffiti
The graffiti works with large strokes of color expression are used in a large area for individuality and fashion, and the bright colors are full of vitality.

Fun graffiti / characters, letters
A lot of funny expressions, exaggerated movements of characters and monograms, hand-painted graffiti, used in a single product with unique and artistic sense.

Artistic abstract graffiti
The abstract graffiti works highlight the unique artistic atmosphere. Can be applied to the local position of a single item or magnified for full use, both artistic and fashionable

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