How can wedding photography be taken well?

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Recently, I often see many articles describing how relatives and friends rush for mirrors when taking wedding photographs, so that they are blocked or the good scenery becomes messy. For a professional wedding documentary photographer, it is inevitable to meet a group of relatives and friends in the venue, and how to deal with this situation, and how to guide other photographers at the same time, & nbsp; to complete the mission? And if today we are a group of relatives and friends, how can we cooperate with wedding photography to achieve a win-win situation?

Wedding photography is a happy job. Every time you feel happy, whether it is the expression of your parents or the joy and intentions of your newlyweds, as long as you are a photographer, you can't help but pick up your camera and record this moment, whether it's a wedding photographer or a photographer of relatives and friends. The group will inevitably get stuck with each other. This side will be discussed from the perspective of wedding photographer & amp; relatives and friends photography group.

_Father leads the bride into the arenaHow can wedding photography be taken well?

_The elder's relentless expression of concern overflowed with wordsHow can wedding photography be taken well?

_First photograph of kimono weddingHow can wedding photography be taken well?

Wedding Photographer Angle

1. Set your main goals and put yourself in the best position.

Unlike other photographic groups, wedding photography usually discusses the process and sequence with the new people first, so the wedding photography meeting is able to know in advance what the new person will do next. At this time, let yourself stand in the best position, and guide the relatives and friends to a relatively good position, which will not disturb the wedding photography, so that the relatives and friends will be willing to follow your guidance, each other can take good photos, and sometimes also suggest a better process for new people, so that the shooting work can be more smoothly, if occasionally encounter. Initial photographers, timely teaching a few correct shooting methods, but also help to avoid the wrong shooting methods, interfere with our wedding photography work.

Discussing the wedding process is the first lesson.How can wedding photography be taken well?


2. Take advantage of the short time before admission to communicate with relatives and friends photography group

Observe the equipment of the photographic group and evaluate whether there will be any props to block the wedding photography. Generally, the flash is harmless, and the chance of pressing the same number of seconds at the same time is not very much. But be careful about infrared focusing. If someone is using it, it is better to turn it off, because infrared focusing is very easy to be photographed because it stays for a long time. Into the picture, also ask relatives and friends to keep the distance between the new people, so as not to stuck each other's mirror position.

Friends and relatives photography group is not a hindrance, but a battle to help each other.How can wedding photography be taken well?


3. Coordination between Photography and Video

In fact, it is the easiest to interfere with the video teacher in the scene. Sometimes for the purpose of the picture, the video teacher will need to be close to the new person, or the photography will enter the video picture when taking a picture. So if there is a video teacher on the wedding cameras, in fact, they need to discuss and cooperate with each other. Contact with a couple of occasions, usually through communication to cooperate with each other, reduce interference with each other, of course, also saw some wedding photography and wedding record together with the team, tacit understanding should be more appropriate.

_The cooperation with video teachers can test the ability and cooperation of field control.How can wedding photography be taken well?

4. Don't forget to guide when taking photographs.

In fact, shooting wedding photos is not just a silly record of the moment, occasionally to be a good guide to guide the smooth progress of the process. Or when the newlyweds'process is stuck, give timely advice. As the number of wedding photography shoots increases, in fact, for wedding photography, the process and customs are gradually better understood. Good wedding photography can not only record, but also be a little teacher to accompany the newlyweds in the process.  

_The whole groom regiment is ready to go!How can wedding photography be taken well?

_The morning ceremony is over, and we will help the hard-working newcomers take some beautiful pictures.How can wedding photography be taken well?

Angle of Relatives and Friends Photography Group

1. Active and Subjective Communication Position

I've tried to take pictures with a wedding photographer on occasions where I'm not a wedding photographer. At first, I would greet the wedding photographer and show that he's home today. So if there's any obstacle, he can always ask me to make the wedding photographer feel respected. In wedding occasions, wedding photography is the only person who can stand in the middle of the aisle. Relatives and friends can shoot in the right or left aisle, but we must always pay attention to the direction of the wedding photography, so as to avoid disturbing him.

_The wedding venue is actually a bit difficult to shoot, and the couple asked for wedding photography to learn a lot.How can wedding photography be taken well?

2. Make yourself stand in a position where you don't interfere with the subject.

Because I have taken several wedding photographs myself, when I see the wedding photograph holding up the camera, I will probably know the picture I want to take and how I feel. At that time, we were taking the front photos of the bride and groom, while I wanted to take the back photos. When I saw the wedding photos holding up the camera, I crouched down to avoid letting myself in the mirror. However, in the back photos, I also found that the wedding photos did the same thing to me. This makes me very grateful, and then we came out of the photos, also avoided each other into the mirror, each other have a clean picture.

Respect for each other will make shooting more smooth.How can wedding photography be taken well?

3. Follow the subject to find the picture, but remember to be behind him.

For wedding photography, this is a working time, to take the most complete picture, this is the obligation of wedding photography, and at this time, it is also a good learning opportunity to observe wedding photographers (laughter). Look at how the wedding photographs are positioned, how to shoot, and press the shutter to see the desired mirror position. It's also a kind of learning. As a relative and friend photography, as long as you don't interfere with the main camera as far as possible, you should be able to take the photos you like, or the missing screen lens of relatives and friends, so as to let the whole wedding record. More complete and perfect.

The "special tune" of the classmate's desk is also a memory that the groom will always remember.How can wedding photography be taken well?

This day, because it is a group of relatives and friends, fully enjoyed the delicious food and some details of life with old friends, only relatives and friends photographers can understand, if you can photograph the new person's moving memory symbols, you can make the new person's memories more delicious.  How can wedding photography be taken well?

Friend's expression is what new people would like to see.How can wedding photography be taken well?

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