Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

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Bridges are the most beautiful "necklaces" in the city. Do you want to make them extremely beautiful? This album introduces you to the 15 most beautiful bridges in the world, counting their classic shooting locations and sharing the shooting strategies of bridges.

1. Golden Gate Fog Lock of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Best time to shoot: 6 a.m. fog

Best location: Hawk Hill Peak north of the Golden Gate Bridge

Long Exposure + Gradient Filter Photography of Fog Lock Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Bridge is famous all over the world for its unique scenery of "fog lock Golden Gate". Around 6 a.m., 10 minutes before sunrise and half an hour after sunrise are the best time to shoot the fog in Golden Gate. When shooting this scene, the light scatters in the fog, confusing the photometer into thinking that the scene is brighter than it actually is. Therefore, when shooting fog, it is necessary to properly increase exposure by 1 to 2 blocks, so as not to underexpose. Using 15 seconds of long exposure, we can grasp the shape of cloud motion. When shooting the sunrise scene, the content of the picture mainly concentrates on the bridge and clouds, and the ground is rich, while the sky is too empty and there are no layers. At this time, we can use a medium-gray gradient filter to pull back the details of the sky, while balancing the rhythm of light and shade in the picture.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Direct photographs leave a lot of blanks above the sky. We can use gradient filters to darken the sky, so that the details of the sky are richer and the picture is more complete.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

It is easier to photograph the texture and layers of clouds and fogs in the opposite direction. The slow gate of 15 seconds solidifies the cloud and fog patterns in the flow, and achieves a dreamlike effect.

It's very important to choose a strong tripod to shoot on windy mornings and rugged hillsides. Attention should be paid to hanging heavy objects under the tripod to prevent equipment from falling down the hill when using the tripod.

Subtraction Photography of Black and White Minimalist Golden Gate

In addition to shooting the big scene of Golden Gate, we can also approach the bridge to photograph its local structure. The foggy Golden Gate Bridge is well suited for minimalist black-and-white photography. Composition is the most critical place, we choose the cable as the object of expression, let it become the dominant picture. Its position and radian can guide vision. Appropriate white space, keep the image simple and concise. The building structure should be horizontal and vertical. When composing a picture, watch the viewfinder carefully and align the line to the border of the viewfinder.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

In composition, attention should be paid to the combination of arcs and straight lines in the picture. Bending cables and straight cables can be combined to form different pictures. The arc guides the line of sight, and the straight line balances the picture.

Shooting symmetrical composition in middle focal section

Walking on the sidewalk of Jinmen Bridge will be shocked by its magnificent momentum. We recommend using the middle focal lens to photograph the local structure of the bridge and use symmetrical composition to show special feelings. To shoot symmetrical composition, we need to find all kinds of "center points", such as the center points of bridge deck and bridge tower, as the shooting benchmark. At the same time, in order to achieve symmetry and balance, we suggest opening the camera's nine-grid auxiliary line to shoot, which is more conducive to shooting horizontal and vertical building structures. When shooting symmetrical composition, we should also pay attention to the rhythm of the picture. Two huge bridge towers occupy the main picture in the form of arrangement and become the visual center. The image below the picture with the moving vehicles on the bridge deck can make the picture stable but not rigid.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Looking for the "Most American" Prospect under the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of San Francisco. In addition to photographing on the hills, it can also be photographed on the coastal highways on both sides of the bridge. The sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge can be photographed on the eastern highway. In this position, the bridge is in the foreground. In order to enrich the picture, we need to find the right foreground. The rusty railings of antique cars on the roads and the reefs on the sea are good prospects. The combination of these elements will make the picture full of "American flavor" and make the ice-cold bridge more storytelling. When shooting, we should pay attention to the combination of foreground and background exposure, use the regional photometry mode, and put the photometry point in the bright area of the foreground for photometry.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Camera settings make shooting easier

Aperture priority + exposure compensation for shooting fog

In the aperture priority mode, setting the aperture value, the back dial of the rotary machine can perform exposure compensation operation. In order to make the details more outstanding, one block exposure compensation can be added.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Find the horizontal line to make the picture more precise

When shooting architectural works, we recommend opening the camera's auxiliary line to help you with composition. Choose real-time viewing mode. Finely adjust the composition of the picture through the LCD screen.


