Four Suggestions for Top Wedding Photographers

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Your wedding will last for nearly a day, and after the wedding, everything will go away, only your good memories and wedding images will be preserved eventually. Therefore, a perfect and clear idea of wedding photography is very important. We've heard some terrible stories about a bride who told us that they were going to get beautiful wedding photos and perfect records of the wedding contents, but the photographers they invited proved not to be able to do the job enough, and nothing could be done again. Another bride said their photographer would only take dull pictures without recording any interesting moments at the wedding. These terrible mistakes should be avoided as far as possible. Here are some suggestions from top wedding photographers for your reference:Four Suggestions for Top Wedding Photographers

1. Choose your own photographer

When visiting any wedding photographer or studio, you should see some albums of wedding photos taken by them at the right time. But don't assume that the photographer you're seeing right now is the wedding photographer you really want to hire. Because many photography studios have fixed channels for providing samples, you may see samples. So make sure that you meet someone who will actually be your wedding photographer, and that the photos you see are not samples for some studios. At the same time, the characteristics of a group of photographs were observed from beginning to end. Don't just look at a few pictures of a wedding. Look at the overall feeling of the ceremony, the style of the photographer, and whether he can continue to think during the wedding. Every photo may not be your home decoration, but they should be excellent.Four Suggestions for Top Wedding Photographers

2. Know your own style

There are many styles of wedding photography: a very traditional type is to focus on formal portraits. The other is similar to documentary photography, in which the photographer captures the emotional and unexpected moments of the wedding. Many photographers combine traditional style with documentary style. What you need to know is what style you want and what style you fit. For example, if you think family portraits are important, poses are very attractive; if you think natural exposure is better, make sure your photographer can do that. Recently, many brides prefer to take more natural photos. In the process of communicating with the photographer, you should ask the photographer to provide you with some photos reflecting the characteristics of your upcoming wedding. That is to say, if your wedding is going to be held outdoors, look for some pictures of the wedding outdoors for reference. It is suggested that you take a good look at the sample from beginning to end to judge the photographer's strengths and weaknesses. You should make sure that the photographer is an intuitive person so that you can fully observe the emotional expression of the subject. Finally, think over and decide whether you really like the samples. Discuss with your fiance what you think about filming. The photos on those albums feel warm or ambiguous? Is the style creative or sophisticated? So what style do you want? Of course, you can also ask others what the effect would be if you took such photos? If so, you've found the right photographer and style for you.Four Suggestions for Top Wedding Photographers

3. Working with your photographer

Once you have chosen a wedding photographer to take your picture, remember these things: First, the more you express your ideas, the better you can achieve them. If you want a lot of natural style photos and intimate photos, be sure to express them. If you prefer family or wedding parties, and you especially want to take pictures of many guests, say so. The best pictures don't happen by accident, they need to have some ideas in advance. Secondly, prepare a detailed wedding flow chart and write down the content and timing of each ceremony in the wedding. If there is a special need, give the photographer a guest list and tell the photographer who must appear in the picture. And designate a friend who knows you and your family, then point out to the photographer who everyone on the list is. Thirdly, make the photographer as unobtrusive as possible. Sometimes the photographer unconsciously acts too active in the wedding, even robbing the bride and groom of the fashion. Fourth, it is particularly important to discuss the issue of light. It is suggested that the bride be realistic. Many brides find the pictures in magazines very beautiful, which are combinations of lengthened focal lenses with sufficient natural light. They like that effect, but if the wedding is held in the evening or in the hotel lobby, it's like there's no such light effect in a black hole. You have to understand the limitations of light in certain scenarios and conditions. If you don't know the bottom of your mind, and you don't know if you can achieve some effects, then tell the photographer what kind of effect you want and how to adjust it so as to coordinate the scene lighting effect with the photographer's light requirements as much as possible.Four Suggestions for Top Wedding PhotographersFour Suggestions for Top Wedding Photographers


About photographers and cameramen, some brides complain that their photographers and cameramen always seem to be competing for good seats. To avoid this, photographers need to know how they like to work, or with whom they work. A good photographer always has a good way to avoid interacting with the cameraman, but the best way is to arrange the details with the cameraman before the wedding and make things clear. As for photographers and newcomers, you will spend more time with your photographers than with others who provide services for your wedding. Because the photographer will accompany you from the beginning to the end of the wedding, so make sure that you are in harmony at the beginning, what happens, and communicate in time.Four Suggestions for Top Wedding Photographers

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