The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

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What is the sense of form?


1. Radial composition

Afternoon double gallery author: lennyxk model: Canon EOS 6D lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM shutter speed: 1/60s aperture value: F13.0 focal length: 47mm sensitivity: ISO100 exposure compensation: 1.0 flash: turn off white balance: automatic shooting mode: aperture priority metering mode: weighted metering modeThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

Radiographic composition is used to show light with a strong visual impact, but also let people unconsciously shift their sight to the radiation center. Radiation composition with other objects, such as clouds, trees, etc., can create a feeling of open and comfortable diffusion, as shown below. Author: Neil Ta Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Lens: Canon 24mm F/3.5L TS-E ISO: 200 Shutter: 135s Aperture: F/8. But radiographic composition is not easy to grasp. One premise is that the radiographic center must have overwhelming visual appeal, otherwise the whole picture will become heavy. In addition, it takes a long time of observation and practice to find the radial scattered objects: cobwebs, fireworks, streams, leaves, buildings, textures on the walls and so on can become radiation. Looking for radial light, you can look for sunlight through leaves in the early morning forest, or wait for sunlight to penetrate through clouds in the sunset, but plan ahead, because these two kinds of light will not last very long.The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

2. Adding Human Elements

Human beings are most curious about themselves, and photographers are the most challenging. The human world is so complicated, happy and painful, poor and rich, happy and cruel, in short, full of contradictions. Good works with people as the subject can produce tremendous shock and resonance to people's soul. It is very difficult to express the rich and elusive inner feelings of the characters in limited time and space, so most photographers shoot all kinds of characters. At the same time, adding human elements in landscape photography, if used properly, will add a lot of color to the whole work, and even achieve qualitative improvement, become the focus of the pen. Author of Twilight Solo Fishing: Canon EOS 5D Mark II lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM shutter speed: 1/10s aperture value: F16.0 focal length: 105mm sensitivity: ISO100 exposure compensation: 0.0 white balance: manual shooting mode: aperture priorityThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

The composition of the picture itself is not a problem, but if no one exists, it becomes a common landscape. Such works are like cow hair, but the existence of the fisherman makes the work vivid immediately: the human posture is beautiful, balancing the whole picture, and the most important thing is that the existence of the human makes the viewer feel emotional inside. Activities, as if they had entered the picture, become anglers, let people imagine two articles. As Bian Zhilin wrote in his poems: you stand on the bridge to see the scenery, the people watching the scenery see you upstairs, the bright moon decorates your windows, you decorate other people's dreams. Beautiful scenery, because of the existence of human beings, produces a response to the environment, that is, artistic conception. At the same time, the transformation and clarity of the subject of photography also make the works stand out in thousands of similar photographs and earn eyeballs. However, it should be noted that the characters must be integrated with the environment, that is, harmony. If the fishermen in the above work were replaced by mountaineers equipped with all kinds of equipment, there would be no such mood. Besides, in Canon's standard zoom lens, EF 24-105-105mm f4L IS USM is sold in combination with Canon's current full-frame SLR camera. With its rich focal length and excellent imaging quality, the lens has a high cost-effective performance, and it has an IS optical anti-shake mechanism. It contains most of the commonly used focal lenses and has good practicability. The quality of the image is of high quality for L-level lens. The edge quality of wide-angle area and the sharpness of telephoto area are both good, which are very suitable for use in shooting scenery.

3. Large colour space

Reasonable layout of large area of color space will greatly increase the impact and appeal of the works and help to improve the recognition of their works. Laotong 125 device model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera lens: EF17-40mm f/4L USM shutter speed: 1/50s aperture value: F8.0 focal length: 22mm sensitivity: ISO160 flash: turn off white balance: automatic shooting mode: aperture priorityThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

As mentioned above, people's participation makes the works more colorful. Girls in long skirts go to the sea and integrate perfectly with the environment. Large scenes, but also to earn enough eyeballs, and through the color contrast (red and green are complementary colors), let people see. Passing Author: Didikaka Equipment Model: Canon EOS 7D Camera Lens: EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Shutter Speed: 1/400s Aperture Value: F9.0 Focal Length: 31mm Sensitivity ISO100 Exposure Compensation: 0.0 Flash: White Balance: Automatic Photography Mode: Aperture Priority Photometry Mode: Central Focus Average PhotometryThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

Black Station Works

When it comes to wide-angle lens or ultra-wide-angle lens, the difference between full-picture digital camera and non-full-picture digital camera has to be mentioned. For beginners, it is a little difficult to find out the advantages and disadvantages between the two. An important advantage of full-frame to incomplete-frame is the imaging area, which is larger, which is determined by the size of the sensor. There is a conversion relationship between the two: for Canon, the conversion ratio is 1.6 and Nikon is 1.5. For example, the image area obtained by using Canon 60D with 50mm lens is equivalent to that taken by full-frame camera Canon 5D Mark III with 80mm lens, that is to say, the visual range of the picture obtained is small. For example, full-frame camera can fully display the ability of lens, especially wide-angle lens. In order to get large scene photos with strong visual impact, full-frame camera is indispensable.

