Six tips for reducing camera jitter

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Many times, I prefer to have VR (shock absorber) or IS (image stabilization) lens. Although you need to pay a lot of money for this, I think it is worth the extra cost, which is a reasonable cost for my photography. But what happens when you need to shoot at a slower shutter speed without tripods and shock absorption? Here are six practical holding tips to reduce camera jitter and to take satisfying pictures regardless of lens length and shutter speed.Six tips for reducing camera jitter

1. Clamp elbow

Keep your elbow as close to your body as possible. Don't hold your breath before pressing the shutter. When you process a picture with a large aperture or a low shutter speed (or both), even breathing can cause vibration. Putting your elbow close to your body can really help you stay stable.Six tips for reducing camera jitter

2 Raise your left shoulder

What I'm doing here is raising my left shoulder and supporting my ribs with my left elbow. To further stabilize, you can put your right elbow in your chest. As always, hold your breath before pressing the shutter to avoid shaking.Six tips for reducing camera jitter

3 Turn your knees into tripods

You can construct a tripod-like action by holding a sitting position and talking about your elbow on your standing knee. In addition, put the elbow of the other hand close to your body to get better support.Six tips for reducing camera jitter

4 get down.

These two pictures show a very good way to avoid vibration without tripods. Get down and put the lens directly on the ground. But there's also a problem. You may have a downward tilt lens, and unless you're ready to take a picture of the sidewalk, you may not be able to take the picture you want. So, in the first picture, you will notice that I put my hand on the ground, adding some height to my lens. In the second picture, you will see that I use my fist to raise the camera to a higher shooting height.Six tips for reducing camera jitter

5 Machine-gun Holding Law

The latter method is sometimes referred to as machine gun holding. I seldom use this technique because I find it a little difficult to maintain. Just because it doesn't suit me doesn't mean it doesn't suit you. So you can try this action.Six tips for reducing camera jitter

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