Ten Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

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Don't be misled by the title, not because their works are poor and should be ignored, but because they are too good examples. Not long ago, I told a friend that if contemporary Chinese photography is to be compared with Western/American photography, Cindy Sherman has not appeared in the history of Western photography. Nine of the following ten are the most famous names of the pre-Sherman era, which is the model of modernist photography. In fact, it is not a "hard" comparison, but a result of observation. I wonder whether it is coincidence that the stage of social development and photography development are just decades later than the world. Too many of us are still exploring in street photography, road travel, fantasy hunting and other subjects. So I think this article is useful. It is hoped that "young photographers" will extract positive messages from irony.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

1. Ansel Adams1、• Ansel Adams

Adams created some extraordinary images and wrote a book on photographic techniques, but in general he did more harm than contribution to photography. How many young photographers were there wondering which "exposure area" the shadow on the photo should belong to, and the result was that the whole photo was too dark. Besides, how many black-and-white photographs do we need to expose perfectly snow-covered Alpine streams winding through them? Yes, nature is magnificent and magnificent. We know it. Don't talk about it. "San Ancel" says that he will always do better than you, so don't rest assured, or your work will always be under pressure.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

2. Stephen Shore2、•Sthephen Shore

Shore is the ultimate "useless" photographer. In the eyes of those who are not ignorant, and even in the eyes of professionals, his photographs do not look artistic at all. What is the theme? Why choose this scene instead of that one? This must be a joke, right? Or exploratory? There's nothing in the picture! It is only after repeated scrutiny of the composition, accuracy and theme of Shore's works that they seem so interesting. Unfortunately, young photographers do not have that patience. They can't wait to go out and take some "nothing" pictures like him. Why? Because it's simple. The pictures show gas stations, parking lots, a wall or something, or an antique car. The colours are exactly in harmony because that's what you found out, right? Then you hang them up... I'm sorry to interrupt, but you just printed a fat "Nothing" eight times ten.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

3. Garry Winogrand3、•Garry Winogrand

When you think of Gary Vinogrant, you immediately think of street photography. He loitered around New York in the 1950s and 1960s, skewing over with his Leica to take pictures of scenes he had never seen in the viewfinder on his way. He was so obsessed with his own random compositions that he would joke, "Slow down a bit." A little bit? Don't listen to him, young street photographer. You don't know how many years it took him to practise taking accurate pictures of what he wanted with his camera in the air. "Slant a little" is not the way out for your poor street photography with rough composition. Otherwise, you have only one consequence, that is, there are 2,500 rolls of film too late to be unconscious - just like Vino Grant.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

4. Eric Soth Alec Soth4、•Alec Soth

Poetic scenery, pale portraits, sarcastic Hotel rooms, depression, beard, eight times ten, epic shooting projects. Eric Soss, you've raised the threshold of photography too high. MFA children who also try to grow beards can't finish their "great" American projects when they get old. Besides, do you have to make contemporary photography so ridiculous? Who said that photographers must be so angry and questioning about photography? Otherwise, rent a bun, buy a Lycra M9, invite a couple of 60-year-old hippies to travel along the road, and then photograph the whole process and send it to Tumblr. Wait a minute. That sounds like melancholy too! Sauss, you won.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

5. Robert Frank5、•Robert Frank

Frank was a "one-man revolution". Before him, the pictures were basically clean and tidy, and they were taken on tripods. Then Frank came up and tore a big hole in the aesthetic standard. Fortunately, he has something to replace, that is, his strong personal views, which most young photographers who follow in his footsteps do not. They mistook granules, recklessness, and passion for the main idea, but I'm sorry, they guessed that three of the four were nothing. The madmen used 3200 film to shoot a cowboy pub at 1:00 p.m., but their pictures were as boring as ever. It's time to shoot something that you really care about. Don't make a mistake between your fashionable headscarf and the underclass.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

6. Nan Goldin6、•Nan Goldin

Young man, just like Nan Godin, you have a group of cool friends and a miserable and photographic life, which does not mean that your life is half as interesting as hers. Golding's success lies in the fact that she happens to be in the right place at the right time, plus her genius in using cameras. And now it's probably that you're not in the right place and time, plus you're not a genius. No matter how many later stages there is no way to make your pretended self-abuse look like an accident, so stop moaning and wasting time, go back to your own life, and think about what you should shoot at the MFA Graduation Exhibition.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

7. Henri Cartier-Bresson7、-• Henri Cartier-Bresson

Katier Bresson was a genius and a tyrant. Before him, the concept of street photography was very broad, and then he came to "demonstrate" that the road narrowed instantly. You search the streets exhaustively for hours and find a perfect composition, but it seems that there is always something critical missing. What is the key thing? You can't decide, so you wait there, waiting for the "right" person or thing to appear. But how long will it take? A few hours? How many days? No matter how long you wait, then click! Like that instant, street photography 70 years after Katie Bresson was doomed to death. Young photographers are always waiting for the fleeting "decisive moment" on that picturesque street corner. The pictures look beautiful, but there is no perfect pedestrian, or a suggestive finger. Thank you, Henry, but I'm not so free every day. Give me back my time!Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

8. William Eggleston8、•William Eggleston

Egelston is a pioneer and legend of color photography. Over the past four decades, he has fought against the "obvious" and devoted himself to building a "democratic forest" in which everything is equally visible: trees, soil, signs, houses, carpets, red ceilings, bare men, old men without guns, small tricycles and so on. His style has become the "inspiration" of many photographers, so that they do not know what to shoot except for the everyday things around them. Then digital cameras came, then the Internet came, and then Flickr came. Although Eagleton won the battle against Obviousness, today Obviously, it has won revenge by countless dry and boring photos uploaded online every day. We will never have to look for the "forest of democracy". We can't escape it at all.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

9. Ryan McGinley

McKin came to our attention through pictures of his bare young men in the wide space. In the post-9-11 era, these photos show us that today's young people are still energetic and pursuing, they are still in love, they are still taking risks. What's more, they are so fucking white and thin that I want to rent a jeep and find some slim friends to "go on the road" to feel life. Obviously, this idea has appeared in the minds of every fashionable young photographer between the ages of 18 and 25. The impulse of "on the road" and the low-resolution pictures on numerous blogs have sprung up in large numbers. The beautiful young people in the pictures do not wear clothes and are free, but they seem to be so absorbed in "dreams" that they forget how bored they look. 10. Diane ArbusTen Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored10、•Diane Arbus

In fact, don't neglect Abes. You have to concentrate on her genius and grace. But once the word "freak" comes into your mind, you must put the book down immediately. The reasons why those people attracted Abreus to shoot them may be different from the reasons why they attracted you. She once said a famous saying: "I believe there must be something, if I don't photograph them, people will not see them." But the premise is that the "people" she said live in a totally different era. Today we have television and the Internet, and we have a glimpse of any kind of deformity, all kinds of freaks that may exist in the world. It's always a mystery what a photographer is particularly attracted to. Don't follow your example. You'd better follow your intuition.Ten Famous Photographers Should Be IgnoredTen Famous Photographers Should Be Ignored

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