Five simple ways to improve your composition

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What else do you have when you can't control all the exposure factors - aperture, shutter, sensitivity? All you have left is to use your eyes, your vision, and creativity to control the composition of the photos.

To take a good picture, all you need is to find the best composition!

Five simple ways to improve your composition

Don't you believe it? Think about it: How do good photographers use toy cameras or iPhone phones to make great pictures? They don't do it by accurately controlling exposure. Don't misunderstand me. It is important to understand how aperture affects depth of field and how to use shutter speed to create motion pictures. It's just that when you can't control these factors, you can take good pictures just by using composition.

Here are five simple ways to help you improve your composition.

1. Know when to use the rule of thirds

Understanding why the rule of thirds can help you improve the quality of your photos can take a big step forward and help attract the attention of the audience.

2. Guide the viewer's view

You can use the elements of the scene to create a picture that appeals to the audience. To achieve this, we need to guide the viewer's vision into the picture naturally through visual arrangement. For example, arrange a character in the picture so that he can look at a space instead of the outside of the picture. The audience will subconsciously follow the eyes of the characters in the photo.

3. Clean up debris

Here, I mean the clutter in the background that distracts the audience. Usually, the easiest way to do this is to fill the subject with pictures, leaving less background, but sometimes it can also be achieved by changing the angle or rearranging the subject.

4. Find a unique perspective

We understand the world by observing it ourselves. The most common angle is the standing position. So when you take pictures from a different angle from ordinary people's daily life, such pictures will be more attractive.

5. Breaking the Rules

One of the things I learned in art courses is that learning composition is the basis for being a good artist. Why? Because then you know when to follow the rules and when to break them. You can create better photos by consciously and compulsively breaking the rules. This can add tension to the picture and bring vivid emotions into it.

The above suggestions are to hope that you can consider more things besides aperture, shutter, sensitivity and so on. Exergy

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