Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

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I find that the hand is one of the most neglected parts of posture, especially between new photographers and new models. Usually the smallest details can have a huge impact on the atmosphere and quality of the picture, and if the gesture of the hand is not handled properly, it will certainly destroy the picture you took!

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

When the hand is placed near the face, it can not only emphasize but also weaken the character's mood. The phrase we often hear is "speak with their hands." Hands are usually used to express feelings and feelings naturally and can often be included in postures or expressions. Unfortunately. The hand is not the most attractive part of the body, and it is not proportional to the rest of the body. More interestingly, I found a lot of books and articles about poses suggesting that if you can't pose, you hide your hands. Really? No, they're just cowards. Practice makes perfect! You just need to pay a little attention to the structure of the human body. There's no absolute truth. You just need to understand it rather than see what's in front of your camera. Generally speaking, women's hands need to show grace and elegance, while men's hands need to show strength and masculinity. Because most of my photographs are female, this article focuses on women's hands.

In my opinion, the hand should serve the purpose of taking pictures. Maybe you can take some props, maybe you can use them to make a picture frame for your face, maybe you can use them to support or attract attention. The simplest function is to provide a contrast with the beautiful curves of women. If you are a novice, or the model is a novice, or the model is nervous, give her a small prop, which can eliminate her tension. Likewise, it can relax your shooting process. In this case, you also need to pay attention to how the models put their hands. Although you give them some props, it does not mean that they will soon become better looking. Try to make the model's hands look natural and relaxed. A nervous model usually expresses his uneasiness in his hands. Pay attention to this aspect and let her relax her arms when necessary.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

"If you like the standard model posture, it's very beautiful to put your hands on your hips."

I call this "helpless." I'm serious, because when can we see a person putting their hands on their hips? I'm not saying that's absolutely not the case, but it's usually the case. Why? What reminds you of when you put your hand on your hip? Most of us should be able to recall that mom yelled at us and threatened to rob us of our right to watch TV and not clean our room if we didn't tear down the classic 1950s naked woman posters in our room. It's not rude to the great Peter Gowland, but today, it's too boring. So if you need to take pictures of your hands on your hips, make sure your hands are gently on your hips and your wrists are gently bent. And don't let models shrug their shoulders. This will shorten the neck and change the ratio of the neck to the body. The neck is a very sexy part of a woman's body, so be very careful when you need to hide it or change it.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

In the first picture on the left, the model unevenly places her hands on her hips (this posture obscures the hourglass-shaped waist curve) and shrugs her shoulders and unevenly opens her fingers. The second photo shows the model placing her hands evenly on her hips, with her fingers open evenly and her shoulders relaxed. The last two pictures change the movements of the hands. The themes are to make the models'bodies pleasant and flattering.

Don't bend if you don't.Don't bend if you don't.

Another common problem in photographs is that the wrist is bent. When I think about how to make a girl in a comfortable position, I need to think about a lot of things. One thing to remember is that all girls'bodies are curved, so unless you want to take a fashionable photo in editorial style - a strange gesture for girls to shrug their shoulders. The softer the angle you pursue, the better.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

In the example above, the leftmost photograph is a common mistake for beginners to bend their wrists when taking pictures of swimsuits and underwear. The middle picture is better than the first one, but showing the back of the hand also makes them look bigger and more masculine. In the third photo, the fingers are down, the arms are naturally placed on both sides, and the wrists are slightly bent. Be careful to relax your fingers. Rigid, straight fingers can be a body language that a model tells you she's nervous.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

In the bikini sample above, the photo on the left shows the fingers bending and pointing in the middle, which makes it too focused and you don't like it. And the finger broke the hourglass curve at the waist. The photo on the right shows the arms and fingers facing down, emphasizing the model's figure and also making the fingers look longer and thinner.

Shoulder and hand coordinationShoulder and hand coordination

Sometimes it feels natural, but it doesn't need to look natural and flattering. The most common mistake we see is the missing or truncated arm, such as the image on the left of the image below. When you need your model to cross her hands on her chest, it's important that you show both hands gracefully. The better idea is to make sure that your model is not too close to the body, because it will flatten and widen the arms.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

The hand position in the photo above is good, and you will notice that the model gently places her arm under her chest, so that the clothes will have fewer wrinkles and the chest will not flatten. The third photo shrugs and the arm covers the shoulder. This way the model looks nervous and unpleasant. As I mentioned earlier, showing the back of the hand makes the hand look bigger, and when the hand is held tightly, it makes the picture look too masculine.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

As an example, the photo on the left shows an unnatural bending direction of the back of the hand and the right wrist of the model. When the model easily rotates the lower part of her arm, hands facing the camera, and wrists bending upward, the hands look more feminine and relaxed.

