Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

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When shooting models in the studio, do you not know which side of the girl is the most beautiful? Do you not know what bit to use? Today, our photographer Chen Huachen tells you how to find the most beautiful side!

Find the Beautiful Projection AngleFind the Beautiful Projection Angle

When setting scenes to ensure the softness of light and shadows in the shed, the light position is actually a very important factor to make the model look good. It's not only about the model's posture, but also about the angle of light projection. Let's find the most beautiful light spot together.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

How to Find the Most Beautiful Light PositionHow to Find the Most Beautiful Light Position

Question analysis: When photographers take photos of girls, they are often uncertain about the most beautiful models. The girls they shoot do not actually look good. In fact, the location of light is very important.

The solution is to shoot beautiful women in a single lamp. There are several light spots that can make the girl very beautiful. High side smoothness above the model's head can make the model's nose slightly shaded, the face appears three-dimensional, while the cheeks can also appear narrow. And the background light can make the model's eyes sharper.

Prepare props 1. Foam rigid board: In the field of commercial photography, also known as "rice pineapple", is a reflective material, when shooting, according to the environment and pictures on the black flannel cloth, in order to achieve the effect of light absorption. 2. Fan: One of the most frequently used props in the shooting of business portraits, because the girl's hair is very long, if the simple droop down will appear more mediocre picture, large-scale modelling fan can solve this problem very well. 3. Bean bag: When using indoor movable lamp holder, in order to prevent heavy head and light foot, a certain number of beans bag can be fixed under the lamp holder.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Setting up scenes to keep light and shadow softSetting up scenes to keep light and shadow soft

Before we can find the most beautiful beam of light for a girl, we need to do some preparatory work in advance to make the light we shoot more like the sunshine in our daily life. First of all, we have to build two pieces of black pineapple covered with black flannelette on both sides of the model, that is, foam board, which plays a role in absorbing light, and makes the transition area of the dark and dark area of the model face more soft. Radar radome is a common dimming device in commercial photography, which makes the light more concentrated and ensures good detail and sharpness. It makes the shadow on the model's face more natural. At the same time, a reflective plate is placed under the model to dilute the shadow of the model's face. Next, we tried five common shooting positions.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

The best light position is about 45 degrees on the side of the model, which is higher than the side light position of the head of the model. 1. Side light: This light can form a very obvious transition zone, making the transition more soft by using soft light equipment; 2. Positive top light: a relatively rare modelling light position, which is seldom used by a single lamp, this kind of lamp position will be used. Let the model's eye sockets and nostrils appear under a very strong shadow; 3. Bottom light: when the background light hits the model, we should pay attention to the lamp head must have a certain angle, not completely up to the model, otherwise the effect of shooting is even more terrible than the top light; 4. Butterfly light: 50 cm higher than the camera, 45 degrees of light hitting the model past, is now. The optical position commonly used in commercial photography.

Direct observation of various light effectsDirect observation of various light effects

Face is the effect of various shadows on the model's face under the five light positions we tried. It is suggested that you do not use the beam light tube, the beam light tube moving a little bit will also lead to different effects of the screen shadow. So the lamp light source will be better. Even if the lamp position slightly deviates, the direction of the shadow will not change.

Model's front and side smoothnessModel's front and side smoothness

Through continuous testing, we found that the shadows below the nose naturally layered at the light level of about 75 degrees above the head and 20 centimeters above the head. Under the lips and corners of the mouth, the model will naturally form inclined shadows, while the shadows are relatively small, which can not only ensure the stereo of the model, but also not affect the picture too much, but also protrude. The stereoscopic sensation of the model's eye profile.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Light Position 1: Complete Side Light This light position can hit the model's face from the side of the model. Even if we use various absorbers and reflective devices, we can still clearly see a clear transition line from the model's nose bridge to the arm, but the transition effect is more soft and natural.

Light Position 2: When the light position is completely on the head of the model and hits the model, it is the light position of the big top light. This light position will be dim in the eye socket of the model, and there will be a very obvious transition zone from below the zygoma to the corner of the mouth, which will make the model's cheeks appear thin and long.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Level 3: The lamp holder has a certain angle of the bottom light, although the sun will not shine from below the model to the model, but we still need to see the effect of the bottom light. This is also a popular way of lighting in commercial photography. This kind of lighting is relatively flat, but it can highlight the eyes of models.

Position 4: The most popular position of light in commercial photography is one meter above the lens facing the model, commonly known as "butterfly light". This setting can make a shadow like butterfly wings appear below the model's nose, so it is called butterfly light. At the same time, the model will have more shadows on her cheeks.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Find out the most beautiful shooting angleFind out the most beautiful shooting angle

When we find the most beautiful shooting position, we need to use the most beautiful angle to cooperate with the shooting, learn the following points, you can quickly find the most beautiful side.

Use equipment flash

Question Analysis Do you know where your own "photo face" is? So from which location would it be best to take your "photo face"? Solution: Head slightly lower about 25 degrees, shooting a face slightly rotated 10 degrees is the most perfect self-timer angle.

Prepare props 1. Bracket: Find two brackets with clamps at the top, and place the styling board above the head of the model to maintain stability. Height can be inconsistent, so that the shadow tilt, feel more real picture. 2. High-footed stool: The high-footed stool can keep the model upright, while the legs are displayed in front of the camera in a beautiful posture. It should be noted that when shooting, do not let the model completely step on the stool, can slightly put on the edge of the stool, so that the model's legs more beautiful. The lecture hall officially opened!

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Setting the environment outdoorsSetting the environment outdoors

Here, we first make a hollow model board with the packaging carton, and place it above the head of the model so that the shadow of light falls on the wall, so as to achieve a mottled effect of tree shadow. Attention, we must grasp the position of the modelling board, do not let the shadow cast on the model's face, but keep the shadow behind the model. Still use black velvet wrapped in rice and pineapple as a light absorber to place on both sides of the model. When shooting, we need to select point photometry for shooting, and move the focus to the right to ensure that the face of the model can be focused when taking a view on the tripod.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

(Left) Place it in front of the model's head, and the shadow hits the model. (Right) Place the shadow behind the head of the model.

Begin to find the most beautiful angleBegin to find the most beautiful angle

After all the above, let's start to find the most beautiful angle of the model. By shooting, we can see that when the head of the model is slightly lower and the cheeks are slightly turned to the side, the face of the model is the most coordinated and the eyes and mouth are the most beautiful. As for whether the cheeks should turn left or right, we should remember that it is OK to turn the face towards the light, otherwise it will form a "Yin-Yang face".

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

In the left picture, some powerful models like to face the camera and slightly sideways when shooting European and American style commercial works. This pose is not a problem in itself, but in this light, this pose will cause too many shadows on their necks.

The best angle on the right is slightly lower by 25 degrees and slightly rotated by 10 degrees. With the help of light, we can make a shadow transition on one side of the cheek to make the face look narrower. Faces should be directed toward the light.

When shooting with the head up, we will find that the eyes of the model will be smaller. Looking at the camera will make the model more serious. The face of the model will be more rounded. Although the expression will be cool, the cheeks will be shorter.

When shooting a model with a full side face, it will have a thoughtful feeling, but if you do not cooperate with the arm movements, the picture will look strange, and the neck will appear very long, the proportion of head and neck is not very good.

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

Teach you how to find the most beautiful side of a model

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