Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

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Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

I. Unchangeable Lens Camera

The term "digital camera" is often used in our mouth to refer to consumer digital cameras that are different from SLR cameras. The structure of the non-changeable mirror digital camera is far different from that of the SLR camera. The biggest feature of the non-changeable mirror digital camera is that it binds the combination of the fuselage and the lens when it is designed. His other important feature is that the digital photosensitive elements inside the fuselage are quite small. With the reduction of the photosensitive elements, the lens size can be reduced accordingly, so as to meet the needs of lightweight fuselage as a whole. Due to the characteristics of non-changeable lens in design, the range of view that the camera can shoot is congenitally limited by the manufacturer, and not suitable for the needs of professional work. The market orientation of this kind of camera is mostly directed to the general consumer, locking in the household customers. The concept of having a digital camera in every household is the same as that of having a TV washing machine in every household. Such cameras are designed to lower user thresholds, eliminate many complex customization functions, and replace them with computer automation program settings. The result of this model is a fully automated digital camera, or dumb camera. Generally speaking, the target audience of automatic cameras is people who don't want to invest in machines, and these people are less sensitive to judgment of fuselage performance and optical quality. Therefore, the automatic cameras designed by various manufacturers are usually low-cost, fully automatic and convenient in design, rather than quality-oriented. However, there is still a price threshold between SLR cameras and automatic cameras, resulting in a number of SLR cameras that have no access to price and can not be satisfied with the users of automatic cameras in the use of demand. So there are so-called SLR-like cameras in non-changeable digital cameras to meet the needs of amateur users. Following is an introduction to portable automatic cameras, SLR-like cameras and all-weather digital cameras.Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

(1) Compact Camera/Point and Shoot Camera

Portable cameras have compact fuselage, portability, rich preset scenes and automation functions. With the development of electronic engine efficiency applied in digital cameras, many fancy special effects are added to the cameras on the market nowadays, with many built-in functions such as lomo style imitation and axle-shifting effect imitation. Medium. Because the fuselage and lens are bound, and many custom functions are cancelled, automatic cameras are comparatively inferior to higher-order cameras in the ability of strain. In addition, the quality of the lens and the size of the digital sensor are too small, so the quality of the picture taken by the automatic camera is not comparable to that of the high-level camera. Generally speaking, modern automatic cameras are equipped with built-in flash, exposure compensation, flash control, red-eye protection and hand shock protection, besides more changeable scene mode for users to choose. And many other functions. The use of automatic cameras appeals to intuitive operation. Once the shutter is completed, the program function can improve the shooting success rate of hand shocks, and there are multiple zoom lenses to cope with different situations. Finally, the high-quality camera.Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

(2) DSLR-Like/Bridge Camera/Advanced Compact Camera

In addition to the digital and fool cameras commonly used in the market, the existence of SLR-like cameras is often mentioned. However, it is worth noting that although the name has the word SLR, SLR-like camera is not SLR camera because of its own non-replaceable lens characteristics. But from the name, we can see that when manufacturers launch SLR cameras, they mainly focus on the portability of full-automatic cameras and the manipulation of SLR cameras. Considering that the customers of SLR-like cameras are different from those of fool cameras, manufacturers have improved the quality of the lens and enhanced the electronic performance of the fuselage with the lens. In terms of the operational performance of the camera, the design considerations will be based on the maneuverability of the analog SLR camera. There are many kinds of SLR cameras that are basically built to be the same as SLR cameras in order to give users a sense of control as if they were using real SLR cameras. But we will not say that SLR-like cameras are only low-level copies of SLR cameras. Similar to SLR cameras, SLR cameras are more like transitional bridges between fool cameras and professional cameras. Users who can not afford the high cost of SLR cameras can meet their own needs by choosing a certain quality SLR cameras.Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras


Waterproof digital cameras are basically the side branches of fool cameras, but their robustness and waterproof of fuselage have been strengthened, so that they have a certain anti-fall waterproof characteristics. In the modern design of all-weather digital, also due to its waterproof, diving characteristics, such as seabed photography scene function, and equipped with LED light supply for underwater video use. Collision-resistant solid fuselage is quite suitable for climbers, in some more difficult occasions, do not have to be distressed by the 3C products at hand. With the development of modern science and technology, many all-weather digital cameras now have built-in GPS positioning and WIFI transmission functions.Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

What is the "micro-list" that has swept the market of camera products in recent years? Nowadays, in addition to the usual large black SLR cameras and small and exquisite automatic digital cameras, there are more colorful figures in various exhibitions and tourist attractions. This new camera has a compact and portable camera body. Although it is not as good as a business card portable camera, it still looks very small compared with a SLR camera, and its size is almost the same as that of a SLR-like camera. However, due to the relatively novel time for this new era camera to enter the market, there is no fixed title in the market. The more common terms are "micro-single", "light single-mirror", "evil camera", "non-anti single-mirror camera" and so on. And there are still many consumers who confuse SLRs with micro-SLRs. Following is a special introduction to our traditional cognitive SLR cameras and the emerging small SLR cameras.

