Personal Photographic Posture and Body Curve

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A good photographer is indispensable to shoot a set of personal portraits of his own, and the posture of the person being photographed is also very important. The main personal posture processing includes body curve processing, leg line processing, hand and arm line processing, head line processing and expression changes.

Perfect body curve will show most of your body. If you master the skill of curve processing, you can show your perfect posture. For the treatment of body curve, there are mainly the following aspects:

1. S-shaped curve

Whether the person is standing, sitting or lying, the S-shaped curve posture will appear. This curve is composed of head line, chest curve, buttock curve and leg line. In the S-shaped curve, the figure's legs will appear barycentric legs and non-barycentric legs. The S-shaped curve will be formed when leading the figure's head to turn or reverse to the side of the barycentric legs.

Personal Photographic Posture and Body Curve

S-shaped curve shows elegance, gentleness, and elegant charm, which can always produce amazing artistic effects, suitable for the performance of women with better body coordination beauty.

2.C curve

It is composed of head line combined with body line and leg line. A C-shaped curve is formed when the head of a character is tilted in the inclined direction of the body or when the head of a character is slightly tilted in the direction of a non-gravity leg in the S-shaped curve. C-shaped curve gives a lively, lovely and relaxed image, suitable for women and children.

Personal Photographic Posture and Body Curve

3.A curve

Standing posture with legs straddling and body weight bearing at the same time. This kind of curve lacks flexibility most, but this kind of curve has the characteristic of fortitude, can show the beauty of male masculinity.

Personal Photographic Posture and Body Curve

This kind of curve will give people the feeling of fashionable personality when it expresses women.

4.Z curve

The upper body line is combined with the thigh line and the lower leg line. Z-shaped curve is the body line formed naturally when people sit, squat, kneel and lie down. The Z-shaped curve is most obvious in the whole body composition of the characters when they sit, squat, kneel and lie down.

A.Z-shaped curve can be composed of two right angles, called right Z-shaped curve. This curve is only used for men's sitting posture, showing the strong beauty of men.

B.Z-shaped curve can be composed of two acute angles, called acute Z-shaped curve. This kind of curve can make the space of the trunk shrink and the lines of the body are not obvious. At this time, we should pay attention to the placement of the arms to avoid the lines of the body. If the arms are close to the body, it will appear that the waist is bulky and not elegant. In photography, we should try to avoid overlapping lines.

C.Z-shaped curve can be composed of two obtuse angles, called obtuse Z-shaped curve. This kind of curve usually appears in the supine posture of the characters. The Z-shaped curve has smooth lines and can show a comfortable, leisurely and self-satisfied mood.

D.Z curve can also be formed by the combination of acute angle and obtuse angle, which is called mixed angle Z curve. Right angles are seldom used in conjunction with other angles. Mixed angle Z-shaped curve gives people a sense of flexibility, often expressed in kneeling and lying posture.

Personal Photographic Posture and Body Curve

Today, Xiaobian's skill on how to deal with body curve has been introduced to you. How to show perfect posture in your personal portrait depends on you.

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