How do novices choose their own fixed focus lens?

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ET is often asked questions like "How to choose 35mm F1.8 and 50mm F1.8". So, how to choose a lens that is suitable for you? ET here recommend you three ways.How do novices choose their own fixed focus lens?

The so-called data analysis method of data analysis is to find out which focal length is the most commonly used (the most out-of-the-box) of the photos taken now (especially those you think you are satisfied with). For Windows users, the method is very simple: open a folder to store photos - right-click in the blank - & gt; view - & gt; details - right-click - & gt in the title bar (name / date / type); other - & gt; check "35mm focal length" or "focal length" - & gt; determine;

After doing the above, you can intuitively see what focal length the photos are taken with. (If the focal length is very scattered, then zoom lenses are better for you.)

Take the 18-55mm lens as an example. When we rotate it to 35mm position according to the mark on the lens zoom ring, its shooting angle is the same as that of 35mm fixed-focus lens. So, for example, if you want to buy a 35mm fixed-focus lens, you might as well fix the zoom lens in your hand at the 35mm focal length position, and then go out and take a lap to see if this perspective is customary. If you are afraid of habitually zooming, stick the dead zoom ring with tape. If you don't know what a zoom ring is, what do you like to buy?How do novices choose their own fixed focus lens?

The above two methods are only suitable for the lens in hand which can cover the focal length of the target lens. If you have 18-55mm in hand, it is obviously not applicable to buy 85mm fixed focus. In this case, besides reminding you to be cautious, cautious and cautious, ET can only recommend to find friends and distributors to try one. As for whether you give money or not when you rob, it depends on whether your relationship is strong enough. After choosing the focal length, it's up to you to buy the original factory, the subsidiary factory and the aperture. Finally, it is emphasized once again that the biggest difference between a fixed focus lens and a zoom lens is that the focal length is fixed, not the quality of the picture or the aperture size. If you take two fixed-focus lenses with different focal lenses and ask me which one is of better quality, the question is neither answerable nor meaningless.

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