Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

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Silhouette photography, a simple photographic technique of outlining the main body, has always been easy to attract viewers'attention. However, silhouette does not always attract others. We will list a few points of attention and practical skills for you to master silhouette shooting skills immediately.

Practical Skills of Silhouette AestheticsPractical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

1. Choosing the right scene and time

The golden light is very moving.Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography


2. Shooting in full manual mode

Manual mode can also more accurately shoot according to the requirements of the photographer, to the effect of the photographer's mind.Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography


Manual mode can also shoot more accurately according to the requirements of the photographer, to the effect of the photographer's mind. If we use the automatic exposure mode to shoot, the parameters of each photograph after photometry may change, and it can not capture the desired effect of the photographer.

3. Clear outline of the main body

A clear outline of the subject helps to express the content of the photograph.Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

The main body of the silhouette photograph can not see the details of the main body because of the serious underexposure, so it depends on its contour to represent the main body. In order to let the viewer know at a glance what the main body of the silhouette is, the lines of the main body contour must be very clear. The photographer should even regard the main body contour as a language and use the main body contour to express what is happening in this photo.

4. Background coordination

Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

If the main silhouette is the language of silhouette photographs, then the background of silhouette photographs is rhetoric. Knowing how to write does not mean that you can write a good article, so does taking silhouette photographs. When the photographer uses the main contour to express the picture, if he can use the background to cooperate with the main body and draw the whole environment complementarily, he can make the viewer have more space to think and imagine, and also can use the interaction of silhouette and background to bring out the story.

5. The Creation of Atmosphere

Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

Because silhouette is a black shadow, besides beautiful outline and matching background, it is more important to bring out the overall atmosphere, even if we can not see the expression and details of the silhouette, but we can also understand the emotions expressed by the whole picture from the picture, which can affect the viewer's emotions. This photo is about It's a successful work.

Practical skills:

1. Exposure control is better than over

Silhouette photography is to pursue the effect of underexposure.Practical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

If you're a novice photographer, you don't have enough experience with the aperture shutter and you don't want to use the automatic exposure mode, you must remember that when adjusting the aperture shutter, you'd rather be underexposed than overexposed. Silhouette photography is the pursuit of underexposed effect, if overexposed, the black part of the silhouette will not be dark enough, and the background will be overexposed.

2. Adding Point Contour Light

Although the goal of shooting silhouette is to make the subject seriously underexposed, but all black silhouette is not necessarily the best expression. Sometimes a point of contour light is added to the edge of the silhouette. In addition to the same silhouette effect, a small amount of light on the edge of the main body can make the subject more textured.

3. Use key photometry

Use key photometryPractical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

If you are shooting silhouettes in auto-exposure mode, you can first measure the position of the light source with the focus metering, and then use AE Lock to lock the exposure function to lock the exposure parameters. If you are in full manual mode, you can also refer to the shutter speed and aperture provided by the key photometry and adjust the camera yourself.

4. Don't blindly follow the sun

Don't blindly follow the sunPractical Photographic Skills in Silhouette Photography

Although it is easy to shoot moving silhouettes with the sun as the light source at dusk, it is not only the sun that can shoot silhouettes, but also can shoot silhouettes without a clear light source. For example, when someone shelters from rain under the eaves, the brightness under the eaves and outside the eaves may differ greatly, so there is no need to locate the light source, as long as there is no need to find the location of the light source. It is also a kind of silhouette photography to photograph people who are sheltered from the rain under-exposed. So in fact, silhouette is everywhere. The photographer should not think that only when the sun is against the light can he take the silhouette. This will limit the photographer's observation and creativity.

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