How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

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Crucial "50%"

As for "Beauty", my understanding is that, first of all, she is an intuitive visual feeling, which can make people feel very comfortable and beautiful. This "beauty" can be the appearance or body language of the characters themselves, the feeling of light and tone, or the atmosphere created by the whole picture.

Even when it comes to photographs that emphasize "beauty", characters are only part of the whole. Don't over-understand them in isolation. From this point of view, models themselves must not be taken too seriously. Because when you pay too much attention, you tend to overlook many other things. I always believe that beauty can only give half weight to the picture, and the other half lies in the overall collocation, such as the theme, the placement of emotion, the make-up, the coordination of scenes and props, the way of shooting and the structure of pictures. All these factors determine the feeling that the final picture can convey.

That's why it's very different for the same model to have different photographers take pictures, and the same model can also show different styles. What does it depend on? That's the other 50% of the picture. If we want to take beautiful and personalized photos of beautiful people, we need to work hard on this half, not just depend on people's performance. If you've ever complained, you can't take good pictures because the models are not good. Ask yourself, what else have we noticed besides models?

How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

Sexy has innumerable ways of expression, or trigger points, like the secretive "private beauty", there is always a strong pure temperament, and put it on the level of sexual expression, quite a winding taste. As he said, beauties can only give half weight in the picture, and they can not really focus on themselves, only to find the focus of expression.

Walking on the edge of vulgarity

It's a very popular subject, either beautiful or sexy. In fact, the more simple and easy-to-operate the subject, the less it should be taken up and filmed. It must have internal control and avoid vulgarity through different themes and different forms of expression.

This "vulgar" has two meanings. Apart from the "vulgar" which is blindly exposed, the lack of expressive techniques is also a kind of "vulgar". If photographers do not have in-depth understanding, do not form their own ideas and effective planning, but take pictures with a very common and single understanding, it will inevitably lead to a series of problems including intention, light, beauty and so on. Such pictures are very ugly.

The focus of the treatment is to shoot the theme, that is, to find a suitable point, on this basis, to expand the imagination. For example, we can find a kind of "image" from the content of the shooting; we can find the character, appearance, professional characteristics of the model; or we can magnify a small bright spot in the elements of scenes, props and so on. It doesn't need to be complicated and profound. Even if this point is not very suitable, you can try it first, and then seek the inspiration of collision or get corrections during the shooting process to make the photos more durable.

Personally, I like the light, quiet and pure beauty style, which makes the characters show a restrained temperament and put it on the level of sexy expression. This kind of beauty photograph should not be a direct visual impact, but should have some winding flavor.

How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

In addition to body language, the environment and the atmosphere of light are also important factors to foil the mood of the picture. Warm sunshine highlights the story of the picture, the characters'expression is vivid, if there is no small mood to make the picture very durable.

Use Environment to Create Atmosphere

When shooting in a room, it's really not easy to highlight the characters, take into account the environment, at the same time, integrate the two organically, and form a echo in the emotional atmosphere. Before shooting, I will first have an understanding of the scene, the starting point of observation is: how to make the characteristics and atmosphere of the scene play better under the existing conditions.

The limitations of the site lie in the depth, daylighting and various interference factors. But we should realize that these points are inherent in the scene itself, it is difficult to fundamentally improve, so the shooting must be flexible.

1. Perfecting the picture by changing the viewing position and angle is the most fundamental solution. Pay attention to the composition of point, line and surface, and the picture should be balanced. Even if there are limitations in space, we should not blindly emphasize broadening our horizons. We should avoid excessive exaggeration and distortion. We can find something with a sense of structure from it and seek levels in order to achieve the extension of space.

2. The combination of props, scenes and characters is very important. We should learn to use local materials. For example, use the time of model makeup to find something suitable for the foreground or background in the room. Its focus is on structure and color.

3. Looking back at the characters themselves, when the scene space is very compact, the distance between the photographer and the characters is closer, and the emotional communication is more subtle, so the scene atmosphere must be handled well. Especially relax the model, such as playing some music while shooting, not having too many assistants or unrelated personnel present, etc. In addition, more attention should be paid to the preparatory work, according to the plan and communication in advance, shooting step by step and rhythmically, so that all people will be nervous and emotional atmosphere will become empty talk.