Tips Golden Gate Bridge Information

The Golden Gate Bridge is situated on the Golden Gate Strait, 1900 meters wide in California, USA.

Famous for the persistent fog throughout the year, there are often "fog lock golden door" scenery, very magnificent and mysterious.

The exterior paint is an international orange made of red, yellow and black with distinctive features.

2. Singapore Double Helix Bridge

Best shot time for ultra wide angle glamour: Blue Moment within half an hour after sunset

Best location for shooting: Pedestrian on the north side of the Double Helix Bridge

Brilliant Bridges Meeting in Extra Wide Angle Photography

The Double Helix Bridge is located in the most prosperous section of Singapore Bay. As night falls, the steel structure bridge shows a unique style with numerous lights on the bridge. We use a 12 mm super wide angle to photograph the Double Helix Bridge and the highway bridge next to it. This focal length can maximize the integration of the two bridges into the picture and produce a staggered effect. Wide-angle distortion makes the two bridges present a grand and distorted aesthetic feeling. With the slow gate of 3 seconds and the small aperture of F18, the water surface in the picture is atomized and the street lamp produces star light, which can better show the bright and magnificent city light.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

_Using 30mm focal length to shoot double helix bridge, the picture can only get part of the bridge structure, can not fully reflect the characteristics of the bridge, there is not enough visual impact.

Vertical Constructions Represent Singular Internal Structures

The inner helix of the double helix bridge is used to support the sunshade glass and canopy, which has a unique structure. It is better to show its architectural rhythm by shooting upward with vertical composition and incorporating staggered brackets and steel plates into the picture. At the same time, in order to prevent pedestrians from interfering with the picture, it is recommended to use 5 seconds slow door for photography, which can make the pedestrians on the pavement virtualize basically, and focus on the aesthetic feeling of the bridge itself, showing that the steel structure should be strong and sharp.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Camera settings make shooting easier

Shooting Bridge with Slow Gate

Use manual gear, or "M" gear, for shooting. It is convenient for us to change the aperture and shutter speed of the camera at any time. Because of the tripod used in the bridge, we set the sensitivity to the lowest, and choose the aperture as F11, and set the shutter speed to about 5 seconds, to observe whether there is overexposure or too slow in the picture taken. Change the exposure combination if it occurs.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Tips Double Helix Bridge Related Information

Design inspired by DNA structure is the first double helix pedestrian bridge in the world.

The two spiral curves of stainless steel pipe construction are intertwined to form a core structure up to 280 meters. The bridge is 280 meters long and 6 meters wide, and can accommodate 16,000 people at the same time.

The bridge is equipped with a circular viewing platform for pedestrians to rest or look at the city, which is also the best viewing platform for water sports and fireworks performances.

3. The Changing Wind and Cloud at the Slow Gate of Tower Bridge in London

Best shooting time: 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Best location for shooting: on the Thames River pier and the pavement of the Tower Bridge

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Double-decker Bus Lights Lighting Tower Bridge at Night

Photographs of lighted towers on London Tower Bridge at night can take advantage of the most British red double-decker buses. Double-decker buses are much higher than ordinary buses and have high lighting positions. When the tower bridge is photographed at a low angle, the light can be captured by using slow doors to photograph the rails, so that the composition and color are more vigorous. Set the shutter speed for 15 seconds and press the shutter when the bus is approaching. It is recommended to use remote control line to control the shooting. If not, it can be replaced by the function of timing photography.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

To shoot, set the shutter speed for 15 seconds at the place where the tripod is closest to the railings on the sidewalk, and press the shutter as soon as the red bus appears at the end of the bridge hole.

