How to play self-timer with SLR

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Try with your body and fall in love with selfie:

The post-80s female photographers don't want to admit that they are men, but they have to be able to resist equipment and props, travel up mountains and down rivers and feed mosquitoes, not afraid of snakes, insects, mice and ants, and take pictures in rain and wind... It's all tears, but now it's all mosquito-bagged men. In fact, I am usually a very quiet and dull person, typical Cancer, very shy and depressed outside, very happy and nervous inside. At first I was very shy when I was shooting my sister, and I dared not collude with her to shoot, but I wanted to shoot again, so I began to practice with myself. Later, I got tired of self-portrait. Every time I got tired of the similar big head, I began to toss about my makeup and shape, use props and practice my eyes. Later, self-portrait was not for smelly beauty at all, just for the sake of self-portrait. It's for trying more and practicing more. Of course, sometimes it's just itching to clap.How to play self-timer with SLR

Make use of afternoon light to create special prospects through glass doors:

Equipment: 450D + 352.0 ISO: 200 aperture: 2.2 shutter: 1/50 early thinking: the balcony where I lived was sliding the glass door, so I wanted to take a series of photos across the glass. This time, the shooting was even simpler. The whole shooting was done with a single hand-held camera, so only big head shots could be taken. Because of the glass, it is sunny in the afternoon, so there will be a reflection of the opposite railings or tall buildings on the glass, which just forms a special prospect, making the photos more special!How to play self-timer with SLR

Post-processing: the overall tone is bluer, cold tone, adjust the optional color, color balance, saturation, etc., to achieve their own satisfaction.

Tip: Self-timers with one hand across the glass are more difficult. First, stretch your hand as far as possible. Second, focus will be difficult because you can't see it. So it's better to have tripod + shutter line! Of course, there is no case, it can also be done, take more than a few times, there will always be a focus!

Black and white tone, silhouette into fun:

How to play self-timer with SLR

Assuming Author: Six Masters

Equipments: 5D2+352.0 ISO:400 aperture: 2.0 shutter: 1/80 early thought: one afternoon at home surfing the Internet, feeling that the light transmission of the curtain is good, so take out the camera ready to take a silhouette to play ~This picture is useless props, rely on rich body pictures. First of all, the right side of the picture is relatively dark and the left side is relatively bright where light penetrates, so it is better for people to open their limbs in the picture so that the picture will feel more balanced.

Post-processing: Because the original plan is to shoot silhouettes, so the latter is all from simple, set the photos in black and white tone, strengthen contrast, create a sense of atmosphere.


How to play self-timer with SLR

Blue Author: Six Masters

Equipment: 5D2+501.4 ISO:1000 Aperture: 1.6 Shutter: 1/80 Preliminary Thought: Another day at home, just buy flowers at home (that is the one on the top of the picture, forgot what to call), so want to make a shape to play. I made a light make-up, my eyes and lip gloss were pink, then I put my hair back up and picked a few flowers on my head. Background is the white wall of the house, and then adjust POSE in front of the wall, the movement is different from person to person. Because the weather was bad that day, the brightness of indoor fluorescent lamps was used completely instead of flashing.

Post-processing: Reduce the saturation of tones, adjust skin color, and then adjust the overall tone to make it bluer. But still feel the picture space, so add the prospect of white brush, adjust the opacity, make the picture look more fantastic.

About self-portraits:

How to play self-timer with SLRHow to play self-timer with SLR

Jane (Collection) Author: Six Masters

How to play self-timer with SLR

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