Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

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It is believed that novice parents will welcome the arrival of the baby, and all of them will wipe their hands to welcome the sweet transformation. Perhaps the loving fathers have spent a lot of money preparing to become professional photographers to help the baby leave precious image memories. But the heavy and noble one-eyed hand, sometimes feel that how to clap is a little bad taste? Especially before the full moon, babies often fall asleep all day, and they don't laugh very much until two months. Besides perseverance, do parents have some skills to take pictures of themselves drooling and others envying them? With the experience of a novice grandfather, I share with you the tips of shooting a newborn to two-month-old baby.

Author's brief introduction to Oldo's novice grandfather, about two years of serious contact with photography, baby son's birth brings great pleasure, photography process is also enjoyable. Hope to become the most important family photographer through continuous shooting and research skills.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

(1) Light

Everyone knows that babies'eyes are still developing. I think even if they jump the lights, no parents will be willing to risk flashing lights on their babies. Natural light is absolutely the best choice for taking pictures of babies, and the light at the window is available, so if it is daytime, it is recommended to push the baby to the window, let the soft light outside the window shine in.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

A sleeping baby lying on his father

(2) Understanding the adjustment of baby's rest/shooting angle

Babies are usually awake or asleep for a few hours in a day. This must be a good time for our excellent parents to capture the camera. It is suggested that novice parents use different perspectives to capture their baby. If the baby's eyes are open after understanding the light in the environment, then by adjusting the angle of the camera and the baby, it can also make the baby's eyes have a look. Does this baby look more vivid?Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

In addition to the baby's movements, catching the eye also has the effect of finishing the picture.

(3) Focusing and shooting mode

Most of the time, when focusing, be sure to focus on the baby's eye that is close to you. If not for special needs, parents are advised to use the Av mode of the camera. If the baby is facing you, you can widen the aperture, falsify the background or create a foreground scatter, so that the photos are completely focused on the beautiful baby. But if the baby is facing you slightly, it's better to shrink the aperture by two or three levels as the case may be, to increase the depth of field, so that the other side of the baby's face and eyes are not too blurred. If you take a big picture, you must zoom in so that all the characters can be clear.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

The baby is side, but the diaphragm opens to F1.8, blurring the left face and eyes.

Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

With the same lens and aperture size, the baby is facing the photographer with both eyes in the depth of field.

(4) Types of photographs

Close-up of baby's face must be a big part of parents'cameras, but besides face, don't forget that cute hands and feet are also good subjects! If you can spare no effort, be sure to take some pictures of your baby drinking milk, bathing, and interacting with other family members. When many relatives and friends come to visit, please also make sure to leave a precious family photo.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

Hand in hand, can increase the warmth of photos

Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

A precious picture of crying in the bath

(5) Composition of photographs

As the battlefield photographer Kapa said, "If you don't shoot well enough, it's because you're not close enough." If you take a close-up of your baby today, it's better to approach him without blocking the light and focusing the camera, so that he can occupy the full picture of the camera and become the only protagonist. Compared with the straight baby in the picture, if his body can lie obliquely in the picture, it is full of motion.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

The interaction between babies and adults is one of the absolute pictures to capture.

Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

Let the baby lie slightly askew in the picture to increase interest and movement.

(6) Prospects and Background

In principle, the simpler the background, the better. White beds and solid walls are good backgrounds. Sometimes the white quilt or the frame of the crib can be used as the foreground scatter in time to make the whole picture more textural.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

Babies just born one day use the frame of the crib as a foreground, highlighting the baby's delicate innocence.

(7) Use of accessories

Having taken hundreds of pictures of baby, are you getting tired of it? At this time may wish to buy some brightly colored accessories to match the baby, whether caps and toys, can add a lot of color to the photos.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

Babies wearing cowboy hats, the overall effect is excellent.

(8) Correct exposure

This is what I think is very important. Most of the baby's pictures want to reveal the feeling of loveliness, innocence and hope, so most of them show this kind of atmosphere with clear-tone pictures. Because of the principle of camera photometry, if you choose the trade-off photometry, when the picture is full of white or light-colored objects, the overall exposure will be lower than the naked eye can see, so you must add exposure compensation (Ev). The author's habit is to add different values of +2/3~+1 and adjust them after shooting. Overexposure or dead white background is not a big problem, baby's face must have the correct exposure, otherwise the whole picture will be dull and tasteless. If the camera has built-in high-light tone priority (D+) function, it is also recommended to turn on, which can make the details of high-light better, but also reduce the generation of dead white.Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

Large white background, add a total of + 1EV, otherwise the baby's face will be quite dark, at this time do not care too much about the overexposure around the screen.

(10) Special Late Period

Most of the photos are taken in Raw file. After adjusting the exposure and white balance, they are output in Canon's built-in portrait mode. But occasionally we can make some changes. For example, in this picture, we reduce the saturation and contrast to the minimum, increase the exposure and sharpness. Does it bring out a soft photo of the Japanese mothers and sons?Ten techniques for shooting cute freshmen BB

Soft Pink Mother and son photo

Finally, I wish all new parents can capture all their precious moments in the first few months of their baby's life. Good photos don't have to be taken with advanced cameras. Carry-on DCs or mobile phones are also good tools. In my opinion, the most important way to take good pictures is to take more pictures!! ___________ Taking more photos doesn't necessarily lead to more good photos, but there are absolutely no good photos without taking them. " Because we can never accurately predict the baby's lovely expressions and actions in the next moment, it is necessary to help the baby record his journey diligently, and the results of this process will surely make him and his family enjoy endless memories!

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