II. Interchangeable Lens Camera

Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

(1) Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera-DSLR

Digital SLR camera is a common mainstream camera tool in the field of photography, but in recent years, due to the lower price and some cultural factors, SLR camera has gradually spread to the general consumer and other non-professional areas. Here we first observe the literal meaning of his original English, literally translated as "single lens reflex digital camera", which is abbreviated as "one-eye camera" in Japan, and "SLR camera" in mainland China. As for Taiwan, which is deeply influenced by Japan, it is referred to as "SLR camera". The structure and operation of SLR cameras are characterized by light entering the camera through the lens, reflecting to the pentaprism or pentahedron through the reflector, and then refracting to appear in the viewing window. The user uses the optical viewing window for composition and focusing. After determining the focal length and composition, the reflector rises when the user presses the shutter and takes the image, allowing the light directly into the rear light-sensitive medium (negative or digital light-sensitive elements). When the reflector rises, the optical viewing window will present a temporary black scene without pictures due to the obstruction of the light path.

After we finish a shoot, the digital camera will store the photos in the memory card inside the body. We can view the photos we just took in real time through the screen on the back of the fuselage, check the actual outcomes, and delete them directly based on preferences or take immediate post-action on the fuselage. After 2008, digital video is no longer limited to full-automatic cameras and digital cameras. The digital SLR cameras released after this year have supported the function of dynamic video, and almost all of them support full-HD photography so far. This wave of technological innovations has enabled short-film-loving players to enjoy high-quality video experience without having to pay for high-cost digital cameras, as long as they buy SLR cameras.Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

(2) Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera-MILC, Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangeable Lens Camera-EVIL Camera

I want to know from the two naming methods of the title that this young camera still does not have a fixed name in the market. But I would like to call it a non-reflective interchangeable lens camera - no-reflective camera is a more appropriate term. Microsheet is not far from SLR camera in appearance and structure. The biggest difference is that it cancels the setting of reflector in fuselage. The settings of prisms and optical viewing windows have also been deleted. The free space greatly reduces the distance between the lens and the photosensitive elements, and also greatly reduces the volume of the camera body. Therefore, the reason why micro-sheet is called micro-sheet and light is that it is different from the appearance of SLR camera. Because its English abbreviation is EVIL Camera, it is also sometimes called evil camera. Meanwhile, it is a metaphor that the lightweight advantage brought by the camera's structural design will impact the camera market and its power is very evil.

After removing the structure of the reflector, light can directly reach the photosensitive elements in the fuselage after passing through the lens, and the fuselage computer will present the image information received by the photosensitive elements in the back screen or electronic viewing window. This kind of control method is the same as the portable camera, so compared with the SLR camera, the micro-single appears lower on the user's threshold and is more acceptable to the public consumers. Therefore, in the market area, we will also regard micro-single as a consumer digital camera. It is very possible that every household will have a micro-single in the foreseeable future. However, the more important feature of Weidan's flourishing development is its volume advantage. Compared with SLR-like cameras, micro-SLR has the advantage of multi-subject performance in terms of lens and fuselage quality, as well as the advantages of replaceable lens system. In addition, its compact size relative to SLR makes it popular with amateur photographers and even professional photography.Teach you about the types and differences of digital camerasTeach you about the types and differences of digital camerasTeach you about the types and differences of digital cameras


The structure design of the micro-sheet conforms to the concise aesthetics of contemporary design. When the structure of the reflector is cancelled, the continuous beat speed can be faster, the focal shift problem can be improved, and the micro-vibration caused by the rise and fall of the reflector is no longer needed. In the foreseeable future, I believe that the mainstream photographic equipment in the field of photography will no longer have reflective mirror system. The new era of photographic equipment design method is the single-mirror camera without reflective mirror. However, due to the limitations of electronic technology at this stage, micro-single camera can not take the place of SLR camera for a while. When I choose to buy Photographic equipment, I will not consider Micro-monolithic as the first choice. In addition to the general consumer, many photographers and amateurs will choose Weidan as a portable or standby camera based on a proper balance between size and quality.Teach you about the types and differences of digital cameras

(The upper right is a general portable camera and the lower right is a micro-single camera)

(3) Other

Of course, interchangeable lens cameras are not just digital SLRs and micro-SLRs. There are also so-called range finder cameras, digital camera back cameras and so on, but because the general consumer does not often contact, there is no more introduction here.

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