Teach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

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Foreword: The following is not truth, but experience. It does not have absolute applicability, but has high reference value.

I. Grasp the Golden Time

I met many novices who thought that night scene was when night came to full, carrying cameras to shuttle through the city's streets and lanes, high-rise buildings, record the city's cold and warm changes, traffic, people.

Grasp the Golden TimeTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

Actually, I really like to shoot night scenes in the near future. At this time, when the lights start to shine, the sunset is just fading, and the sky is not black, but with a faint afterglow of rosy clouds. At this time, the city's nightlife has begun, crowds surging, not lively.

The advantage of shooting at this time is that the color level of the picture is strong and the color is gorgeous, but the night scene of the city is also very appropriate and beautiful.

At this time, the sky looks almost completely dark to the naked eye, but because of the long exposure of the camera, you can still see some clouds and sunset afterglow.

2. Tripod, Shutter Line, Low ISO

Needless to say, you usually need a good seat and long exposure to take a night view, so these two things are the most basic. And with the support of these two things, you don't need to use high ISO, after all, the quality of low ISO is better.

Three. Use RAW

A few days ago, I saw a question above, to the effect that what is RAW's greatest advantage over straightforward. If I want to answer it, specifically in the night scene shooting, three words: white balance.

The adjustment of RAW's dialogue balance is basically non-destructive, which is more evident in the night scene. When you look at the night scene pictures, you will find one thing in common: the main tone of the night scene is very obvious and occupies a large proportion of the picture.

There are many reasons, mainly two points: first, the light at night is not strong enough to support the world to show their own color differences. Second, because of the use of long exposure, the relatively fixed color will continue to strengthen. For example, the color of the sky, on the contrary, the surging crowd because of moving, stay in the picture for a short time, so the impact of color is weaker than the sky.

Understanding this, you will find how necessary it is to use RAW mode to shoot night scenes. It's no exaggeration to say that it can make a picture N. Specific people can try it on their own.

IV. Good Location Selection

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; here I introduce some classic seats I often use:

1. Flyover

FootbridgeTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

Why choose flyover? It is believed that some people have guessed that the overpass can make good use of traffic flow, and the light created by traffic flow is exactly what we need. The light of traffic flow can form a natural extension line, and can enhance the color of the picture, such as yellow lights, red lights, etc.

2. water edge

FootbridgeTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

If you live by the Yangtze River, if you live by the West Lake, congratulations, you are a little higher than the base of your family in night photography. I'm not going to talk about that anymore. In short, I use the reflection of water to create a dream night scene. One of the advantages of water surface is that it can create symmetrical beauty. Secondly, it can enhance the overall brightness and color richness of the picture.

3. sidewalks

SidewalkTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

Some people say that the sidewalks take night scenes? Well, it's really good.

On the sidewalk (not too many people), set up a tripod to measure the light of the night scene, let people walk around the lens, the final result is that the "flow of people" and the night scene complement each other. But it's a little difficult, especially with a thicker face.

V. Creative Play

This is too much to introduce a few:

1. light painting

Light paintingTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

Everyone knows that. Let's not start. It's easy to get results. It's difficult to get good results.

2. Zoom Photography

Zoom photographyTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

This should be a lot of fun for everyone. Choosing a good seat is the key.

3. Focus photography

It's very difficult to focus at night. First, the shutter time should not be too long. Second, it can focus quickly. Third, the fuselage should be stable. In fact, both the fuselage and the photographer are required. The fuselage is highly sensible, the focusing system is powerful, and the basic skills of the photographer should be solid.

6. Large aperture, small aperture

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; large aperture can have fantastic focus, small aperture can get longer exposure time and star-like spot light, choose aperture according to your needs.

Big circleTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenesBig circle

Of course, you can also make heart-shaped aperture, diamond-shaped aperture and so on. The method is as follows:

Teach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

Heart-shaped diaphragmTeach you how to use SLR to make wonderful night scenes

There are some basic ones that I won't go into. Write them first and update them later.

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