Subject Portrait Photography Skills and Notices

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Before doing many things, good planning is very important, as is photography. Especially in portrait photography, which is more creative, it is more necessary to plan before shooting, including the theme, shooting style, model selection to the venue and shape, and so on. Every link is the key. In this process, what needs special attention or small skills?

A well-conceived theme

In addition to basic photographic techniques, portrait photography requires a clear theme. For beginners, they usually confirm the shooting location first, then determine the shooting content. After the shooting is completed, they find that there is no clear theme at all. This method is usually blind and wrong.

Before shooting, we should make full preparations and plans for shooting, such as the determination of shooting theme, the selection of models, the selection of shooting location and so on. Photographers should not enter the shooting state without preparation, unless it is documentary photography, but it requires excellent reaction speed.

First of all, we need to determine a clear shooting theme, so that the whole shooting process around this theme. The shooting theme can be determined from the following aspects.

1. Conceptual Theme

This is a very broad meaning. Photographers can express some special meaning according to many factors, such as the performance of models, the classification of clothes, the different makeup models. This kind of theme is very visual, which can be clearly distinguished from the picture. We can also give it some nice, impressive and associative names, such as dreams, angels, fantasies and so on.

2. Storytelling Themes

This theme is expressed through a story. The shooting of story theme is a little more difficult. Photographers also have to work as directors while shooting. This is also a popular way nowadays. Many wedding photos will use this way to describe their love. This kind of theme shooting needs to be accompanied by the performance of models as well as the scenery selection.

3. Shooting techniques as the theme

This is also a popular shooting theme nowadays. Photographers themselves can have strong subjective initiative. It is common to use short focus combined with wide-angle lens to shoot. Using the characteristics of wide-angle lens, we can create works with prominent main characters and strong environmental perspective, which also have a strong sense of form.

_Aperture F6.3, shutter 1/160s, focal length 24mm, ISO 100. This is a sexy and sexy photo.Subject Portrait Photography Skills and Notices

Identify the content and style of the theme

The theme has been decided, and the next thing to do is to conceive the shooting content. For example, most of the most common photo studio series are bright and youthful forms. Their styles are mostly bright, beautiful, lively and youthful. They are accepted and preferred by most people. Their shooting techniques are simple and easy to operate. They are mostly carried out in bright tones combined with current popular elements. Shoot.

There is also a fashion style portrait, which can be fashionable, popular, or even imitated. This theme is generally closely related to the current fashion, can imitate movie posters, popular magazines or film blockbusters to create.

Portrait photography with picturesque style has gradually been liked by people. This theme mostly imitates world famous paintings, or freehand paintings, or oil paintings, and so on. This theme first determines which type of portrait to imitate, and then imitates it according to the style of the painting. If you want to use the story to express, you have to design the plot in advance, according to the mood of the subject or the development of the story to match the scenes.

_Aperture F9, shutter 1/160s, focal length 70mm, ISO100. Mainly with the model behind the tattoo and train as the theme of the photo.Subject Portrait Photography Skills and Notices


Models'Choice and Communication

1. Selecting Models

In terms of photographer's creation alone, besides defining a clear theme, it is necessary to choose the right model, which can effectively express the theme and depict the theme.

For example, to take a portrait of fashion style theme, not only from clothing, jewelry and so on, but more importantly, the temperament and connotation of the model itself. White and lovely models can shoot high-profile portraits of youthful beauty; fashion-themed models may not need to be too beautiful, but their temperament must be cool and generous; there are portraits of picturesque themes, the most important is the word "portrait". Models need to be similar to the portraits they choose, at least temperament. Like, the ideal is to look alike.

_Aperture F11, shutter 1/125 s, focal length 70 mm, ISO 100. Models not only have a feminine tenderness, but also a sense of disobedience, with a similar military ship cap, which emphasizes this feature.Subject Portrait Photography Skills and Notices

2. Communicate with the model

In order to get the desired effect, after determining the shooting theme, the photographer should communicate with the model, exchange and discuss his theme idea, shooting method, shooting content and performance requirements with the model, so that the model can have a general understanding before shooting, and give the model sufficient preparation time. In order to get better shooting effect.


Choose the background and build the scene

The next thing to do is to choose the background. Since both the subject and the model have been selected, where to shoot and what background to shoot are the most important.

Background selection should be in line with the intentions of the shooting theme, such as lovelorn, it is impossible to shoot in a high-profile background. Ordinary portraits, will choose to use high-profile shooting, which will appear youthful and lively; portraits with a sense of fashion, mostly use the dark tone to foil the main characters. If a single background can not meet the needs of shooting, then we need to build a simple scene to meet the needs of shooting.

_Aperture F9, shutter 1/125 s, focal length 34mm, ISO 100. This is a fashion-themed portrait, the photographer is very smart to take a large watch as the background, simple and clear.Subject Portrait Photography Skills and Notices

Definition of makeup and shape

Character modelling is a means for photographers to shape models. Models'modelling is very important in order to express themes more profoundly. Modeling can be created through makeup, clothing and hairstyle, with special attention to facial shaping. Some photographers want to get the most natural effect without putting models on makeup, but in fact the makeup of the face is more natural than the face without makeup, after post-modification will appear more natural. Hair style design is also a very important technical link, can use the change of hair style to highlight the model's personality, and then more deeply depict the theme. Especially for the theme of fashion, hairstyle design plays a decisive role.

▲ aperture F10, shutter 1 / 60s, focal length 135mm, ISO 100. This is a photo that focuses on the expression of the model's makeup. Face and lips are the current fashion naked makeup effect, focusing on the depiction of eyes, slender eyes, with blurred eyes, so that the image is more attractive.Subject Portrait Photography Skills and Notices

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