Five Skills of Waterfall Photography

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Waterfalls have always been one of my favorite scenery subjects to shoot. The contrast between the atomization of water and the hardness of stones can often form a beautiful composition. In fact, it is not difficult to shoot waterfalls. Try to shoot them according to the following six snacks.

(1) Seize the right time to shoot

Five Skills of Waterfall Photography


(2) Arriving at the scenic spots earlier

Appropriate composition avoids crowdsFive Skills of Waterfall Photography

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; unless your target waterfall is hard to reach, it is usually crowded, so try to get to the scenic spot earlier so that you can shoot alone in the waterfall. If there is a crowd, try to find a gap to close the waterfall and shoot details.

(3) Don't forget the tripod

This photo used a shutter of six seconds.Five Skills of Waterfall Photography

If the flow is fast, a second shutter can also make the flow slippery.Five Skills of Waterfall Photography

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; if you want to make the water foggy and dreamy, you need to use a tripod to capture the flow dynamics while keeping the stone clear. Adjust your shutter speed according to the speed of water flow. The slower the shutter, the more slippery the water will be. The first picture below uses a shutter of six seconds, while the second one uses a shutter of one second. Remember that if you have enough light, you can use the ND Filter to ensure the correct exposure under the slow shutter.

(4) Using Characters to Enhance Interest

Adding characters to photos can make them more attractive and storytelling. When I took this picture, I had taken many pictures of the waterfall without people, but decided to wait for some people to stand on the bridge and take pictures again. For me, a picture with a character is more attractive than a picture with only scenery, so don't be afraid of the presence of others in the picture, but be careful that the shutter speed is not too slow, otherwise the character will be lost!

Five Skills of Waterfall Photography

(5) Add a prospect to the picture

Another technique to make photographs more durable is to add a foreground to the waterfall and look at the following pictures - without that stone, the pictures would be ordinary and tasteless! With this stone, the flow of water can create a beautiful dynamic effect. So next time you shoot, don't worry, just go around and see if there's an appropriate prospect.

Add foreground to make photos more interestingFive Skills of Waterfall Photography

(6) Be careful of cameras and personal safety

Take care of yourself and camera safety when shooting waterfallsFive Skills of Waterfall Photography

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; usually waterfalls can be very slippery, walking on stones must be more careful. It is also recommended to cover the camera with plastic bags to avoid wetting, or to prepare a cloth to remove water droplets from the lens. A solid tripod and a balcony ensure that your camera does not fall into the water during shooting.

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