Don't fold your armsDon't fold your arms

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

In the example on the left above, you can see that the models put their arms behind them, which resulted in us losing the outline of the model's body. In the photo on the right, her elbows hang loosely on both sides of her body, so that we can see her hourglass waist curve. It looks so cute and sexy.

Nail TipsNail Tips

When you take a picture, there's nothing like putting your hand next to your face and finding that the model likes to bite her nails and doesn't have her hands ready in advance. Remember, if you don't give your models a list of things to prepare in advance, you can't blame them for not preparing in advance. Let your model know that she needs a clean, well-groomed, colorless nail. Nails need to be clean and not too thick. French nails are a good choice. (Wide French nails are out of date for wives.) You can also go to the local drugstore to buy a few sets of false nails, usually two sets of one box, at a price not exceeding $7. If the model is not ready, it may save your life! Perhaps you will be surprised to find out how many models wear false nails in my photos.

Imagine being a ballet dancerImagine being a ballet dancer

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

You can try, next to your model, to tell your model to relax her hands. It's the rigid hand that keeps relaxed. Give her 30 seconds to claw her fingers or wave her fist. There's also a lesson here. You need to be very careful not to talk too much about hand posture. Too many discussions can cause your model to care too much about her hands rather than her facial expressions.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

If you're trying to make a sample, consider working with the dancers as much as possible. Part of the reason is that the dancer's training process includes how to make his hands look more elegant. If you can't find a dancer to work with, you can simply tell her to imagine herself as a ballet dancer and to keep her hands in beautiful posture. Ninety-nine out of ten girls improve their hand posture when they think of themselves as a ballet dancer.

Pay attention to the thickness of your fingersPay attention to the thickness of your fingers

If you're taking close-ups or photo shoots, you need to pay more attention to their hands. Sometimes the best way to put a model's gesture is to help her. It really breaks the rule of never touching your model, but it's hardly offensive in society like shaking hands. You have to tell your model before you do this, and you're going to gesture for her.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

As you can see in the picture above, it's usually desirable to keep the ring finger closest to the lens. Because this is the smallest and thinnest side of the hand.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

Of course, there are always exceptions. If your model has slender fingers, you can also keep your thumb or index finger nearest to the camera as shown above.

As I mentioned before, I will tell the models that they have to show carefully decorated nails, simple, clean nail polish, preferably French fingernails, and no color or coloured drawing unless you want your nails to be the focus of the photo. The model in this picture is wearing a pair of false nails, which you can buy at a drugstore for no more than $7. As long as you wear it well, you can hardly tell the truth from the truth.

Hand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

Try more in the same sceneTry more in the same scene

Usually, when we take pictures of models resting with their heads against their hands, the following set of pictures looks more natural. When a model really rests his head on his hand, it is natural to show the back of his hand, and it also gives the model a kind of masculinity. As you can see from the picture below, turning your hand so that the pink side of your pink finger is closest to the camera can make your posture look more soft. Separation of fingers and staggering of fingertips can give people a more elegant feeling and make posture more interesting. As you can see, there are too many changes, let your imagination fly! Integrate your imagination to create art, try more ways, and you will find that everything is possible. Last tipHand Posture Skills in Portrait PhotographyHand Posture Skills in Portrait PhotographyHand Posture Skills in Portrait Photography

If you shoot a model over 30 years old, you need to know that the skin on the back of a woman's hand will become thinner. If you stand with your hands down for a long time, the veins of your arms will congest and darken. This will make your hands look older. Every few minutes, let her raise her hand over her shoulder, so that her arm does not congest, so that a few seconds of action, you can save a few hours of retouching time in Photoshop.

Retrospective summaryRetrospective summary

Women's hands should be beautiful and elegant to avoid rigid angles and claws so that the pink side of the pink pink finger is closest to the lens - here's the thinnest part of the hand to give your model a small prop so that it looks more natural and cooperative to gesture - don't be afraid to help the model gesture hands on the buttocks is a classic model action. Don't be afraid to help the model gesture hands on the buttocks. Bend the wrist if the model needs to cross the arms - make sure both arms can see the false nails and save your life dancer's gesture if necessary. If your model is not a dancer - let her imagine herself as a dancer.

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