Five Skills for Making Impressive Photos

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Compared with other types of artists, photographers seem to be a very easy career to produce. It doesn't take hours to paint, months and years to study strokes, and you can press the shutter lightly at any time. However, we know that pressing the shutter is not necessarily a good picture, because we do not put the most important thoughts into the picture.

A good photograph has a lasting visual appeal and may contain excellent compositions to express the author's views. What skills do you need to take good photos? Let's have a look.

Excellent use-up

Light is the ultimate link in photography. Photographs are good or bad, and light factors account for the vast majority. No matter what subject you shoot, you can upgrade your work with good lighting. As far as sunshine is concerned, good light is usually called Magic Hours at sunrise and sunset, during which time the quality of light is beyond doubt.

Excellent use-upFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

If you shoot at non-sunrise or sunset, you may need the help of other light sources to get high quality light. Foggy weather, soft windows, or using flash lighting can make light effects better. Proficiency in lighting techniques can help you make up for the lack of natural light, so that you can take good photos under any conditions.

Improving the Recognition of the Subject

First of all, we need to dig out the most important subject in the photograph. Generally speaking, it is the most important reason for the photographer to press the shutter. Some photographs may have multiple subjects or subjects unknown, but I believe that good photographs are expressed around a focus, because such photographs tend to be more expressive and easy to express the photographer's personal views. If you don't know what you want to say, I'm sure your audience won't understand either.

Promoting the Identity of the SubjectFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

Skillfully Use Color ContrastFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

There are many ways to improve the identification of the subject, such as the use of virtualization, color contrast, light and shade contrast, line guidance and so on.

Tell a picture story by relying on the relationship between things

Photographs of storytelling can create deeper communication with the audience. Photographers can use stories to convey specific messages and emotions to the audience. One of the most common methods is to highlight the relationship between the subject and other elements of the surrounding picture in the shooting, which is really the story.

The role of the secondary elements in the picture is to serve the main body in various ways, highlighting the theme of the picture. A good secondary element can create atmosphere for the whole scene like a virtual focus background. It can also contrast or connect with the subject to highlight the characteristics of the subject. It can also generate stories from interaction.

Tell a picture story by relying on the relationship between thingsFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

Proper secondary elements in addition to enriching the picture can also bring some thinking to the audience, which will trigger their creativity. This is a way to enrich the content of photos.

Using Composition to Make Picture Tension

By changing the position of the subject in the picture and forming different compositions, we can change the viewer's view of the work. This is the experience of every photographer. Human eyes are linked to the brain, so we can use vision to identify different things and receive the information that vision brings us. The same is true of changing composition.

Making Tension by CompositionFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

Forming different compositionsFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

What kind of picture tension does it have? Maybe every photographer has a different way of thinking. For example, through the combination of warm and cold tones to attract the attention of the audience; ingenious use of special lines and color blocks in the picture... No method is perfect, but it must be personalized. Too perfect dogmatic composition is actually no surprise. If you feel you have passed the stage of learning basic knowledge, why not try to break the old routine of composition?

Careful selection of screen content

Initial photographers often make the mistake of trying to get everything into the camera. This can lead to a very messy picture, the audience will only see insignificant and meaningless debris. If there is too much greed for the content of the picture, it is easy to submerge the subject.

Careful selection of screen contentFive Skills for Making Impressive Photos

Reducing the cluttered elements of the picture and simplifying the composition can improve the expressiveness of the picture, which is also the advantage of open composition. Photography is a bridge between the author and the audience. Imagination is the most important driving force in communication.

Keep in mind that photography is not only about showing the details of the subject, but also about communicating visually and emotionally.

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