How to Creative Extension of Photographic Composition

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Everyone knows that the basic composition includes three-point method and nine palaces, choosing the location of the golden section point to place the shooting theme. On this basis, in the face of different shooting themes, different shooting environments, and different atmosphere to express, what creative extension can the composition of photography do?

Highlighting Focus Composition

Focus composition refers to the use of the characteristics of the surrounding scenery itself, or the special effect of shooting from a certain angle, so that there is a visual center point in the picture, and at this time, the main character to be expressed on the visual center point, so that the audience's attention can be focused on the subject, such a composition form is strong, vertical. Strong feeling, the overall picture is concise and powerful, and this composition will make people have to see the effect.

_Aperture F6.3, speed 1/200s, focal length 35mm, ISO100. Using the perspective of the pillar, the subject is focused on the focus, effectively highlighting the subject.How to Creative Extension of Photographic Composition

Situational glyph composition

This kind of composition is mostly used in the foreground, such as doors, bridges and holes. It uses the frame as the foreground to express the main body of the characters and clarify the environment. This kind of composition conforms to people's daily visual habits, increases the sense of scene, enables the audience to look out through the door, also can produce strong perspective effect, to achieve the purpose of highlighting the main body.

_Aperture F5.6, speed 1/640s, focal length 25mm, ISO 100. The use of word-of-mouth composition to guide the viewer's line of sight.How to Creative Extension of Photographic Composition

Using Environmental Mapping

The perfect combination of foreground and foreground

Located in front of the main body, the nearest scene by the lens is the foreground of the picture. Prospect, as a part of the surroundings of the subject, directly acts on people's eyes and gives people the first impression of the image feeling. The image of the foreground is larger than that of the scenery behind it, which is easy to catch people's eyes. The use of prospects to foil and foil the main body, so that the expression of thematic ideas more perfect and profound.

What is the role of foreground matching with background? Prospects can foil and foil the main body, so that the expression of the theme content is more perfect, profound, accurate and thorough. The foreground and the foreground can also make use of the contrast of shade tone to increase the visual perception, and the arrangement of near, big and far and small also enhances the depth of space. The contrast of foreground and foreground can enhance the expressive force of visual language, express the theme more profoundly and render the atmosphere.

_Aperture F3.2, speed 1/80s, focal length 45mm, ISO160. Visualization of the future, increase the sense of space, while highlighting the main body.How to Creative Extension of Photographic Composition

Contrast of Light and Shade between Characters and Environment

Using light and shade tone to shoot characters, just like sketch, it is important to highlight the subject by emphasizing the contrast between the characters and the surrounding environment. If the whole picture is in a gray tone, and you can't find out where to highlight the main body, then this is a failed work.

The contrast of light and shade is clean, concise, clear, and can render the overall atmosphere. If we want to focus on the expression of the subject's shape and action, we usually use backlight shooting, with bright background and dark characters; if we focus on the expression of the characters'expression or environment, we usually use the expression of bright characters and dark background. The emphasis is different, and the way of choosing is also different. But no matter which way you choose, contrast between light and shade is always the most visual impact.

_Aperture F3.2, speed 1/80s, focal length 24mm, ISO100. Emphasis is laid on the expression of the whole atmosphere of the environment in which the characters live, using the way of dark background and bright characters.How to Creative Extension of Photographic Composition

The Dynamic and Static Contrast of Characters and Environment

The dynamic and static comparison between characters and environment is mostly used to express the dynamic and trajectory. For example, a person's movement process, or trajectory, often produces unexpected results.

If we want to express the movement process of the characters, we should reduce the shutter speed, so that the actions of the characters will appear in the form of shadow, but we should pay attention to fixing the camera at this time, so as not to cause background blurring; if we want to express the speed of the movement of the characters, the dynamics of the background has a good foil effect, then we need the camera to follow. Move along with the direction of the movement of the motion, move the camera smoothly, keep the position of the viewfinder unchanged, and press the shutter while moving, so that the motion is clear enough and the background is blurred, which can not only express the speed of movement, but also avoid the chaotic background to destroy the picture.

_Aperture F16, speed 1/40s, focal length 100mm, ISO100. Clear characters, vague background, can give people a sense of movementHow to Creative Extension of Photographic Composition

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