How to Take Cosplay Photography

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After a year of COS photography, I have cooperated with various COSERs. Let me give you my opinion. Generally speaking, COS photography is a very different field. First of all, you should have the spirit of love for the second element, or at least know something about the ACG field. COSPLAY is a kind of PLAY. It plays other roles, whether COSER or photographer. If you do not understand the relevant fields and works, you can not think with quadratic thinking, and you can not understand the role orientation of the content from the spiritual level.

Secondly, it is undeniable that the difficulty of COS shooting is to restore. Every COSER hopes to restore the imitated works as high as possible. That's not what God restores. Therefore, the preparatory work in the early stage requires COSER to grasp the role accurately by itself. This step can not be replaced by photographers. Clothing and props are naturally closer to the original settings, the better. However, due to the objective limitations of funds, time and complexity, this is a very difficult thing in many cases, so we should pay more attention to it. Grasp COSER's role positioning and emotional control, so that they can improve themselves from the software aspect. This point can draw lessons from the experiential genre of academic theatrical performances in our country, that is, to make COSER itself truly a member of ACG, to use their way of thinking to think about problems, to pinch the status of the role. However, this involves another problem, which is also the biggest problem I have encountered in COS photography, that is, almost all COSPLAY players are young, do not have the ability to deal with personal affairs independently, communication is not very smooth, and some even did not grow up to concentrate - - also Some of them are very sensible and can communicate with you seriously while filming, but their personal freedom is controlled by parents and teachers. This has blocked my filming in many ways, and I have encountered many times the experience of being released by pigeons, even after going out - there was also a time when the COSER filming was really unable to concentrate and almost failed to shoot. These are issues that need special attention by photographers.

When you overcome the above problems, you can really talk about how to work with COSER to complete the creation. Before each shooting, I would ask COSER to prepare its own copy or sub-mirror script before shooting, and then prepare some original settings or screenshots for my reference. Prepared COSER is undoubtedly the biggest guarantee for shooting. Among my clients, there is a COSER that thinks of everything. The first cooperation can actively communicate with the photographer, send the script to me for preview, listen to my opinions, understand the shooting intentions, and quickly enter the state on the shooting day. This is the photographer's favorite customer type. They are very clear about the effect they want, and the films they make can really meet the expectations of both sides. However, there are still a few professional COSERs that people like, because I can hardly choose customers, so many COSERs who came to me for shooting have no shooting experience, and a large part of them even go out for the first time. For such COSERs, you need patience + affinity, so that they quickly eliminate the fear and resistance of the lens, the photographer, and quickly enter the character state. So you can try to chat with them, pull a family routine, vomit Tucao, play the photographer's humorous bacteria, do not take any photos to make fun of their sister first, and relax, naturally will show the beautiful side.How to Take Cosplay Photography

Secondly, in order to encourage COSER constantly in the shooting process, most ordinary people are not confident in front of the camera, in fact, to do so or to let them relax, and then relax. But when your customers have successfully entered the state, as photographers, do not interfere too much in their movements and attitudes, but should be guided mainly, so that COSER feels beautiful, so that they can see their good photos in time, enhance their confidence. At the same time, we should also pay attention to telling COSER where there are still some shortcomings that need to be improved through unsuccessful photos. Always remember that you are working with COSER! Finally, Tips: 1. When shooting, we should pay attention to the beautiful side of the model and shoot from any angle. Generally speaking, it's not wrong to let all the girls take in their chins and straighten their breasts. 2. It's common for photographers to encounter spectators when shooting outdoors. As a photographer, you must have a strong aura. When the customers are unwilling, it's necessary for you to prevent those acts of shooting COSER in order to ensure the smooth progress of shooting and the emotions and privacy of COSER itself. This is actually very impolite.How to Take Cosplay PhotographyHow to Take Cosplay Photography

3. Similarly, as photographers invited by your clients, you should fully respect COSER and protect COSER, because most of them are much younger than you, and they are girls. 4. It's hard to shoot, heavy equipment and drinking more water. It's better to let customers or bring their own logistics. It's necessary to help shoot with one more person.How to Take Cosplay Photography

5. In addition to my principle, everyone knows that this circle is sensitive, so I will not have any physical contact with COSER except adjusting the pendulum, cuffs, ribbon, or putting on false hair, headdress, etc. to make the picture beautiful. Even with the adjustments just mentioned, I try to let COSER do it by itself. I can't really do it. I'll help her if I don't touch her skin. I think this is a great respect and affirmation for COSER, and customers will be grateful. 6. The COS circle is much more prosperous and chaotic than it was ten years ago. At present, as an ACG lover of photography and life, all you have to do is take every COSER seriously, respect different COS works, and strive to create satisfactory works with goodwill and sincerity.How to Take Cosplay Photography

How to Take Cosplay Photography

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