Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

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Portrait photography is the most extensive subject of photography, whether novice or veteran photographers, there are many photographers who use long focus. For how to make full use of the advantages of long focal lenses to show portraits to give you some explanations.

I. The Benefits of Long Focal Length Portraits

Today, I'd like to introduce the advantages of medium and long focal length in portrait shooting. The choice of focal length directly affects the proportion of the object in the picture, thus deciding the visual effect of the photo. The reason is easy to use, zoom lens can be in situ close or push away the scene taken, which is of course a simple composition method, but it is by no means the best way to shoot portraits. The advantage of using medium and long focal lenses is that the photographs taken are small in deformation, normal in perspective and easy to operate. Because of its small shooting angle, shallow depth of field, and significant compression effect on the scenery, it can visualize the chaotic scene, make the characters more prominent and the picture more stable.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

2. Experience in the Use of Changjiao

Long-focus lens can bring people and scenery closer and compress space intensely, which makes the picture more concise, compact and full, weakens the foreground and background, highlights the main body, and obtains the aesthetic feeling of overlapping scenery on the basis of the obvious weakening of perspective effect.

1. The benefits of 85 lenses are well known that 85mm lenses are portrait lenses with fixed focus heads. Large aperture, good light transmission, oily and soft painting quality. It is very suitable for taking half-body portraits and special environment. When shooting close-up pictures, the 85mm lens has no distortion compared with the standard lens or wide-angle lens, which is very suitable for close-range emotional description. Compared with lenses with longer focal lenses, 85 is closer to the perspective of the natural human eye and does not compress the environment into a background plate. The contrast of 2, 85mm and 50mm 35mm is 85, which has both the characteristics of large aperture protruding main body and no distortion of human portraits. Compared with 50 and 35, the background is more visible. As a portrait head, it can optimize the skin color of the characters, especially when the weather is bad, the performance of color is better than 50 or 35 lenses. But the performance of the environment is not as rich as 50 or 30.1、852、85mm50mm 35mm

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

3. Long Focus Viewing Skills

The long focus view still follows several composition rules, such as three-part composition, diagonal composition, well-typed composition, etc. In addition, the special compression of the long focus is easier to capture the use of the foreground. For urban photography, long focus has its advantages in capturing depth, such as tunnels, passages, piers, street lights, etc. It is especially suitable for long focus. In the field, long focal length is also the best choice to bring the long-distance scenery close behind the model.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

The virtualization of the long focus makes the characters and the background separate well, and highlights the main body more.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

When shooting, three-point composition is used, and long focal length is used to ensure that people and the scene are not deformed.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

Long focal length ensures depth of field and adds aesthetic feeling to the work.

4. How to make up the light of the model in the long focal length

Long focal light should pay attention to the light ratio with the environment, such as taking wedding dress in the mountains, wedding dress is easy to overexpose, so the light should be as soft as possible, not abrupt, not because of the penetration of artificial light ratio to split the main body and background. When necessary, a hot boot flash can be used to supplement the light with a slight output value on the model's face.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

The bust is lighted up with a silver reflective plate.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

In the big scenes, the portraits are filled with light, and the models bow their heads and fill the light with their own white clothes.

V. Distance from Models and How to Guide Models

When shooting with long focal length, it is often far from the model, so we should fully communicate before inviting the model to be in position, while the fine adjustment of the photographer and the model after they are in position can only depend on the loud voice. From this, or that sentence, the most important thing is to prepare in advance.

Introduction to Portrait Photography with Long Focus Lens

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