4. Reflect Contradictions and Contrasts

Contrast can be divided into many kinds, static and dynamic, slow and fast, bright and bright, big and small, and color contrast (as shown in the sea and sky) will enhance the attraction of the work. We live in a world full of contradictions, which is why our world has become rich and varied. Conflict is also one of the most important means of artistic expression. For example, the climax of movies, plays and books is often the most intense time of conflict. Specifically to photography itself, contradictory contrast is also the only way to make a work different from others. Without contrastive works, it would seem unimaginable. Therefore, it is necessary to make our works good-looking and durable. We should pay attention to contradictions and conflicts in life and exercise our observation ability, among other things. Besides, it can also be manufactured artificially.The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

Author of Songzanlin Temple in Chaoyang: aa068. The contrast between light and shade effectively highlights the theme and renders the atmosphere.

The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

Author of Guangzhou Tower: ronbest. Size contrast.

The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

The enchanting author of the lotus: the lake is rippling. Color contrast.

The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

Gentle Author: Wind is the season. Contrast speed with speed.

The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

Making Peace Mark Lubb

Black, white and grey are the basic tones of black-and-white photography. Variations of black-and-white and grey tones in different proportions constitute different tones such as high tone, middle tone and low tone. Therefore, correct mastery of black, white and grey is the key to black-and-white photography. A correct black-and-white photograph should take into account the distribution and changes of three tone levels (high, medium and low). In order to better represent the texture and details, different shades of gray tone are very important to enrich the tone levels. Monkey Image Author: Yitxz Device Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Shutter Speed: 1/80s Aperture Value: F4.0 Focal Length: 95mm Sensitivity: ISO500 Travel Author: Wei Qianyuan Device Model: Canon EOS 7D Shutter Speed: 1/100s Aperture Value: F11.0 Focal Length: 100mm Sensitivity: ISO1000 Exposure Compensation: 1.0 White Balance: Automatic Photography mode: aperture priority photometry mode: point photometryThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: FormalityThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality

6. Digital Darkroom

Some people always sneer at the digital post-processing, which is very incomprehensible. Even Magnum's photographs are produced by darkroom engineers, and their fineness is dazzling. Photography never truly reflects the real world, but also does not have the ability to do so. The flexible use of your view, lens aperture, focal length and shutter speed is a reprocessing of reality, so when the image you take is stored in digital storage media, it has become your subjective image. It's not an objective restoration, so what reason do you have to reject the later period? Because when you take pictures, you're already working late. If you change your point of view, the problem will be easy to solve. In fact, the latter can bring you a lot, but there are two main adjustments for you: composition and color. Composition is accomplished mainly by cutting. Look at the picture below. Photographer: Guo Zhennian spare model: Canon EOS 50D shutter speed: 1/80s aperture value: F5.0 focal length: 21.00 sensitivity: ISO1600 exposure compensation: 0.7 flash: off balance: manual perturbation mode: aperture priority mode: weighted photometry This photo has many problems. First, the theme is not clear, there is no focus can also grasp. Secondly, the confusion of the foreground and background distracts the audience's attention. So we need screenshots, the effect is as follows: Although still unsatisfactory, but compared with the above picture has been greatly improved, or a qualitative improvement. Many people tend to be conservative when shooting, but dare not play boldly. The consequence is that the subject is not clear, and it is not bad for the subject to occupy a larger part. When we shoot, sometimes we are limited by the environment and equipment, so we can't make a good composition. So it's a good way to make a good composition through the later stage. But we should pay attention to that if we do well in the earlier stage, we will leave enough room for adjustment in the later stage. Some people will say that the quality of the picture will be lost by cutting, which is inevitable. The more cutting, the more lost. That's why it's important to shoot early. In addition, the advantages of full-frame camera are reflected in the later period, because the size of the original photographic, sensitivity, tolerance and details of the record has great advantages, so that even if you cut the picture, it will not produce too much image for the whole work. In addition, the adjustment of saturation and color order is also important, because it can make your work more colorful and enhance the recognition of the whole picture.The Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: FormalityThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: FormalityThe Secret to Make Photos Stand Out: Formality


In fact, to make a good work, we need to think deeply, and thinking not only comes from the accumulation of knowledge in peacetime, but also from more practice. Take more pictures and see more. Often watch excellent works, find out their own gaps, I believe you will be able to shoot excellent works. Finally, I would like to point out that a good name for a photograph can not only attract people's attention, but also complement and echo the information of the photograph. You've spent a lot of time making a good name. Why not? Formality is the key to your photographs.

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