How to Create a Fresh and Warm Atmosphere for Backlight Portraits

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Backlighting is widely used in portrait shooting to create a fresh and warm atmosphere.

Most of the most common backlighting portraits are taken with soft light at sunrise and sunset. It can be hair in the breeze, bright golden silhouette in the warm orange sunlight, or a glimpse of the holy light pouring down. When a girl in the sea of flowers bathes in the sunset and smiles, you can feel the temperature of her smile through the warm color of the backlight. Most importantly, backlighting portraits must allow light to enter the picture, so that the picture is full of light.How to Create a Fresh and Warm Atmosphere for Backlight Portraits

However, portrait photography is not like the scenery after all, often hear the film friends who just started to try the backlighting portrait complain about some problems:

· Why is the face of my backlight portrait dead black?How to Create a Fresh and Warm Atmosphere for Backlight Portraits

As mentioned earlier, in order to ensure the brightness of the subject, we should adjust the exposure parameters according to the subject. Backlight photography in portraits usually serves to create the aesthetic feeling of the characters. Therefore, when adjusting exposure, we must first consider whether the faces of the characters are exposed correctly. At this time, you can try to use point photometry to measure the model's face, and increase the exposure appropriately. It's also a good way to shine your face with a reflector.

· Why is it difficult for me to focus in the back light?

When backlighting is too strong, slight defocusing often occurs. At this time, you can open the screen to view, zoom in, twist the focus ring on the lens until the face of the person is clear (usually the eyes are clear).How to Create a Fresh and Warm Atmosphere for Backlight Portraits

Another simple trick is to "hide" the light source behind the model and focus it in the absence of strong light interference. After focusing, the shutter is kept in a half-pressed state, slightly shifted, and then the shutter is pressed down after the light source is emitted. This ensures the accuracy of the focus and achieves a good effect of large backlight.

Notice that the key to this trick is "translation" and the need to keep the shutter half-pressed during translation. In fact, this way of half-pressing is somewhat similar to manual locking of the focal length, and the focal plane will hardly change in the process of slight translation (attention should be paid to translation rather than forward-backward movement, and the amplitude should not be too large), which ensures that the focus is still accurate.

· The backlight is too strong. What if you can't see the screen clearly when shooting?How to Create a Fresh and Warm Atmosphere for Backlight Portraits

Opening the screen and enlarging the view can effectively solve this problem. When the backlight is too strong, too strong light can be avoided by changing the position angle. In this way, a successful high-profile backlighting portrait can be produced.

Unlike the warm orange glow of sunset, the backlight at noon generally presents a transparent white. However, if the backlight is taken at this time, it is very likely that the background will be overexposed and pale in order to ensure the brightness of the person when adjusting the exposure. In order to solve this problem and ensure the softness of the picture, when the sun is strong, it is better to take a backlight portrait indoors or under the shade of trees to avoid direct light. Especially when taking photos of indoor private rooms, the soft white backlight from the window surrounds the whole body, which adds a pure hazy Japanese sense to the picture.

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