Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

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"I'm still in the bottleneck. "YANG, who has taken photos of 100 people on the Internet in a non-remunerative way, was very calm at the beginning of the interview and told the author about his current situation. Like most people, in the early stage of learning photography, they have a wide range of interests, and then gradually develop their own style. Then, in order not to be limited by the established framework, they try to change in order to break through, but how to develop their own style? How to find the direction of change?

All along, YANG has been exploring the bottleneck of this matter, the bottleneck has always been, just big or small. When I ask what is the key to breakthrough? He meditated for a while and gave a positive answer: "Find what you want and know where you are, then you can change it." "

Because YANG is not taking photography as his profession, he knows that photography is just leisure and entertainment for him. Therefore, he does not give himself any pressure to photograph what kind of realm, simply shoot easily, face the bottleneck with a calm attitude, and then slowly seek progress and breakthroughs. At first it sounds like an excuse to face negatively, but it took YANG more than a year to find his goal and direction when he first fell into a blank memory.

During that period, it is to watch and shoot more, and constantly watch other people's works, to find the elements that make you moved. When you know what you want, have ideas and goals, the style of the work will be established unconsciously. "I'd rather people see pictures and know they were taken by me than think your pictures are good, but they don't recognize them. YANG feels it's important to find your own style. It's not only the goal of your own efforts, but also the way to let everyone know you.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

It's important to find your own style. It's better for people to know I took the picture when they saw it, rather than look at your picture and think it's good, but it's not recognizable.

Many people say that YANG's portrait works are "textured photos of life". He does not feel criticized. He feels a little proud. "Maybe it's the same way to take pictures when you go out with your friends. Although this kind of photography of life is less artistic, I like this kind of natural feeling. And for Model, this is the real one, not deliberately created. "YANG said that he used to reject shooting people than YA, but later felt that of course YA can also shoot, YA's joy a little, but also can present a happy and lively feeling.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

_When it's not going well, taking Model to eat is a good way to solve the embarrassment.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

_It's like going out with friends to catch the relaxed and natural expression of Model.

The popularity of albums is the motive force of shooting outside

YANG reached the goal of 100 people's mutual engagement in April this year. Although this goal is unintentional, it is still curious about the opportunity to start the engagement. YANG said that scenery was the reason why he picked up the camera at first. He bought the first single-eye camera PENTAXK10D in 2007. After taking pictures of the scenery for a while, he decided to try the portrait theme, hoping to bring more popularity to the album. The first step he took was to take part in the outside shooting group. At that time, he did not have any idea about where he was stuck, and the style or expression of Model was entirely dominated by the cadres of the outside shooting group. Wrong, but a few years later I went back to see what I had taken before and found out how I could have taken such a picture at that time. YANG was embarrassed to turn over his past works.

Curiosity asked him what was the biggest difference between his past works and his present works? YANG thought for a moment that "emotion" was the biggest difference. "At first, everything was filmed with the outside group, so the mood of the work has been changing, and the shooting time will be guided, but now it is more free to play the Model. YANG continued: "Unlike that time when sadness was the mainstream of FU, I saw the works of YUKi-TO, a Japanese photographer, on the Internet. The fresh and bright style made me begin to think that photos with FU could be like this. With this as the goal, I want to take a clean and bright picture and also hope to see the photos. People can feel the happy mood of Model. "

Outside shooting groups have the opportunity to see the works of other masters, which can dig out the composition or shooting angle that they have never thought of, and communicate with other photographers. It is also easy to stimulate more ideas. However, limited by the number of outbound photographers and unable to create freely, YANG began to try personal interviews, and then tried to take pictures at the places where the outbound photographers had stayed. As a result, the number of individual interviews became more and more. The subjects of YANG's interviews were mostly plain people, and there were some models among them. It intends to accept unpaid and mutually beneficial cooperation on the premise of shooting works.

