The Magic of "Terrorist Fashion"--The Trend of Men's Wear

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The magic of "horror fashion"
As a film genre, the horror film advocates its unique aesthetics. With the surrealistic expression style, it is intended to create a sense of uneasiness for the audience. These unrealistic scenes and unexpected scenes in real life make people feel free from everyday life and get a sense of excitement. Some of the most classic horror movies have been inspired by the dark aesthetics designers, and have influenced all aspects of fashion creation. Designers frequently use horror elements, whether through the design of the collection itself, the setting of the show, or the background music during the catwalk.

Style refinement
In the autumn of 19/20, Prada took the lead in launching a new series inspired by the terrible and sincere scientist Frankenstein in Frankenstein. The whole series is full of love and fairy tales in the dark world.

Style refinement
Moschino 2020 spring and summer series released a large number of demons and ghosts, this season inspired by the Hollywood classic horror movie "Creature from the Black" and "dracula" and so on. Offering cinematic, horrific film-style clothing through the misplaced season, and with screams of humor and modernity, it is scary but successfully attracts everyone's attention.

Frankenstein/character avatar
The horrible and sincere Frankenstein and the Frankenstein bride decorated with silver lightning on his head are the “Fashion Icon” of the year. In the following period, the designer was inspired many times. The different arrangement of the character's avatars reveals the dark magic. Franken-Green's use or embellishment is excellent.

Vampire / hand drawn illustration
The vampire is the classic image of “undead”, and the illustrator character uses the saturated color to attract the eye, zooming in or out to apply the style to show different effects.

Hand drawn graffiti / illustration
The hand-painted graffiti is full of patterns, and the saturated colors make the pieces more youthful and more unique.

Funny horror / cartoon colorful letters
The horror image was expressed in a slightly funny way, neutralizing a sense of terror. The use of multi-colors enriches the layering of the patterns, and the bright colors can be sequined or hot-drilled to show the fine craftsmanship details.

Zombie / hand drawn doodle
The image of the zombie's open mouth is always daunting. This visually strong pattern is favored by the dark street style brand. The expression of graffiti is more casual, and the bright color pattern uses the sequin craft to reflect the style.

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