Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

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What are some easy-to-touch misunderstandings for a beginner in photography? Some laws of this category have not been clarified yet. Without careful attention, beginners of photography will make these mistakes.

I. Twisting Equipment

Entangled in the brand of equipment and various lens parameters, the prominent feature is that every day with MTF curve, media evaluation and other content to read. A large number of MTF parties, materialists and brand iron powder groups were formed. From then on, it is no longer a photography enthusiast, but a equipment enthusiast plus spray. It is also known that there are dog heads in the red circle. In fact, it is human nature to regard equipment as "face", but to learn to treat it correctly, who does not like to use good equipment? But we must not abandon the original to the end.Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

2. Later stage of addiction

Indulge in the later period, especially in the excessive later period. For example, the following picture is a subversion of two major areas of biology and aesthetics. And I am very, very sincere to say to the creatures below: "Happy! Quickly TM to die! ____________ Later stage is an important part of photography. The main purpose of the latter stage is to improve the aesthetic sense of photographs, eliminate the difference between camera imaging and human vision, correct accidental interference and flaws in photography, and better express creative intention. If you really feel that photographs can't give full play to your ideas, I would like to suggest that this kind of students learn photography separately and simply become CG painters, because the camera is really not important. On the contrary, it is a bad habit to only pay attention to the early stage and ignore the later stage. We hope that the fuselage will be straightened out. And use "real" as an excuse for their own, it should be noted that the fuselage straight out is also organic internal processing, RAW photographs of things and people's eyes see different. Don't tell the truth.Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in PhotographyMisconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

3. Dare not share

Not dare to share their works, many novices dare not sun their own pictures, afraid of being sprayed, ridiculed. It should be noted that everyone is a novice. The most disgusting thing about the photographic atmosphere in China is that people put a picture on it and say: well shot, dog film, weak explosive, but not bad, what are the suggestions? I'm afraid it's worse for the sprayers to shoot by themselves. Some of these pertinent comments, which are willing to share experiences, are very precious. For such comments, I hope novices will dare to ignore the spray and expose their works. But please be careful not to paste pictures, paste out needs to be purposeful, such as for composition, color or shooting timing, so it is easy to achieve targeted. At the same time, please provide enough detailed information, such as the idea, environment and parameters when you shoot, and don't let people who want to help you also see the EXIF.Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

4. Consider that only by taking more pictures can we make progress

It's true that photography requires more exercise, but reading and observation are more important. Before taking more pictures, please see and think more. Look at Masters'works, paintings, designs and aesthetic expressions in movies, by analogy. Think about your shortcomings and what you want to express. Instead of taking a picture with the camera first.Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

5. Ignoring Aesthetic Sense

Over-emphasizing the individual factors of high sense, illusion, out-of-focus and sharpness, while ignoring the content of the photos and the overall aesthetic feeling. These contents are caused by the bad atmosphere in China, which is helpless. It should be noted that the purity of low-sense is also very important. The accuracy, depth and tolerance of color restoration of cameras in high-emotion situations have been significantly reduced. Don't think that only one index of low-noise points needs attention. Fans of fiction are always addicted to the depth of field as thin as paper, regardless of what the purpose of shooting is to show. Focus fans only care about the aperture leaves are not many, out of the round spot, soft background, there is no "cream" and "air" these high-end foreign things. Sharpness enthusiasts take 200%+magnification photos to see details every day. Hair, pore and skin mites are their favorite. In the later period, no matter what photo is sharpened by USM, I wish I could not get the whole picture, such as knife cutting, axe cutting, laser welding. This kind of misunderstanding can be seen as the extension of equipment misunderstanding, but it is refined to a certain index.Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

6. Blind pursuit of "artistic conception" and neglect of basic technology

Many users are actually very thoughtful, so when taking photos, they use some weird composition, exaggerated exposure or special tone, later stage, etc. to express their "mood" in mind. This is not impossible, but aesthetics always has many principles and principles that have been handed down for thousands of years. If you blindly pursue special effects before mastering them, you may occasionally have one or two photos that will bring out great success, but more likely, there will be a lot of waste, even affecting your ability to form a correct aesthetic and appreciation.Misconceptions Easily Touched by Beginners in Photography

Above, hope to be helpful. Plus: Don't ask others to answer questions with dignity, which is also a key factor in improving photography: "Tolerance"

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