HDR shoots British-style street views of Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a good place to take street scenery. In rainy and foggy London, direct photographs are always grey, and HDR is the best way to enhance the effect of the photos. We need to use surround exposure to take three pictures, which can better preserve the details of the image. In post-production, we use HDR to enhance the texture of the Tower Bridge, highlighting the British flavor.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Dimmer + Black-and-White Recording Wind-Cloud Transform

It has become a classic to shoot Tower Bridge in London under the blue sky. Besides, how can we make a more photographic shocking picture? At this time, we can consider using slow doors to photograph moving clouds in the daytime, so that the dynamic clouds can make the bridge more atmosphere. In the afternoon, the light is very intense. If we shoot directly, the picture will be overexposed because of the strong light. At this time, we need a dimmer to help shoot, so as to reduce the amount of light entering the lens and make the shutter speed reach about 10 seconds, so that we can take the effect of the drifting clouds and make the whole picture feel changeable.

Using black-and-white mode to photograph the windy tower bridge can enhance the form aesthetic feeling of the tower bridge. Black and white can also reduce the influence of too many colors on the effect of the picture, so that the focus of attention is on the flow of the picture, can also make the shooting tower bridge more artistic.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

_The photography of Tower Bridge should show its grandeur and artistic sense. The visual effect of the London Tower Bridge photographed under the normal shutter is very general.

Camera settings make shooting easier

Surrounding Exposure Settings

In traditional HDR shooting, we need to take surround exposure. We choose the "Q" function key on the back of the camera, select the exposure option, and dial the wheel on the shoulder screen of the camera to take the "surround exposure mode" shot. Generally, we use surround exposure with one block to take multiple exposure combinations.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Tips Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge is the symbol of London, which connects the north and south of London as a whole and is known as the "main gate of London".

The bridge under the Tower Bridge in London can be opened. The two bridges in the river are 7.6 meters high and 76 meters apart.

The bridge tower is equipped with stairs, museums, exhibition halls, shops, bars and so on.

4. Bright Track of Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai

Best shooting time: 6:30 p.m. when darkness falls

Best location: 20 stories above Dade Road or Lujiabin Road, northwest corner of Nanpu Bridge

Seize the golden shooting time

The Puxi Approach Bridge of Nanpu Bridge is a classical overpass, and many arcs have unique aesthetic feeling. At night, the light is bright and the shooting light is complex. At this time, we can use multi-point photometry to determine the exposure combination. Multipoint photometry is to measure the brightness of different areas and calculate the final exposure according to the average brightness. At 6:30 p.m. of the optimum shooting time, the measured light value of the main bridge deck and the brightest street lamp in the distance is the same. After dark, the light of street lamp will greatly exceed the brightness of the main body of the bridge deck. Shooting in prime time can effectively prevent highlights from overflowing and retain more details.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

B-Gate Shooting Increases Extension

Nanpu Bridge is like a long ribbon stretching over the city. When shooting, it can slow down the shutter speed and lengthen the track. Red lights on the right side and headlights on the left side alternate beautifully in color along the arc. When shooting, you can use the B gate, open the camera to reduce noise, and use the pre-lift function of the reflector to reduce the vibration caused by pressing the shutter, and connect the shutter line well. This allows us to take 45 seconds of exposure and pull out a long enough track. When shooting a bridge, the aperture should be set at F18. Because the aperture of F22 is too small, the lens is prone to diffraction, which will reduce the sharpness of the picture and affect the quality of the picture.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

The effects of light trajectories taken under different shutters are quite different. We can see that the shutter speed of only 5 seconds can not form the flow of light rail, is still a separate section of the line. The shutter speed is 20 seconds before the light trajectories can be connected together to form a linear state.

When shooting the complex environment of light, we recommend using point photometry to shoot. Point photometry can ensure the most accurate photometric value of our photometric point. Select the photometric button on the shoulder screen of the camera, and then use the dial wheel to change the photometric mode.

