Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

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Recently, I read an article on the Internet, pointing out that "five photography novices often make mistakes", which is very suitable for beginners (even students who have been shooting for many years! To be frank, I have committed all the following five points when I first studied photography. But knowing how to correct is the beginning of progress. Have you ever made the same mistake? Let's have a look.

(1) hesitation()

A lot of opportunities will be fleeting, shooting is the same, hesitation to shoot will make you miss a lot of wonderful scenes. So why hesitate? There are usually two reasons:

(1) Fear of other people's thoughts. You may be afraid of other people's thoughts when opportunities arise. For example, should you take a picture of a crying child? Or should we shoot a stranger on the street? Does he feel offended? Even attacking me? One example worth learning is Zack Arias, who uses Fuji x 100 camera with a 23 mm fixed-focus lens. Looking at his photos, you can see how close it is to shoot!

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

It's still a little far away. Don't be afraid to shoot closer.

(2) One of the reasons for your hesitation is that the camera is not ready for shooting. In fact, modern cameras already have many automatic or semi-automatic modes for you to use, and the effect is very good. "Aperture-priority" mode allows you to set the required aperture, the camera will automatically calculate the shutter value, coupled with automatic ISO, the preparation before shooting will be much less! And shooting RAW files can also give you more room for post-production, appropriate exposure modification, etc.

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

Camera ready at any time, you can take a flash of fleeting moments.

(2) Excessive low ISO value() ISO

This is a mistake that many novices make! Because if you have studied photography, you will know that the lower the ISO value, the smaller the noise, and the higher the quality of the representative photograph. But too low an ISO can cost you a lot of chances to shoot, or blur your photos (because the shutter is too slow). In fact, now you can safely shoot with the appropriate ISO (even high ISO). There are three reasons why you can do this:

If you have a large aperture lens, you can use a large aperture with a higher ISO, many dark environments you can already shoot;

Post-production software such as Photoshop can effectively reduce the noise brought by high ISO, and the effect is good.

Noise is sometimes not a bad thing, even some photos we will deliberately add noise, like black and white photographs, a little noise can bring a better feeling for the photos.

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

High ISO noise can sometimes increase the taste of photographs.

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

High ISO and large aperture allow you to shoot in dark.

(3) Over-enlarging the photo to see (smell)() ()

One of the reasons why you are often afraid of using high ISO may be this! Look at the high ISO photos at 1:1 (or 100%) and you will find that the photos are full of noise! You don't have to worry too much about the quality of enlarged photos unless you print them into very large posters or body stickers. Many times you think it's okay to print out a photo with too much noise or watch it online. If you're worried about it, you can find a photo that you think is noisy and print it into a larger one (such as 16X24 size). You'll find that the effect is also good.

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

(4) Take good pictures by luck()

Of course, you can always shoot at will, go home and open the photo album on the computer, and always find one or two "wonderful" photos, but this is definitely not a good habit to learn photography, because _________.

You don't know how the picture was taken and what techniques were used? What preparations have been made?

For the above reasons, you can't take similar pictures again. If you want to use photography as a job, that's a big problem! Because most customers will also decide whether you are suitable or not according to your past photos. If you can't take the effect of the past photos, the customers will not be satisfied.

This is incorrect for Bear Degree of "Photography" - you should use the camera as a tool to create art, instead of being transferred to be controlled by the camera!

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

Good photos taken by luck are not lasting, nor can they improve your photographic skills.

(5) Keep all photos()

Sometimes you take a lot of pictures ("too many" pictures). Try the following steps to make your photographic life easier and your skills better:

After the preview software opens all of your photos and deletes all the bad ones by delete, start over again.

This way, you will only keep some good pictures, and you will forget those that have been deleted, so every time you look at the pictures will also enhance those impressions you took well, so that the photographic skills will gradually improve! Have you ever made the above five mistakes? Remember to share it with your friends and let them pay attention to it.

Five common mistakes made by novice photographers

Try focusing only on good pictures.

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