Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

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Simple composition, light and shadow can bring out a special flavor. In taking many pictures of people, scenery and so on, try to use the combination of color and lines to photograph artistic urban architecture. Look at the following tips!

(1) Monotone Creates Artistic Sense()

Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

Camera Canon EOS 600D focal length 18 mm shutter 1/100 second aperture f/3.5 ISO 1600

1. Find geometric lines or textures, whether artificially or not, the world is full of lines or textures. If you look around carefully, you will find one or two places worth photographing. Open your "photographic eye".1.

2. Look for interesting lights and shadows. Try to find some special light sources. This can be a lamp, a candle, and then find out the shadows projected by it. There are lights and shadows. This kind of photo will look good.2.

3. Take advantage of tone to bring out the atmosphere. Don't be anxious to tone. Even if we take a color photo, we can adjust the appropriate color to match the atmosphere in Photoshop. Try the following steps: a. Open Photoshop, then go to Image> Adjustment> Desaturate to remove the color of the photo. B. Go to Image & gt; Adjustment & gt; Color Balance and adjust any color you like. C. To Image> Adjustment> Brightness/Contrast Enhancement Contrast (Contrast) column, if you are interested in it, you can also add dark corners to the photo, and a photo full of feelings is completed!3.

(2) Developing photographic eyes with geometric lines()

Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

1. Opening the photographic eye, looking for lines and patterns of buildings is a good subject for shooting. It does not move, and there are many different kinds of lines, geometric patterns and so on. It is a good place for novice photographers to train "photographic eyes". When you shoot buildings, you can boldly look for interesting pictures. Let's start from different angles. Try looking up, the space between the window and the window is also a "geometric pattern", and the window itself has its lines, so it is already a beautiful picture!1.,

2. Be aware that the light building will not move, so the light in the morning will be different from that in the afternoon. You can start with the building you normally walk through, observe the changes of light at different times of the day, and find the most beautiful time to shoot.2.

3. Black-and-white highlighting lines try to turn the photo into black-and-white, which can make the lines of the photo more prominent and more tense. It is recommended that you use Photoshop CS5 or more to open your photos and turn them into Image> Adjustment> Black and White options with different colors to make your black-and-white photos more attractive!3.

(3) Special light and shadow effects come from special angles()

Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III focal length 24 mm shutter 1/125 secs aperture f/8 ISO 100

1. Take a special angle. If you often shoot the whole building from a distance, it will make the picture ordinary. Try to find a special angle from far to near, and turn the lines of the outer wall into a part of your picture.1.

2. Use reflective surfaces to add creative modern buildings, many also have reflective glass exterior walls. Make good use of these reflective surfaces to take pictures of blue sky and white clouds to create unique pictures. At this time, please remove CPL filters to avoid affecting the reflective effect. Good subjects are everywhere. Whether you can take photos with personal style depends on whether your "photographic eyes" are well trained. Even if you don't have a camera around you, you should always practice to find out what subjects you can shoot. If you do, you will surely make progress in time.2.

(4) Using insufficient light to photograph works with weak light()

Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

Sometimes in cities or weather with poor air quality, smoke is often shrouded when taking pictures. Then you can try to take low-light pictures and turn these shortcomings into advantages.

1. Shooting low-key Photo is mainly to reduce the exposure of the photo, and take some darker photos, try to avoid the amount of light and light subjects. When the air is not good, this will give you another taste.1.(Low-key Photo)

2. Use gradient gray filter to balance the light difference because the ground will be darker when shooting directly because of the need to reduce the brightness of a little photograph. At this time, use gradient gray filter to balance the light difference between the sky and the ground, in order to reveal more details of the ground.2.

3. Strengthen a little contrast because there are suspended particles in the smoke or air. We can enhance a little contrast in the camera settings or later stages to make the photos more "solid".3.加强点对比

4. In order to make the low-light photos more atmosphere, we can use Photoshop to add dark angle.4.

(5) Rail-backed Night Buildings()

Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

In busy cities such as Shanghai, there are many people and cars. Even in the evening, the lights will still be bright. We can take the effect of this photo.

1. The main points of shooting rails are to photograph rails. Generally speaking, we can use M-Mode to reduce the aperture, reduce ISO, extend shutter and mount it on a stable tripod. It is better to use shutter line to make B shutter, and then use black card to help re-expose the rails to make them more dense. 2. Local Lighting/Darkening Techniques. Do you see that the tall buildings in the photos are darker, which makes the overpasses and rails more prominent? In fact, we can use the Dodge Tool and Burn Tool in Photoshop to fine-tune the part of the photo, which can enhance the effect and keep the nature!1.2./

(6) Sci-fi color photography of urban architecture()

Combination of color lines to photograph characteristic urban buildings

Camera Canon EOS 7D focal length 15 mm shutter 30 seconds aperture f/16 ISO 100

It may seem difficult for novices to make an effect like Dream City, but you can also make beautiful sci-fi pictures with one or two little tricks! Now let's see how to do it.

1. At the right time to shoot to see the sky gradually changing color and clouds? There are two times in a day when you can take pictures like this: before sunrise and after sunset (called Magic Hour). But it should be noted that although the time is correct, but the weather, cloudiness, air and so on also need to cooperate, the best day to shoot after sunny, rainy days.1.

2. Using tripod + black card to balance the light difference between the sky and the ground is very light. If shooting directly, if the sky is overexposed or the ground is underexposed, there are several ways to balance this phenomenon of light difference. Shaking black card can be considered as a more direct one. It is also recommended that novices learn. To shake a black card, tripods and slow shutters are necessary, and shutter lines are best equipped. One thing to note is that if you use black cards, you will have the opportunity to make a "dark spot covering the sky can not be brightened". You can see that the spire of the above photo is different from the light difference below, so we can use the following third point later to remedy it.2.使用脚架+

3. If you still feel that there is room for fine-tuning, you can use Photoshop's Shadow/Highlight to adjust and compare. It is suggested that you shoot RAW files as much as possible so that the space in the later period is larger.3.

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