Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

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If you want to do good, you must first use your weapon. Wedding photography has its particularity, strong mobility and strong shooting intensity, which is a test for photographers and equipment. This chapter summarizes some problems about wedding photography equipment, which provides a reference for wedding photographers, so that they can take less detours and devote more energy to shooting.

Common Equipment for Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer, if you already have a SLR camera, lens, flash and other necessary photographic equipment, you can start shooting the wedding. It does not need special equipment to shoot wedding photos with SLR camera. The key is to master the skills and methods of shooting high-definition video. For the photographer who has no shooting equipment or needs to update equipment, the first thing to do is to choose the equipment. According to the past experience, the choice of SLR camera with good performance, matching lens and flash is correct or not, which will bring twice the result with half the effort to the photographer's shooting work.

Selection of Host and Standby Cameras

At present, there are many kinds and models of SLR cameras available in the market, but from the perspective of some wedding photographers' regular cameras, the brands are mainly Nikon and canon, with models of d800, D600, d300s, d7100d, 5200, etc., Canon has 5D Mark II / III, 7d, 60d, 650d, etc., that is to say, they are used from high-end to low-end. In camera selection, factors such as purchase budget and shooting price are mainly considered. When choosing spare cameras, it is recommended not to choose the same type and batch production cameras, so as to prevent the same failure of two cameras at the same time, especially the new cameras that have just entered the market, without a certain period of inspection, can not guarantee 100% fault-free.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

Necessary Lens for Wedding Photography

The most commonly used lens in wedding photography is the zoom lens in the wide-angle to the mid-focal section, such as 24-70mm, 17-55mm, etc., because the zoom lens in the focal section is very convenient to capture at the wedding scene, and can be attacked and retreated, while medium-long zoom lens such as 70-200mm is often used, such as shooting close-range or special features with a certain distance. When writing, the long focal length will play a role. For zoom lens, it is better to choose Hengding aperture lens, because when the lens zooms, the aperture of non-Hengding aperture lens will change, which is not conducive to the photographer's shooting. In addition, the factors such as aperture, image quality, distortion and focusing speed should be taken into account when selecting lens.

How to Choose Wide Angle Lens

A good wide-angle lens can not be sloppy in terms of image quality and manipulation. When choosing wide-angle lens, sharpness, dispersion, dark angle and distortion should be considered. The biggest problem in choosing wide-angle lens is lens distortion. Many beautiful video pictures are greatly discounted because of object distortion. High-end wide-angle lenses are well controlled in these areas, so high-end wide-angle lenses should be given priority, while price is a secondary factor.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment


There are many differences, including imaging effect, workmanship, durability and so on. The original lens also has certain advantages in focusing speed. However, the performance-price ratio of the subsidiary factory is higher than that of the original factory lens. If we value the price input and must buy new lens, we can consider the subsidiary factory. If you can't accept the color and image deviation, at least buy the second-hand original lens or even the original new lens. The higher the lens, the more obvious it is. Especially for the 50MM, 85MM, 24-70, 70-200, 16-35 and other important focal segments. Sleeve 18-55, 18-105 are not very different. Imagine if the manufacture and image of the sub-factory lens are not very different from the original lens, the original factory can sell it?

The Role of Focusing Lens in Wedding Photography and the Advantage of Large Aperture Lens in Wedding Photography

Large aperture lenses are also preferred for wedding shooting. The illumination of the wedding scene is complex, and large aperture lens has inherent advantages in dealing with this situation. In addition, when shooting close-ups with shallow depth of field, large aperture lens presents a beautiful illusory background, and large aperture lens is widely used in fixed-focus lens, so we can also consider using 2-3 fixed-focus lenses as backup. Recommended fixed-focus lens: 35, 50, 85mm lens with f/1.4 or f/1.2 aperture.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography EquipmentSummary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

What are the suggestions for tripods or unipedals?