How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

High-angle overhead photography, but the picture maintains a normal and peaceful visual feeling, no exaggeration of the deformation and props, forming a more complete structure, so that it can be consistent with the character's pure and sweet temperament.

Light-the Most Important Idea

Indoor lighting must follow the train of thought from big to small, do not start with the arrangement of lights, but first observe, focus on the big, set the tone, and then adjust the details. For example, we should first look at the orientation of the house and consider the specific conditions of natural light during the shooting period to determine the approximate location of the characters. Then, depending on the size of the room, the smaller the space, the stronger the reflective light on the wall, the greater the impact on the picture, and the material and color of the wall, combined with the need of view composition, the advantages and disadvantages of the scene light are judged comprehensively, so as to determine the lighting scheme.

Most of the indoor beauty photographs are not complicated, such as studios, Hotel rooms, or ordinary home environment. We should try our best to use some natural light and artificial light, but don't show too much trace, the overall feeling should be unified.

Many photographers have their own favorite lighting methods, for example, a considerable part of my beauty photographs use the form of backlight, or a kind of picture feeling that the backlight is stronger than the front light. I like the effect very much. The whole picture feels very transparent and pure. This tone of light will make the viewer feel the scene atmosphere is very strong. Furthermore, it can better grasp and control the details of the environment and abandon the interference.

When shooting, we must try more. Maybe we can find some special things and flavors in the attempt. However, in dealing with different subjects, we must use different techniques and methods, which also needs attention.

How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

It depicts the beautiful profile and delicate expression of the characters. The large space behind it makes the contemplative eyes more expressive. In order to avoid the high-profile blankness, a diagonal line imitating the glass frame was added in the later period, which echoes the screen pulled by the characters.

Light Control: The Knack of Soft and Hard

Let's take a simple example, for example, shooting in a room with a window. Should we prefer lighting or viewing for the location of the characters? I personally think that if the light is beautiful, it must be inclined to daylighting, and can simply transform the scene, such as moving the bed to the right place to shoot. But in many cases, the scene can not move, so we need to use flash to create the effect of natural light. For example, I will use a flash and a flexible umbrella to illuminate from the rear side of the character, to simulate the backlight or side backlight effect of natural light as far as possible, paying special attention to the location, direction, height and other details of the light, and to cooperate with the pose of the character. At this time, we also need to give people appropriate positive light, we should pay attention to the control of light ratio.

In addition, there are some things to be noted.

1. Do not use the standard cover directly, nor let the light directly shine on the model, because the photographs taken in this way have larger light, which will cause the loss of dark details.

2. When shooting in the form of backlight, we must pay attention to avoiding the lens to be exhausted.

3. Don't blindly use reflected light in order to get soft light. Many people like to hit the wall with a flash and shoot with reflected light. I seldom do this myself, because there are many factors to consider, such as the texture of the wall, the color of wallpaper and so on, which will affect the final picture texture and color performance.

How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

When I took this picture, there was a thunderstorm, and it suddenly turned dark outside. Therefore, a flash with a soft umbrella is placed behind the model to simulate the effect of sunlight coming in from the window, and slightly open the distance to expand the spatial sense of the picture.

Grasp the feeling

In order to be different, change is indispensable, and it is also important to grasp the details. And the most fundamental point is that the photographer must integrate his own feelings into the picture and give the picture an idea. The more appropriate the idea is, the better the photograph will feel. Every time you take a picture, you have to have a different starting point and plan for it, and then take this "point" to shoot. Of course, don't be confined by yourself, don't say that you can only see one interest point in your eyes, and then shoot it completely and directly. For example, when I used to shoot, if I thought the model's eyes were particularly attractive, I would take a close-up first, then press the shutter constantly around my face or upper body. But now I won't do that. I will achieve the overall collocation through the description of the shape, the contrast of the atmosphere, the structure of the picture, including the relationship between light and the foreground. Although her eyes are still bright, but in the picture "turned a corner", so that the photograph will give people a better feeling.

How to Film Pure Sexy Private Style

It can emphasize the exaggerated character posture and highlight the dramatic shooting effect. Attention should be paid to the inner rationality of the body and emotions, and to the combination and echo of points, lines and planes.

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