In the best shooting time, the bridge light measurement value of the main body of the picture is consistent with the light measurement value of the brightest street lamp. This is very helpful for us to take photos with balanced exposure, not overexposed or partially too dark.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Tips Nanpu Bridge Related Information

The total length of Nanpu Bridge is 8346 meters. The main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with double pylons and double cable planes.

Puxi Approach Bridge presents a spiral shape with complex curves, and the upper and lower two-ring bifurcation joins Zhongshan South Road and Lujiabang Road. The Pudong Approach Bridge is 3746 meters long, with a complex curve showing a long circle. It connects with Pudong Southeast Road and leads directly to Yanggao Road.

Nanpu Bridge is equipped with sightseeing elevators, visitors can take the elevators to the bridge for sightseeing.

5. Islamic Style of Hao Jiu Guqiao, Iran

Best shooting time: lights on at 7 p.m.

Best camera location: riverside and Bridge cave

Solar White Balance Photography of Warm Bridge Scene

There are many shops and restaurants in the corridor of Hao Jiu Guqiao Bridge Cave, which is also a place where local people gather. When shooting this kind of humanistic scene, we should pay attention to the light in the scene. We did not choose the white balance of tungsten filament lamp for shooting, but chose the white balance of sunlight, which can make the environment warmer, make the whole picture show a strong yellow, more suitable for Hao Jiu Gu Bridge with national characteristics.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Filming Bridge-like Non-Bridge from a Documentary Perspective

Hao Jiugu Bridge is not only a bridge, but also a place for local residents to relax and entertain. We can stand on the road beside the bridge and take pictures of these interesting scenes. Standing at a place about 45 degrees from the bridge, the bridge building and water can be combined to make a complete picture of Islamic customs. Wide-angle lens can be used to receive all the buildings and residents'Customs on the bridge, and shoot shocking documentary scenery works.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

50 mm lens to shoot architectural details

The interior of Hao Jiu Gu Bridge is a cascade of doors and holes, which have a great sense of composition and beauty. This is a good place to shoot the details of Islamic architecture. To shoot the architectural details of the bridge, we recommend using a 50mm lens. This standard lens restores the real scene we see to the greatest extent and is more suitable for expressing the hierarchy of the portal. If wide-angle lens is used, lens distortion may occur, which may cause the size and distance between doors to be unreal and can not achieve the effect of neatness. At 4 p.m., when photographing the stacked doors, the light will shine on the doors to form beautiful shadows, which make them have a unique sense of hierarchy. In order to make the front and back portals clear, we recommend using the small light Canon EF 50mmf/1.4 USM circle of F1 1 for shooting.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Camera settings make shooting easier

Manual Focus Adjustment for Infinite Shooting

When shooting the cascade scenery of doors and caves, manual infinite focus can make the scenery in the distance very clear, which is more convenient than automatic focus of the camera. We dial the focusing button on the lens to the MF block and twist the focusing ring to the _ symbol.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Tips Hao Jiugu Bridge Information

Hao Jiugu Bridge is about 105 meters long and 14 meters wide, with 23 holes.

It is both a bridge and a dam. Different colours of floor tiles are used to distinguish them. It has three functions at the same time - passageway, dam and leisure place.

Apart from the stunning stone foundations, the brightly colored tiles and the original paintings of the 17th century have also made the bridge remarkable.

6. Simon Benson Bridge, USA

Best shooting time: 9-11 a.m. & nbsp; Best shooting location: viewing platform under Motnoma Falls

If you want to take a picture of the whole Motnoma Falls, you need a 17 mm lens and a vertical composition. Between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., the sun rises behind the mountain, illuminating the trees on both sides of the waterfall, making the picture bright and transparent. The water vapor raised by the waterfall produces a hazy feeling in the sunlight. The lower waterfall is in the shadows, so even if there is direct sunlight in the upper part, the water can still be photographed with a slower shutter without the aid of a filter. Using the aperture of F16 and the shutter speed of 1/5 second, the waterfall can produce silky effect with rich layers under the condition of correct exposure.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

