How to overcome the fear of strangers in street photography

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Street photography has psychological barriers to new contacts. The biggest problem is how to overcome the fear of shooting a camera at strangers. Often people ask me how dare you shoot the camera directly at someone else? Previously, I wrote an article on "How to be more confident in street photography" and "How to be invisible in the street". Neither of these two articles deviates from what most street photographers in Europe and America insist on. They are like shooting in the bright light. If you want to shoot more naturally, you should use some techniques such as blind shooting, fast shooting, fixing lens and so on. And most street photographers at home and abroad share the same content with friends who have just come into contact with street photography, such as mustering up courage, maintaining self-confidence, trying blind shooting and so on. Recently, I read an article about the author trying street photography from another angle. Although it is quite different from the skills advocated by most street photographers, I find it interesting. So I have sorted out the key points and added some of my own opinions.

1. don't shoot people.

The author's suggestion is that if you still can't overcome the fear of shooting strangers, maybe you can start shooting objects, or even animals on the road. I think it's a good start. It can be used to practice observation. Although there are not necessarily characters in street photography, the stories that "people" can bring are absolutely stronger. Individuals still prefer someone in the picture. I always feel that part of street photography for me is to record society and people in contemporary life.How to overcome the fear of strangers in street photography

2. Use zoom lens

Nine-and-a-half of the ten Street photographers would not agree with the proposal, and the other half would either take pictures or send their lenses to be repaired. Most Street photographers recommend fixed-focus lenses. The fixing lens is light, fast and has a large aperture. It is an ideal Street photographic lens in many layers. Street photography takes a long time to walk, zoom lens is very heavy, and often because of the choice of focal length to miss a moment of disappearance of the picture. However, zoom lenses can be a courage training tool for friends who are just beginning to contact street photography. They can be observed from a distance and slowly approached. But in the end, I recommend a fixed focus lens. Believe me, if you use a single eye and a zoom lens, unless you need to exercise, you're tired after a short walk and it's hard to keep a low profile in the street.How to overcome the fear of strangers in street photography

3. Stand a little farther in composition

For example, if you want to shoot an interesting person, but you don't want to be discovered by him that you are shooting him. When you compose a picture, you take all the scenes around him. It feels like you are taking a panorama. The advantage is that you really don't let the person you're shooting find out that you're shooting him, and now the camera resolution is so large that you can go back and cut the redundant background. However, it is easy to develop bad habits, will rely heavily on map cutting, become lazy when shooting. Street photography requires a lot of experience and quick response because of the rapid changes in street composition. It takes a long time to take into account the theme of shooting and the coordination of the surrounding composition. If you have been shooting in this way, your composition will become dependent on post-production for a long time. The more you shoot, the less you feel accomplished.How to overcome the fear of strangers in street photography

4. Filming busy people

I must say it's a cheap trick. It's a good trick. For example, if you take a picture of a pork shop owner chopping meat at a vegetable market, he will come after you with a kitchen knife unless he doesn't want to do business. Otherwise, he should just look up at you and continue to chop his meat. Balloon vendors, beverage shops handing out bags to guests, roadside stalls explaining the latest style of this year, and police ticketing are all so-called busy people. It will be interesting to shoot stories of people who are doing something, but be careful not to disturb others. Once I photographed an owner busy selling shoes in the market. The owner was busy introducing shoes to the guests. I was sure he was going to press the shutter. The owner suddenly turned around. My heart stopped for a moment. I didn't expect him to grin a little bit more than I did with Yeah! I nodded to him after taking the picture and then flipped away. Actually, it's not so terrible to shoot someone. Take courage to try. No one will come to trouble you because you shoot him, unless you really are too ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()(). Tapping objects that don't look very annoying is also found.How to overcome the fear of strangers in street photography

5. Stand in an unawakened place

Standing in an obscure corner, making yourself less noticeable, has the disadvantage that you can get very limited views. There's a saying that the most dangerous place is the safest place to mix in with the crowd to shoot. Or to shoot in many places for tourists, the more furtive your action is, the more attention you will get. Please remember that street photography is not a photography in essence, so you don't have to sneak, keep confident, smile and shoot with integrity and brightness. There are many ways of street photography. At first, people will see how others do it. But after a long time, there will be a set of steps that they can feel comfortable when shooting in the street. But in many ways or theories, it's better to go out and take pictures with a camera. The most important thing is Have Fun.How to overcome the fear of strangers in street photography

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