Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

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1. Analysis of shooting difficulties

1. Specifically speaking, Kongming Lamp Photography usually takes pictures at night, so the light is weak and the machine needs a better sense. If you are a picture quality control or commercial, you'd better use the whole camera. APS-C can barely do in some cases. Card machine home or upload network can barely do...1.

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Tripod and shutter line

Tripod, shutter line or something is necessary. It's better to have a super wide lens, a long focal length and a fixed focal length.

2. The requirement of shooting scenes is to shoot porous lights as well as fireworks. If you have good equipment and high technology, you can only shoot tasteless chicken ribs.2.

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Scenes with lots of lights

Therefore, we must have more lights, which is more demanding for the scene.

3. Requirements for Photographers3.

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Choose a seat in advance

It's very hard to shoot the Kongming Lamp. In order to select the position in advance, it needs some photographic experience to shoot the Kongming Lamp. It needs to think about composition, change focus, light metering mode and so on. So in a word, the requirement for the photographer is very high.

2. Combing the Ideas of Filming

Photography of Kongming lanterns can be classified according to the following criteria: according to the presence of no characters, it can be divided into: photography of Kongming lanterns with and without characters. According to the shooting angle, it can be divided into three parts: upright shooting, flat shooting and overhead shooting. According to exposure time, it can be divided into short shutter and long shutter.

1. Kongming Lamp Photography with and without characters: This kind of Kongming Lamp Photography seems to me the simplest, because shooting this kind of Kongming Lamp has the smallest restriction on the focal length of the lens, and also has a great degree of freedom in composition. You can shoot this kind of flying in the sky.1.

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Dancing all over the sky

It can also be photographed with obvious subject.

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Shooting subject

Kongming Lantern Photography with Characters:

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

People and lights

This technique requires higher requirements, whether on the machine's high sense, or lens selection are more limited, it is best to use wide-angle lens, to capture the expression of the characters, to avoid the shutter time is too long, so that the characters become ghosts.

2. shooting from different angles:2.Overhead stroke:

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Overhead stroke

This may be the most widely seen angle, the best use of wide-angle lens, its advantages are full momentum, very spectacular, the disadvantage is that the fuselage and lens restrictions are relatively large.

Ping Pai:Flat beat:

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Flat beat

The advantage of this technique is that it has a large degree of freedom and can show the positive shape of the Kongming Lamp. The disadvantage is that it is not atmospheric enough.

Tilt:Prone position:

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Prone position

The advantages of this method are rich in hierarchy, large degree of freedom, and very atmospheric. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to find a seat.

3. Changing the length of shutter to shoot the short shutter:3.

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Short shutter shooting

Short shutter is the main body clear, most of the Kong Ming Lamp photography is the same.

Long shutter:

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Long shutter shooting

The long shutter can show the trajectory of the Kongming Lamp, and it looks full of motion.

3. Specific Practical Skills

1. Choosing a seat in advance to shoot a Kongming lantern is as important as shooting fireworks. If you really want to make a good picture, you should arrive two hours earlier. First, you should go around and observe the wind direction. (This is very important. You can imagine that you squatted there for a few hours. As a result, the Kongming lantern flew in the opposite direction as soon as it was put on. Does it feel? And layout, choose a good seat. Most of the good seats are wide, suitable for use, and there are no more obstacles (including aerial obstacles in backhand shooting). 2. Avoid intense light sources. If a street lamp breaks into your lens while shooting a hole light, you must pay attention to it. It will affect your photometry and destroy the aesthetic feeling of the picture. 3. The choice of wide-angle lens has a wide range of applications, especially backshot, but it has limited ability to express a single orifice lamp. Long-focus lens can let you get rid of the constraints of the crowd and highlight a single orifice lamp, but the angle of view is narrower, the aperture is smaller, although the fixed-focus lens is not convenient, its large aperture can make up for your high sensitivity. Choose the lens according to your needs. 4. Option of light measurement mode If your machine is not high-sensitive, then you can switch to point light metering, light metering in the high-light part of the Kongming Lamp, so that the effect is also very good, the picture is good at the same time (if there are characters, people will become silhouettes), but also take into account the quality of the picture. 5. There is no law for the choice of shutter or slow shutter, but if the high feeling of your machine is not good and you are pursuing high quality, you can choose slow shutter. In fact, slow shutter is also very interesting. You can also use slow shutter + zoom shooting techniques, very impact oh. 6. Photography in Linshui1.Choose a seat in advance2. shooting

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Waterfront shooting

Reflections formed in front of water can enhance the effect of light and shadow.

7. Cooperate with fireworks7.Match fireworks

Teach you how to shoot Kongming lanterns at night

Match fireworks

If there are fireworks at the same time when opening the light, it would be very good to combine the two.

PS: It's hard to see such a grand Kongming lantern flying ceremony in China. Some of the pictures above were taken by National Geographic Photographer at Lanna Zen Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I did not pass the customs in this mode (mainly the scene is difficult to find), but intermittently shot more than a dozen Kongming lanterns, some experience just.

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