7. Garde Waterway Bridge, France

Best time to shoot: 6 o'clock at dawn

Best camera location: riverbank south of Waterway Bridge

The Garde Waterway Bridge, an ancient and charming bridge in southern France, is a masterpiece built by Roman architects before B.C., full of classical art. In the morning, when the sun rises in the morning fog, it will produce a light golden halo, just like the color in the oil painting. In order to enhance the effect, we can also use the soft light mirror to help shoot. It can soften the effect of the fog in the picture, adjust the tone of the picture, make the picture more interesting, full of mysterious and romantic colors.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

8 Fuan Bridge, Zhouzhuang, Shanghai

Best shooting time: 7:00 a.m. mist over Zhouzhuang

Best camera location: near water trestle near Fuan Bridge

To shoot the most representative Fu'an Bridge in Zhouzhuang, we can learn the expression of Chinese painting and combine bridge with shadow, virtual and real. The easiest way to get this kind of picture is to get close to the surface of the water on the steps near the water and take pictures of the combination of water bridges. Focus on the distant bridge, because the distance is close, the near water surface will naturally weaken, and lead the sight to the Fuan Bridge not far away. When shooting, we should also pay attention to the combination of boats on the water surface, press the shutter when the boat crosses the bridge hole, so that the picture "moving" and "static" combination, bringing aesthetic feeling.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

9 Beijing Lugou Bridge

Best shooting time: late afternoon

Best camera location: on the west side of Lugou Bridge

To capture the rich atmosphere of Lugouqiao Bridge, we can use low-angle photography, using slate and slate depressions as the foreground. The lion photographed from the elevation angle will be more dignified, and the picture shows a strong sense of perspective. When shooting at low angles, we can use the camera's flip screen to assist shooting, and open the Nine-palace grid auxiliary line, so that we can get the appropriate composition more easily. When shooting, light should be measured against the foreground water depression, which will darken the lion and bridge, making the contrast more intense.

Photographing Lugou Bridge at sunset will add a lot of color to the photos. The strong color can reflect the intact atmosphere of Lugou Bridge. The weather changes rapidly at sunset, and sunset often occurs for a short period of time, unlike sunrise, which is not the base of the sunrise time of the previous day, so we need to be fully prepared in advance. The scene and color are different before, at and after sunset. We can use RAW format to shoot, leaving more room for later.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

10 Sydney Harbour Bridge

Best shooting time: around 7 p.m.

Best location: on the coastal highway under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge has a long span. We need to approach the bridge for photography. The distortion effect caused by wide angle will make the modern bridge with steel structure look more dramatic. In 500 meters of road under the bridge, we can take a panoramic view and take a more magnificent picture of the bridge. When shooting, two lines of the bridge can be placed on the diagonal line, which will have a very strong visual guidance effect, and is the key to support the whole composition. When looking for angles, always pay attention to whether they are in the right position.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

When photographing the harbour bridge, we should pay attention to the direction of the composition lines in the picture, especially the bridge deck and structure lines, which almost determines the success or failure of a bridge work.

Camera settings make shooting easier

Shooting Bridge with Wide Angle Lens

In order to record the 1149m Sydney Harbour Bridge, the ordinary lens has been unable to meet the needs of 14 mm wide-angle lens. Ultra-wide-angle lens often has the problem of too many incomes to find the focus when shooting. At this time, "approaching shooting" can not only use the picture to enrich, but also produce special effects because of lens distortion.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

11. Charlie Bridge in Prague

Best shooting time: 5:00 a.m.

Best camera location: Charlie Bridge Bridge Head

Charlie Bridge is famous for its ancient and exquisite bridge sculptures. We can use silhouette photography as if there was a figure standing on the bridge. Therefore, we recommend shooting foggy silhouettes at 5 a.m. in September, when the sun has not yet risen, but the sky is a little bit dark. Street lights and morning fog will make the whole work very mysterious. The use of 5 seconds of slow doors to make the distant fog appear more intense, street lights and light to make the picture has a sense of hierarchy. The distant buildings are all hidden in the fog, as if they were in Prague in the Middle Ages. They are very romantic.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

12. Wind and Rain Bridge in Chengyang

Best time to shoot: 8 a.m.