Ninety percent of the photographers answered this question: it's almost useless to take wedding photos on tripods unless you shoot video with a SLR camera. For the latter, I suggest that the basic requirement is to choose a strong, bearing capacity of the scaffold, which can play a stable role, in addition, the scaffold should not rise too high, especially the central axis should not rise, any factors causing shaking should be avoided. It is not recommended to use a spherical platform because it may not be suitable for lens movement. On the other hand, when shooting video, the camera has to add some accessories, and the weight increases a lot. Using a spherical platform often causes displacement. Speaking of this, you may think of camera scaffolding, which has the advantages of absolute stability, but also obvious shortcomings, heavy weight and inconvenience to carry, and expensive, so it is not recommended to choose. Best Combination: Tripod + Photo Hydraulic Cloud Platform is a combination that many bird shooters are familiar with. However, there are not many domestic hydraulic platforms suitable for photography and photography. At present, the more popular products are the 701 series of Manfotu products, which can be used on tripods or on one-legged frames. The price is not high, so it is very convenient to take videos or photographs.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

Choose a flash suitable for wedding photography

Flash must be of high quality, because more than 80% of wedding photos rely on flash to complete the shooting. Flash index is an important indicator, the higher the better, such as the flash index of 24, ISO100, distance of 3 meters, the aperture should be set to F8, normal use seems to be enough, but the higher the index of flash in the use of light technology such as reflection to reduce projection, the picture effect is more ideal, in this case, the index of more than 36 flash. The lamp is more practical; secondly, the automation level of flash is higher, such as the automation level is not high, all exposure is adjusted manually, and time is not allowed. Although the price of the original flash is high, it has a good understanding with the camera of the same brand. It is worth buying to improve the efficiency of the photographer.

Flash lights also need to be equipped with other accessories

Some high-end flash standard configurations include flexible film, color film and other accessories. We can also equip the flash with flexible hood (or miniature reflector umbrella), spare battery group and so on. If you want to use off-line flash or multi-flash linkage, you need to buy wireless triggers and receivers to use in conjunction with, as for the lamp holder can be purchased at discretion.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography EquipmentSummary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

Choose the appropriate memory card

I believe many photographers know that high-speed, large-capacity memory card for wedding photography is like a tiger, for taking RAW format photos is indispensable. SD/SDHC card has a speed standard, namely CLASS 4/6/10 level, which corresponds to reading and writing speed up to 4MB/s, 6MB/s and 10MB/s respectively. Therefore, only memory cards that meet the CLASS 6 or above standard can meet the demand, and the capacity should be more than 16GB; CF cards should be selected with a speed of more than 400X and a capacity of more than 16G. Storage card. In short, fast, large capacity memory card is our first choice.

Avoid using counterfeit memory cards

There are two kinds of counterfeit memory cards on the market. First, the speed is low to charge high, such as using CLASS 4 as CLASS 6 card, because many large brands of CLASS 4 card read and write speed can work steadily above 6MB/s, illegal vendors will sell CLASS 4 card at the price of CLASS 6; second, the quality of the last charge is good, this card will fail several times. If you buy this card, it's likely that your hard-working photos will be destroyed. Therefore, when purchasing memory cards, we should know more beforehand, and purchase them in those reputable stores.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

Take good care of your photographic equipment

Wedding shooting scene is generally chaotic, and the photographer's attention is highly concentrated when shooting, which inevitably leads to the loss of equipment. In order to take good care of the equipment, photographers should make a list of the equipment in advance, so that they have a good idea. When leaving a shooting point, they should check whether the equipment is complete according to the list. If the photographer is a soldier, they should be more vigilant and not let strangers take care of the equipment for you. In special weather, they should also take precautions against it. Dust and waterproof measures.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

Exposure mode setting

There must be a lot of photos taken on the wedding day. It is generally recommended to take RAW + JPEG. After all, many situations on the scene are unpredictable, and the flexibility of adjusting the RAW filing system is greater. Exposure mode for people, I am generally used to setting A file, light source can be switched quickly when changing, occasionally using M or P file. Keep the aperture at f/4 (to make the background virtual) while shooting close-up or close-up, and use f/8 at other times to provide greater depth of field and ensure that people at different "layers" are clear. When shooting indoors, if no flash is used, be careful not to set the shutter speed too low for hand-held photography. As a guide, the lowest shutter speed should be the reciprocal of the lens. For example, if you use a 50mm lens, you should avoid using shutter speeds below 1/50s. ISO settings for sensitivity generally do not exceed 1600, and then the high noise point will become more and more obvious.Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

What checks should be made on the equipment before shooting?

Summary of 15 Experiences in Wedding Photography Equipment

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