Some Suggestions for New Photographers

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For friends who have just come into contact with photography, there may be such a question, why buy a camera to take pictures for a period of time, the photos are always not good? Following are some suggestions for novice photographers, hoping to help novice photographers have an introduction to understanding and shooting the general direction of the image.Some Suggestions for New Photographers

Finding direction

First ask yourself, what do you want to shoot? Portraits, landscapes, street photography, weddings, sports, food, commercial photography and so on, each photography theme has its own characteristics, the need for different skills, to find their favorite theme to focus on learning and research, not that you choose a subject without contact with other topics, but focus on one as a starting point, only then. Clear learning direction, otherwise photography technology, where to start? It's easier to see your progress if you focus on a topic. When the expertise reaches a certain level, you can try to shoot another topic, and you will learn faster.

Slow down, shutter up, and pay attention to what you see.Some Suggestions for New Photographers


Imitate the master you like. If you want to learn photography, you must be poisoned by some photographs. Why not learn how to take a picture that poisoned you? Before a photographer develops his personal style, it is beyond reproach to imitate others.

Some Suggestions for New Photographers

Perspective, composition, use up and so on. If you can't get started, you might as well imitate the photographs of the favorite masters. As the saying goes, "The world's articles are copied correctly" is yours, and so is shooting.

Equipment is important, but not the most important.

I will not deny the importance of equipment, some photographic subjects such as birds, ecology, sports and other appropriate equipment is impossible to take good works. But novices are apt to get too addicted to equipment and forget their own technology. If you are a novice, you don't need to worry too much about the quality of the equipment. Now the performance of the cameras is excellent. The performance of the cameras at the same price is similar. If you have two cameras at the same price, of course, you want to buy the best products from the consumer's standpoint, even if it's only 1% sharpness ahead, but use a 1% sharpness tool. Material doesn't make you a 1% better photographer than other players. A penny-for-penny package is also suitable for photographic equipment, so it's not wrong to buy the one that can be the most advanced within your ability. It doesn't matter if you can only buy an entry-level camera. An entry-level camera can absolutely capture a masterpiece.

The quality of photographs has nothing to do with the camera, master photography skills, entry-level cameras can also take great pictures.Some Suggestions for New Photographers

Lens & gt; Camera

Many of your predecessors will tell you that you don't need to buy the best camera, but you can buy the best lens. Economically, the price of cameras has fallen fast, but the second-hand price of high-end lenses has always been very stable. The price of a 10-year lens will not fall much. On the contrary, a 10-year digital camera is certainly not worth money. The taste of a good mirror is different, so the effect of a good mirror with an entry machine is better than that of a poor mirror with a top machine.

Macro lens captures the mysterious and tiny world.Some Suggestions for New Photographers

Don't be a fundamentalist

When you learn the basics and are familiar with them, don't stick to the rules. For example, it is pointed out that the author does not understand the action of shooting with the setting of F2.8 and iso1600 for a landscape photograph, but who said that shooting scenery must be F11 + ISO100? If it can only be handheld, the shooting will be flexible. Every suggestion in a photography book is "suggestion". Without photography, if X is taken, the rule of setting must be Y. When you understand the meaning behind each suggestion, you should break it when appropriate. The premise is that you must be familiar with the basic knowledge, otherwise you will not break the rules, but make a fuss about it.

Some Suggestions for New Photographers

Happy photography

The most important point is to get fun from shooting, which is also the driving force for the author to continue shooting.

Some Suggestions for New Photographers

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