Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

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Most people think that shooting girls is a routine, but with the development of society, people are more and more influenced by foreign culture, and personality photos are more and more accepted by everyone. What kind of portrait is a good photograph? Today we will talk about how the portrait can perfectly show the sexuality of women from the aspect of model posture. As we all know, women should master the skills of body curve processing. These curves are S-shaped curve, C-shaped curve, A-shaped curve and Z-shaped curve. My sister's film friends are very familiar with these. I will not elaborate on them one by one. Here are some pictures recommended by Canon EOS College for excellent works. Let's analyze them.

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

Girls'Photographer: Queer Qoo

Photo 1:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

Dreamback 1930 (2 pages) Author: Shutter and Speed

EXIF: Model Canon EOS 5D Mark III Aperture F5.6 Shutter 1/80 second focal length 24.0 mm ISO2500

The model in this picture is obviously the usual S-shaped curve posture. Although this posture is easy to achieve, if you can't choose clothes well, and it's not easy to produce works, how can you make the best of it? When shooting this routine curve, try to choose clothes that can shape the figure, such as cheongsam and tights. It's easy to hide the beautiful figure of a model if you choose a wide dress. The photographer chose the safflower colored cheongsam for the model. It shows a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure. The whole picture is warm. The slender legs and the jade feet coated with red nail polish are the highlights of the whole movie. Elegant, gentle and elegant temperament is conveyed by this picture. Information.

Photo 2:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

Miss summer. Author: Quiet

EXIF: Model Canon EOS 5D Mark II aperture F1.2 shutter 1/2500 seconds focal length 85.0mm ISO100

The first feeling of this photo is quiet and aesthetic. The model is composed of the head line combined with the body line and the leg line. The head is tilted with the body's tilt direction. The mood of the model is well controlled and the artistic conception is prominent. This curve is more storytelling, more relaxed atmosphere, very suitable for women and children.

Photo 3:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

Author of cardioscope: Qiao Buli

EXIF: Model Canon EOS 60D aperture F4.5 shutter 1/5000 second focal length 17.0mm ISO200

Xiaobian's first impression of this work is that it's clean and breathless. It's like heaven. In this photo, the model adopts the A-curve posture, with both legs crossing and bearing the weight of the body at the same time. This kind of curve is the most lack of flexibility, but this kind of curve has the characteristic of perseverance, when it expresses women, it will give people the feeling of fashion personality. Of course, A-shaped curve is absolutely not suitable for filling characters with pictures. In that case, it will give people a very earthy feeling. A-shaped curve should have a good environment, combining people with scenery is more visual and persuasive.

Photo 4:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

Ancient writer: Hu Yipei

EXIF: Canon EOS 5D Mark II lens Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L aperture F7.1 shutter 1/60 second focal length 43.0mm ISO250

I think you will raise your thumbs when you see this work. Yes, Xiaobian could not help exclaiming at this picture: "It's so beautiful!" From the posture of the woman in the photo alone, her upper body line combines the thigh line with the leg line. The woman leans on the horse, forming a whole frame with the horse, but also forming a strong contrast. Obscure, the woman's expression is melancholy and sad, but there is a little bit of love for horses in her eyes. It is undeniable that this is a big film!

Photo 5:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

[Travel Time] Author of Thai-Ayutthay: Wind and Noise Ink

EXIF: Canon EOS 5D Mark III lens Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM aperture F4.0 shutter 1/100 second focal length 85.0mm ISO100

Do you remember the wedding photos of the past few years? At that time, the wedding dress shooting was still very mainstream. It was popular in Japan. The Japanese harmony style in Taiwan was mostly aesthetic. In the past two years, with the success of Hong Kong wedding photographer cm, there has also been a popular "taste-heavy" documentary wedding. This work is a typical example, black and white wedding photos, and the sharpness is very strong and powerful, the highlight is that the groom has become the main focus. In the picture, the groom sits in a Z-shaped curve and the bride stands at the bottom with her back to the camera. This pose can easily show the beauty of the groom's fortitude.

Photo 6:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

Dream, Desert, Wanderer Author: Yuxi Fish

EXIF: Model Canon EOS 6D lens Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM aperture F2.8 shutter 1/2000 second focal length 70.0mm ISO125

The desolation of the desert is not only suitable for tough men in vicissitudes of life. In this photo, the women adopt the blunt angle Z-shaped curve posture, which usually appears in the supine posture of the characters. With the golden sea, the women can show more fluent lines and comfortable, leisurely and comfortable mood, and more instant with appropriate clothing. Draw the feeling of fashion blockbuster.

Photo 7:

Can you take a picture of your sister's curve?

10.27. Soy sauce VOL.1 Author: Fig in 161

EXIF: Model Canon EOS-1D C aperture F3.5 shutter 1/50 second focal length 50.0mm ISO800

In the picture, the woman adopts the sharp Z-shaped curve posture, which can reduce the space of the trunk and the lines of the body are not obvious. At this time, we should pay attention to the placement of the arms to avoid the lines of the body. The photographer makes the model with the guitar to avoid the lines of the body. If the arm posture is too arbitrary, it will appear that the picture is chaotic and not elegant. 。 In photography, try to avoid the disorder between lines.

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