Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

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When taking pictures of your girlfriend, if you want to take good pictures, you should avoid the following taboos first! We take you to a list of 10 "No" portraits, teach you to take better looking, more professional portrait photos!

1. Laughing or not laughing, you have to show your teeth.

Unless it's intentional, in general, whether it's taking cool pictures or sweet smiles, it's more relaxed and natural to show your teeth. Lipping can only make the face of the subject tense, so when shooting, guide your subject to relax his muscles and expose his teeth.

Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

2. Grasp the height of shoulders

If you want to be a model, you need to have a "shelf". Put one shoulder up and let the subject's body show a curve. This is posture photography. The posture on the right is obviously to fight with you.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

3. Open the windows of the soul

Many girls like to wear glasses and sunglasses to take pictures. At this time, if the lens blocks half of the eyes, your picture will fail 90%. So either block the eyes, or let the eyes completely expose. When taking side face portraits, remember to expose one eye completely, in order to make the picture look attractive.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

4. Don't block your face.

When posturing, guide the model to expose his face. You can make her "face-shaping" by adjusting her hairstyle, or you can make a popular "melon-seed face" by overhead shooting, but blocking her face with her arm is obviously a defect left by the shooting, so try to avoid it.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

5. It is also a common shooting posture to expose fragrant shoulders. At this time, too high shoulders will block the chin. You need to let the model slightly lower the height of shoulders, which is more extreme in the illustration. However, it is safer to leave space for the neck between the shoulders and the face. When shooting capitals, you should Maybe you can use airtight composition, at which point you can try to put your face and shoulders together.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

6. Don't make a lot of fake pictures. In order to show charm, you need to touch your face with your hand and make a small look at your face at the same time. In this action, many girls will be honest and really put their hands on their faces. This will change the shape of the face and create unnecessary shadows, so just gently put it on and pretend to do it.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

7. The gesture of exposing finger is suitable for girls with various hairstyles. Whether it's long hair or short hair, it can achieve good results. But it's better to show some fingers when shooting. Don't let the viewer see only two wrists. This detail is seldom noticed, but you can find it by comparing the pictures. The finger photograph is more like an art photograph, while the right one is like doing sit-ups.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

8. When the hand must be taken naturally, many awkward postures can produce good results, such as lifting the chest and lifting the buttocks. However, the hand must be natural, do not let everyone think you have broken!Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

9. Again, don't hide your fingers.

If you show your hand, it will look awkward when you fold it in. At this time, you should let your finger relax and put it somewhere. Don't fold backwards. Perhaps the subject feels comfortable, but it gives the viewer the feeling that you should play plaster and rest.

Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

10. Don't let weird things come out...

When shooting girls with long hair, pay attention to whether the end of the hair is exposed from the armpit, otherwise it will cause this... Um... An uncomfortable effect. In addition, whether the corners of the clothes are exposed or not, and whether the belt head behind the trousers is in the mirror, are all issues that the photographer needs to consider. Don't let those weird things come out.Ten taboos on pose in portrait photography

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