Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

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Most photographers choose to participate in group photography when they first learn to take portraits. However, because of the large number of participants, many of their own ideas are restricted and difficult to achieve. Once taken, they find that they become a shutter press machine, and seldom produce films that satisfy them. So how can we improve this situation? Here are some experiences of Xu Liushan m as a group brawler to share with you. PS: The following strategies are only suitable for the number of uncles in about 6-12 people, and no more will be solved.

Equipment Chapter:

Know your friends and know your enemies and win every battle. Uncle's lens is nothing more than mythical 85, 135, 70-200 uncles, and even a silly X with 200 fixed group beatings. When you see this kind of person with a long gun, laugh heartily. Our goal is only to take pictures without you, with the People's Army Commander-in-Chief, Marshal Kim Sanfat's magnificent posture in front of Uncle's cannon bar Smith!

Well, back to the subject, first of all, the camera mode as far as possible for LIVEVIEW, reduce exposure errors, provide film rate.Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

Fixed Focus 50 or 35 for small refreshment

The theme is Japanese or Xiao Qingxin. I suggest that we choose 50MM or 35MM lens, because this kind of subject still needs a certain depth of field. We can basically get a good shooting environment when the number of group shooters is not too large.

24-70 zoom can make up for the shortage of seats

Other topics I would recommend zoom 2470, which can be attacked and defended. Large head and half body can be photographed not far from the model, and the advantage of zoom can make up for the shortage of space.

As for the fuselage, try to choose the machine with the flip screen. The flip screen can get the advantage in the limited space very well. It has more than enough edge between the uncle's long gun and short gun.

Pre-shooting "Preparations"

First of all, from the beginning of the campaign, try to choose the activities of familiar organizers, so as to have the opportunity to apply for a team leader or to distribute to a good MD, the only thing you want to shoot is kingdom, otherwise you will really want to cry without tears when you hand in the money for a piece of pork steak. Then, we should establish a certain trust relationship with MD. When shooting a focus, talk to the MD you want to shoot in your photo. Whether you succeed or not depends on how you do it. OK, after chatting, pretend to force it! For example, use IPAD and other tools to show MD your previous works, cooperate with XXX Master and so on. Attention is enough. In this way, when shooting, she will generally give priority to your guidance and suggestions, such as shooting location, your ideas and so on.

Okay, start shooting! In fact, each person's shooting style is different, of course, can not be imposed on you, the following is just my suggestion:Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

1. Think about it and shoot again.

Uncle usually goes to a place and presses the shutter around MD crazily, then directs a series of disgusting POSEs. What you want is not to laugh, but to think, not to be bothered by the surroundings. What you need is what kind of picture, which angle to achieve. Then it is to stick to the position until a satisfactory picture appears on the display screen. Seats must be occupied to death, do not easily give up, uncle is stubborn, once given up, it is difficult to have the opportunity to return to the original seat.

Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

2. Control Time

Group shooting time is very tense, once you complete a point shooting, we must strongly recommend that the team change points, uncle's favorite is to stick to the shutter, you must fight with him in the end to have the hope of a film.

Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

3. Be coquettish about your position

If the number of MD followers is large, try to take MD shooting sites with fewer other people, which may divert part of the uncle. When the number of MD followers is small, collisions with large forces are avoided as far as possible. Remember, the fewer people there are, the more likely they are to produce a film, so that there are only 2 or 3 left, which is basically equivalent to private shooting.

Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

4. Seize Opportunities

Uncle during the shooting period to see the film gap, decisively asked MD to do according to their own ideas, to complete their shooting objectives. If you ask for MD at random in the normal shooting stage, it may cause uncle dissatisfaction, the risk is not cost-effective.

Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

5. Play tricks

For example, if the model is tired, let her rest. Ninety percent of uncles will put down the machine, and then you have to shamelessly gather up and continue to photograph what you want to photograph.

Above all, you can basically guarantee a few pictures, provided you have the technology and the weather is not bad. Finally, after filming, don't forget that the most important thing is to copy the MD card. Write down MD micro-telecommunications and telephone, accumulate their own resources, facilitate future private shooting.Teach you how to fight uncle by hand

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