Eight Common Types of Photographers

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Since the popularity of digital cameras, more and more people like to take pictures with their cameras. Alan Steaadman, a foreign photographer, published an interesting article on the Internet. He divided photographers into eight common types. In this article, we also welcome you to sit in pairs. You might as well see which type you belong to. ! (laughter)

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Eagle of Community Website

These photographers spend a lot of time running social networking sites, uploading their works on various platforms and adding keyword tags. They think posting works on the Internet can increase their visibility or show off that their new cameras have built-in Wi-Fi wireless network capabilities.

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Negative is king

It's kingdom to take negatives! They think it's an art to make negative films. It's very romantic to go into darkroom to make films. But in order to deliver them to customers, it still takes several times as much time and effort to scan the negative into digital files. Of course, in order to enhance their competitiveness, they will also take digital photos, but they will continue to complain about the lack of texture of digital photos.

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Number is the Kingdom

Contrary to the players who only take negatives, they are fond of creating a lot of digital images and think that taking negatives is an outdated and outdated technique. On the contrary, do they know that these digital files, which can only be seen on the screen, are easily lost or accidentally deleted in the archive sea?

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Equipment enthusiasts

There is only one goal in the life of a photographic equipment enthusiast: to buy more equipment. Usually we find ourselves a device enthusiast. Both men and women are constantly pursuing the latest photographic equipment and related products. They have a large number of cameras and lenses, but the advantage is that if you need a camera strap, you can borrow it from them because they have at least dozens of them.

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Photo critic

As a professional photography critic, they don't need camera lenses, let alone photographic works. But they always have their own opinions about other people's photographs, such as telling you which side of the picture is not good, where needs improvement, or where the Photoshop repair keys are, but it is doubtful. Is an individual really a photographer? Even more amazing, when your photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines, or on the front page of a website, they still appear and give you some advice.

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Master of low-key photography

This kind of photographer is full of talent and talent, but he never shows or recommends his masterpiece to others. If he wants to, he will definitely become a popular professional photographer or image worker. But in the end, he will still choose to stay in his comfort zone, even if he hides his potential and dream.

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Non-Photographer Friends

Never mind the latest photographic equipment, or shooting a specific photographic subject, also do not understand post-mapping, the most is to pick up a mobile phone to take a few photos, but often there are some amazing perfect pictures, such people are not a small number of gifted, so we are actually very jealous of him.

_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

Just you yourself?


_Photo Source: PetapixelEight Common Types of Photographers

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