Best camera location: ridge beside Wind and Rain Bridge

In the gloomy weather of Guangxi, sometimes we can only take a picture of a miserable daytime sky because we can't get a good sunrise. Can we just give up shooting at this time? In fact, we can use the dark corner of post-production to save this situation. Create a new gradient fill layer, select "Foreground color to transparent gradient", move the solid background color slider to the right, move the transparent slider to the middle, and select a dark blue to form a dark corner. After completion, enter the Layer Panel and change the Layer Mixing Mode to "Positive Overlay". It makes a dark corner to pull back the color of the sky. Finally, it can be finished by erasing some unnecessary dark corner colors with an eraser.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

13. Osaka City Bridge, Japan

Best time to shoot: 3 p.m.

Best camera location: the moat at Osaka City Park

Osaka City Bridge is located in Osaka City Park, which is connected with Tianshou Pavilion. Usually we choose to use slow doors to shoot bridges to make the sky and water atomize, but sometimes because of reflection and light, we still can not achieve the required atomization effect. At this time, we can use Photoshop's blurring tool to enhance, in order to achieve a cleaner and quieter picture. After opening the image, duplicate the layer, perform filter-blur-gaussian blur, pull the radius to 10, and then create the layer mask to erase the areas that do not need blur back.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

14. Ubun Bridge, Myanmar

Best shooting time: late afternoon

Best location for shooting: Ubun Bridge at sunset by boat in the lakeside area of East Taman Lake

Wubenqiao Sunset is a world-renowned sunset landscape. In order to enhance the brilliant effect of sunset, we can use the "dusk mode" in the scene mode of the camera, which will automatically enhance the light of the sun, make the picture show brilliant golden color, and quickly get a strong dusk color. In this particular scenario, the use of appropriate situation mode, the effect will be better than automatic gear, the operation is simpler than manual gear, kill two birds with one stone.

There is a Buddhist school at the end of Wubenqiao. At dusk, there will be monks walking on the bridge. It is a good humanistic subject to shoot monk silhouettes. When shooting silhouettes, we should pay attention to improving the shutter speed and grasping the dynamics of the characters.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Use Sony RX1 to shoot the sunset at Ubungqiao. Its own "dusk mode" can quickly get gorgeous pictures. The method used is very simple, the main dial of the camera is broadcast to SCN, that is, scene mode, choose "dusk mode" can be.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

15. Mostar Bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Best shooting time: 7 p.m.

Best camera location: opposite the Statari Pazar Bridge

Mostar Bridge links small cities together. When night falls, the lighted old city and the hillside merge into one. To get such a picture, you need to go 300 meters away to shoot at StariPazar Bridge. When shooting, we should pay attention to the composition of the picture. There are many hills and buildings on the right, and they have more layers. They can occupy more pictures. The Mostar Bridge is placed on the trisection of the picture to make the picture more stable and harmonious.

The Mostar Bridge will be illuminated by lights after nightfall. It has a quiet and soothing atmosphere. When shooting, we should pay attention to measuring the light point to the bright part of the bridge, so as to prevent the picture from overexposure and losing details. Using the shutter speed of 10 seconds to shoot, more details can be retained while the flowing river water can be atomized, and the looming circular reflection of Mostar Bridge can be taken, which is beautiful and peaceful.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

Camera settings make shooting easier

Auxiliary shooting of Jiugongge auxiliary line

When photographing the Mostar Bridge with Landscape Bridges as a whole, the composition is very important. Opening the nine palace grid auxiliary line and putting the bridge at the intersection point of the three-point line can quickly get the appropriate composition.

Overview of 15 Most Beautiful Bridges

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