The magic weapon of shooting beautiful girls: soft light

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In fact, cloudy days are more suitable for shooting beautiful girls'portraits than days with clear skies. Think about how light behaves.

Where is the sun?

One of the equally important things about photography is the notion that light is captured. As long as the light can be captured accurately, it will naturally make the beautiful girl's photo shoot better. What's the light in that picture? One of the answers, of course, is the sun. What direction is the sun facing? Is there clouds blocking the sun? It is very important for photography to carefully confirm the condition of the sun. When facing the sun's light, we must also pay attention to the direction and angle of the model's lighting. The impression of a photograph can not be overstated even in deciding the use of light. Even if you take photos indoors, you have to pay attention to the location of the sun as a light source. Generally, the position of the sun penetrating into the room is in the window, so when arriving at the indoor shooting scene, remember to confirm the location of the window before starting shooting.The magic weapon of shooting beautiful girls: soft light

Because it was taken on a cloudy day, there was almost no shadow on the face.

And don't forget the objects that can be used to reflect light. In addition to the familiar reflective board, the white ground can reflect more light than the black ground. The same is true of walls. Photographs taken in white wall scenes are brighter than those in black walls. In addition, the color of light will change with the location of the sun, which can not be ignored, as the impression of morning and sunset is completely different. You may be surprised to hear that, but in fact, the sunny day is not suitable for taking pictures of beautiful girls. Basically, no shadow on a girl's face is the ideal state, so the light should be shined as indirectly as possible from the front. But the sunny day itself is very dazzling, with the angle of daylighting may make the girl's expression look very gloomy, not only that, because the bright and shadows will become quite clear, so it is easy to appear dead and white photographs, etc., in the control and arrangement of photographs will be quite difficult.The magic weapon of shooting beautiful girls: soft light

This is a photo taken on a sunny day. Not only does it look and feel dazzling, but the skin also becomes excessively white.

Personally, I think the weather with a thin layer of clouds in the sky is the most suitable for taking photos. Clouds soften the sun's light and make it the best light to hit a girl's face. Not only that, if the sun sometimes pokes its head out of the clouds, it will be able to take pictures of the sunny weather, which can be said to be the weather of two birds with one stone. When taking pictures outdoors, if you feel that the lighting condition of the shooting scene is not ideal, you must have the idea and courage to change the place immediately. Even if you just move a little bit, the direction and reflection of the sun will change completely in most cases. As long as the mind keeps the awareness of capturing light, it is believed that judgment can be made quickly and smoothly when it comes to a similar situation.The magic weapon of shooting beautiful girls: soft light

Photographs polished by oblique rear light can be said to be my golden combination.

The magic weapon of shooting beautiful girls: soft lightThe magic weapon of shooting beautiful girls: soft light

Because light comes through the rear window, it generally makes the shadows on the face deeper, but as long as you use a reflector like this to reflect light, you can make the face brighter.

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