YANG is too laggy to take part in the photo shoot until March, when he was last in a group with the group. "After going out with the group, I could barely reach 100, because I felt that I couldn't get what I wanted, and sometimes I felt that Model's clothes and scenes were totally out of touch, rather than taking the pictures back. No, please. Yang & nbsp; although he knows that he has made rapid progress with the foreign shooting group, he also knows that if he wants to get something of his own, he can only go on the road he has chosen and can't go back.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

Early works.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

Recent works.

Compared with the sad mood of early works, recent works give people a bright and pleasant feeling, and the composition is more flexible, and at the same time grasp the balance of the image.

An instant model is an enlightener

"In the past, it was for the popularity of photo albums, but now it's because it's itchy not to clap hands," YANG said with a laugh, but also expressed with emotion that the stability of the work has been very fluctuating, which may have a great relationship with the plain model. Because of the way of reciprocal outgoing shooting, there are often many variables, such as the situation of temporary pigeon release may occur, in addition, the plain model may be more rigid limbs, need to spend more effort to guide, can shoot things are limited. "Photography is a kind of interaction. If photographers and Models are agitated with each other, new things will come out. If they are guided by photographers alone, there will be little change in the way they shoot. "YANG said so.

Memories of the most impressive outdoor shooting, when he was constantly exploring his shooting style, just about a model to let him shoot very smoothly, YANG laughed and said that LO was his enlightener, let him be sure that he can shoot what he wanted. Because LO will exchange ideas with photographers when taking pictures, and also very open to play, the shooting experience let YANG know how to capture the model's free play, without too much guidance can have natural and vivid works. "So when I make an appointment, I will try to go in this direction. I will probably tell them the mood and direction I want. I will play naturally and let the Model play freely. Then I will take a picture. "

After determining their own style and direction, the subsequent engagement will be more into the status quo. This way allows YANG's works to get the evaluation of "textured life photos", but YANG feels that compared with other people's subjective opinions, more importantly, the people who are photographed like this group of works. So when Model uploads all the photos to the album, it knows that the other person likes the work taken this time. If you just put a few, or even completely, it may mean that the things you take are not favored, and you will feel a little frustrated, "Maybe the style is not liked by the other party, or your ability still needs to be strengthened. "

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

_As long as the model is open, it doesn't need too much guidance to get a natural and vivid picture.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

_The concept of splicing and presenting photographs into a mirror makes the picture more storytelling.

Only by settling down oneself can one start afresh

Looking at the works of other photographers and encountering a model that fits one shot at the same time, from past photographic experience, it seems that YANG has found the secret of its own location, but besides, are there any other suggestions or directions to try? YANG takes his current situation as an example and examines his latest work, nbsp; Pin. He feels that he is just taking the same picture with a different face, which is a bit like a set of formulas, and can not escape from the current thinking frame. Coupled with the temporary cancellation of more than a dozen Models in recent two months, there are many ideas that can not be put into practice, but also a little to quench the enthusiasm for portrait shooting, began to be a bit tired. In order to get rid of this predicament, YANG intends to settle down and go back to the original intention of photography to take scenery. At the same time, it can also store the inspiration of portrait creation, because it is a nbsp; a good way to "find a point" is to walk and see more places, which are all scenarios that may be useful for future portrait creation.

However, YANG also stressed that during this period will continue to contact portrait creation, or feel will be strange, after all, portraits and scenery are two different areas, especially when shooting scenery will pay attention to the horizontal line, take a long time and then jump back to take portraits, composition will appear square and unchanged. As for the problem of being often stood up by pigeons, YANG laughed and said that it could only follow suit. "Change the theme when you meet the bottleneck. If you can't change the theme, change the model." YANG finally reached the conclusion that he would change his mood to try different things, and revealed that after completing nbsp, which is the goal of 100 people's engagement, the idea of taking pictures of boys and children came into being, believing that through different kinds of portraits. It can excite different sparks and enrich the inspiration and creativity of shooting!

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

_The pink box car that I met on the road just matches Model's clothes very well. While shooting and playing, there are often surprises, finding elements suitable for the mirror.

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

Experience Sharing of About 100 Photographers

_Continuous contact with portrait creation when trying different subjects, otherwise the feeling will appear strange.

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