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& nbsp; people often ask how to pose well when taking pictures. The problem is too complicated to say, because the pose of taking pictures depends on the style. But to simply talk about how to make people look good, this can still be said.


If we want to make people look good, we need to understand their shortcomings. As long as the defect is mended, the man must be better looking than before. So, to understand what's wrong with your face, you first need to know what the standard face looks like.

Face standard

The standard face shape is actually "three chambers and five eyes". Vertically speaking, from hairline to eyebrow peak, the face is in court. The eyebrow peak to the bottom of the nose is the atrium. From the base of the nose to the chin, it's the court. In the standard face, the upper, middle and lower courtyards are equal in length, the long courtyard is the big forehead, the long courtyard is the horse's face, and the long courtyard is the big chin.

"Five eyes" refers to the horizontal width of the face, from the left temple to the right temple, with a total length of five eyes. Between the two eyes is also the length of an eye, too long eye spacing, giving the impression of a little dementia, too short eye spacing, people feel sinister, careful, and cockfighting suspicion.

Pictures come from the InternetTeach you how to pose for a portrait


An antidote against the disease


There are several common defects in human faces:

1. Eye spacing

If the distance between eyes is too close or too far, just turn your face a little sideways.

Don't bother with Yang's photographsTeach you how to pose for a portrait

2. The length of nose

It's also simple. If your nose is too long, just raise your head. Don't overdo it. Be careful to show your big nostrils. If your nose is too short, just bow your head. Don't overdo it. Be careful with your big forehead.

Gliff photographsTeach you how to pose for a portrait


This is actually the same type of problem as the nose, which can be fully referred to in the answer to the previous item.

4. face is too wide.


5. teeth

This problem is not very easy to solve. Don't take a sideface shot. The camera lengthens the focus and then shoots along the light, which can alleviate it.

6. Rough skin

Point the light of the face, plus two-thirds of the exposure, will be much better brightened, can save a lot of trouble in the later period, the so-called white cover up all ugliness, which is a perfect interpretation of it.

7. high and low eyes

Tilt your head, or tilt your camera. The solution is to confuse visual habits and look better.

2. How to Beautify the Body

Let's talk about so many problems on our faces, and then we'll talk about our bodies.

There are not many physical problems, most of them are too fat or too short, in fact, it is better to solve them.

1. too fat

If it's very fat, that's how it's filmed. There's no way. If it is too full, there is still help. When taking pictures, slightly sideways, try to take pictures of the whole body, so that the pictures look more stretched, not so crowded, it does not appear so fat.

Belly also has spring photographs.Teach you how to pose for a portrait

2. too thin

Now it doesn't seem to be a big problem. If it's too thin, take a full front half.

3. legs short


Burningtimeless PhotographyTeach you how to pose for a portrait

4. dwarf

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; can take half-body, if you have to take whole body, squat down, keep the camera level position and the knee is similar, the lens do not upward. In this way, people above 1.5 meters will show a very high level. If it's less than 1.5 meters, take a half-length shot.

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