Outdoor shooting skills of beach

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If you enjoy wandering around or outdoor activities, you must have the opportunity to shoot at the beach or the beach. Do you know what skills you need to pay attention to when shooting in this situation? How can we take better pictures? Now let's take a look at some of the main points.

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

(1) How much should the sky be photographed?() ?

If the sky is clear and cloudy at that time, we can increase the proportion of the sky (about 3-40%), but on the contrary, if the clouds are small, we can consider not shooting so many skies, so as not to make the photos too empty.

(2) Low shooting()

When shooting waves on the beach, try to squat down and shoot at a low angle, which can highlight the shape and shape of the waves.

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

By shooting low, the shape of the waves can be brought out.

(3) High-speed shutter shoots with intense sensation()

When you want to shoot a scene where the waves hit the rocks violently, you can use the high-speed shutter to solidify the spray, which can better express the power of the spray. But be aware that the shutter is faster, and ISO should be raised accordingly to make the exposure normal.

(4) Slow shutter shoots silk spray()

Like shooting running water, slow shutter can also be used to shoot waves and beaches. When you want to express your "sense of calm", you might as well use tripod with slow shutter to shoot. If you shoot in the morning, the slow shutter has the opportunity to overexpose the photo (even if you already use a small aperture and low ISO), then a dimmer (ND Filter) will come in handy!

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

Slow shutters can make running water more dreamy like silk.

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

High-speed shutter can solidify the spray and make the sense of impulse.

(5) Using CPL to Increase Wave Clearance() CPL

CPL is very useful for photographing seashores and beaches. It filters the reflections of the water surface and makes the water clearer and more moving. It can also expose scenes and creatures under the water!

(6) Don't forget to shoot the surroundings()不要忘记拍摄周的环境

Don't just focus on water when shooting the beach or the beach, try to take a picture or add interesting scenery around, such as taking pictures of tourists, or when shooting on the beach, you can find the shadow of a tree as the main body, so that the photos will be much richer.

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

Shadows, stones, etc. can also be an element of beach photographs.

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

CPL can reduce the reflection of water surface, make the bottom of water reappear in photos, and increase the clarity of water.


It's not too difficult to shoot waves and beaches. Make good use of the above techniques. But when shooting, we must pay attention to the safety of ourselves and the camera, especially the time when the tide is rising and ebbing, so as to avoid accidents in order to take pictures.

Outdoor shooting skills of beach

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