How can we develop our own photographic style?

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Play photography to what level, you can see from an indicator, this indicator is not how many G photos you took, nor how many shooting activities you participated in, not how much profit your studio, not what kind of equipment you bought, an important indicator to test the height of photography is to see you. Has it formed its own unique shooting style and personalized expression of content?

In the process of stylization of photographic works, the use of technology can make the works have design features in appearance, which can be acquired even in simple ways. In the history of photography, many photographers'works did not initially have the so-called style and genre, but an intuitive exploration of photographic expression ability. This intuition is different from others, and it is not related to the limitations of technology. When this exploration becomes a kind of conscious behavior with design and systematic creation according to a characteristic. Wait, style is formed.

Subjects of sustained concern

In a set of works, continuous attention to a particular content is the result of a unique way of personal observation. This aesthetic discovery is as exciting as the discovery of the New World, which may last for some time or may last a lifetime. Once you discover this expression, the field is yours. Since 2004, when I saw people sitting in their seats on the subway, I had an impulse to record them on my mobile phone. As a series of shooting projects, I always use my mobile phone to shoot in the train. This series of continuous attention and shooting provides me with a very good theme. This kind of photography can be completed in a journey or accumulated slowly over a relatively long period of time. Once you have enough shooting volume, you have the opportunity to become a continuation of a certain style. In fact, most works begin to form personal style in this way. Of course, the fixed shooting theme is not enough, but also need the sense of form as a feature to identify this theme, in order to distinguish the same type of theme.How can we develop our own photographic style?

Characteristic Color Processing

As a basic visual recognition feature, color has provided features for color photography. The main features of color are color saturation, color design and color tone. Individualized color sense will leave traces in your works. Especially in commercial photography, color has always been an important means of expression for photographers.How can we develop our own photographic style?

Brightness Processing with Characteristic

The uniqueness of brightness is far from being achieved by camera presupposition. A person looks at the brightness of the world as if it were the brightness of a movie. You can see very bright sunshine, you can also see the gloom in the low light. But the brightness design of photography is closely related to the way everyone shoots. Brightness is an adjective that reinterprets the world.How can we develop our own photographic style?

Characteristic Composition Processing

Picture composition and drawing are exterior features, which are meaningful in itself. Composition creates a unique sense of balance and visual features. Some people use square to give you the illusion of a large picture. Others use square to evoke the memory of 120 films. It can be seen that the picture is not only the frame, but also the composition of the content. In modern display devices, square is obviously not the way to maximize the use of picture. 16:9 picture ratio is becoming more and more common. Even 135 full picture ratio is incomparable. Therefore, many manufacturers have introduced 16:9 picture ratio to compatible with TV screen and mainstream display.How can we develop our own photographic style?


Style will not be achieved in a single work. Although a single work itself can contain enough visual information and style characteristics, the formation of style should be the result of a series of works being strengthened and deduced in accordance with the same style. The information contained in a picture is still very limited. In different dimensions, photographers need to prove the complete evolution of their creativity through a series of works. Published in the form of a set of pictures is a complete exposition of stylization.How can we develop our own photographic style?

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