Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

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After a period of exposure to portrait photography, people began to ask me some questions about photography on the Internet. It was found that most of the people who had just touched portrait photography for a period of time often cared about the equipment surface (whether it had to be full-length, it had to be mirror queen), the post-processing surface (how to adjust color, set style file, darkening angle, particles). (Texture) Start. After all, what should we do when we encounter bottlenecks in the early stages of this portrait photography?

Maybe a lot of people (including me) have experienced or are experiencing such problems, so I share 10 personal experiences and opinions, hoping to help you.

1. The original intention (what is your original intention for portrait shooting?)


Bottlenecks teach me 10 thingsBottlenecks teach me 10 things

Like myself, when I was a kid, I liked the girls in my class to touch the camera, so long as I could take pictures, I took my fool's negative camera to school, and spent a month's allowance to wash a roll of photos. In retrospect, the invention of digital cameras lowered the threshold of contact with photography, so I had to practice. It's much more convenient to be practical.

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

Until now, I still prefer to shoot girls. First, the emotional expression of girls on the screen is more delicate, which makes it easier for me to shoot boys on some occasions later. Second, I just started taking portraits, strictly speaking, it should be a university thing. At first, I would look for my favorite photographs to ask myself what I like about them. Then, through practice and practice, after a period of study and reflection, I would feel really comfortable looking at my photos. Being touched by the pictures I took, I feel quite accomplished. (Of course, it's another kind of happy feeling to get the special praise that friends mention when they meet each other.)

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

_If you can take pictures of yourself (and the other party) no matter how long you look at them again or feel like it, congratulations!

2. Classification and review (do you balance the time you spend organizing and editing photos with the time you take and study?)

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

When I joined the photography club in university, I heard from my teacher that photographers should spend one third of their time studying, one third of their time taking pictures and one third of their time organizing their own pictures. He has seen many photographers take great pictures, but without time to organize, the pictures are piled up there. However, there are excellent pictures in that pile. However, the relevant stories and shooting information, as time passes, are buried in memory, which is a pity.

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

My own experience is that photos can be placed less, but not more. More details are about the viewer's browsing habits on the presentation platform, such as the album is a single browsing. If one clicks the next photo and sees the very same one, it may feel as if "ghosts hit the wall" is easy to get bored, or even may be interested. Turn off the window if it's missing. But blog words still need to pay attention to this point, you only put a masterpiece and you put a masterpiece in 20 exercises, you may see that the masterpiece is particularly good, but the evaluation of you is not so high. In other words, to make people think that your good works can be trusted, Zhang and Zhang are everywhere.

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things


When I met the bottleneck of portrait, what dredged my mind was to absorb new knowledge. At that time, I heard the lecture shared by Wang Shenlai, a portrait photographer who had photographed many stars and even Wang Jianmin. He asked his classmates, "What is the most important thing for taking portraits?" "

At the moment, I said that if the line of the neck is exposed, I think it should be very beautiful. Please hold the hair with one hand and praise her smile. When grabbing the hair, the elbow naturally forms a diamond-shaped frame around the face, forming a frame in frame effect with the umbrella on the other side.Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

"Communication. "


_Many people have only one expression because they feel nervous when they take their first photograph, so when I take a private photograph, I try to find out the other person's different expressions at the beginning, the more the better.Bottlenecks teach me 10 thingsBottlenecks teach me 10 thingsBottlenecks teach me 10 things

Maybe five minutes sounds difficult, but at first we don't have to face the time pressure of commercial photography, so get rid of those five minutes first. In a word, I hope you can gain the confidence and security of the subject in a short time. (If you look for a model on a social networking site, you will first look at the other person's interests or guess the character of the other person from the words, which can be used as a topic for chatting before shooting or even for shooting). That's why, rather than trying to break your head and make strangers good friends for reunions in five minutes, I suggest that you can't find the big model at first. Home, the object of filming can start from relatives and friends in daily life. Think about it. If you can't even photograph the people around you well, what's the reason for you to win acclaim by photographing a stranger?

Photography is shooting light and shadow, more simply "shooting". Because there is shadow only when there is light, it is very important to choose the right light to take photos. Many commercial photographers shoot in the shed. How to create various light (light ratio, light quality) to meet their needs has become a lifelong topic for them. But ordinary people can also shoot well with natural light. It is highly recommended that people take more pictures when the weather is relatively good (for example, outdoors is just three hours before the sun comes out and three hours before sunset), & nbsp; & nbsp; cloudy light becomes soft light from the top of the head, although softer, but losing direction. Diffuse light needs to be supplemented by a silver reflector, which makes the texture of the face look more hierarchical and attractive.

< the condition of no shade on the top of the head > (left) no beating board, no eyes and shadow under the eyes /(middle) silver reflector is too close under the face, causing the shadow to fall now on the cheek and nose /(right) holding on the side to increase the stereo sense and eliminate the ugly shadow! (model: Hsinhsin Wang)Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

In general, lighting in indoor houses or restaurants is often not conducive to shooting, mainly due to inadequate wattage, but light is the problem of light frequency and color temperature, which will make shooting work not so smooth, we need to pay more attention to white balance and photometric exposure according to the need to pay attention to the part before the shutter. If you can make good use of the window light, I believe you can take ideal photos.

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

_Simply using the natural window light on the left side of Dakan to shoot, the light conditions can be easily selected to shoot with small DC (Samsung EX2F)

5. sense of beauty. (Read and feel more)

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things


6. Post-production (Have you ever thought about your screen color bias?)

I think color is also a confusion of many people, but my personal experience is that if you don't know which photos are better, I don't recommend to start the post-production stage now. First, the direction is not clear, it's easy for you to spend more time than taking photos and learning to organize photos. Secondly, they know that every screen has color difference when they go to the supermarket. We suggest that you can search for "standardization of color management". In the course of study, I only corrected the white balance and increased or decreased the exposure for about one year, in order to understand what the "original color" of the camera can be photographed is like. Until a year ago, after updating the computer equipment and doing color management, it began to do more active management of the details of the screen, realized that the lack of film hardware equipment, really spent a lot of time (before making the color tube after the production, afterwards it is very sad to see) before the post-production to obtain a composition as perfect as possible, exposure. It's important to have the right photos. Sometimes the scene just can't avoid some miscellaneous scenes. Cutting afterwards makes the picture more realistic. Ask yourself, "Is that the best way to do it?" "Ask yourself where the highlights of the picture are and whether there are other elements that interfere with it, thereby reducing the aesthetic and tension of the picture. _Make the overall tone consistent (atmosphere) through the post-system, so that the picture is more in line with the feelings that the heart wants to convey.Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

_Based on the different feelings to be conveyed as the direction of the post-systemBottlenecks teach me 10 things

Post-production is not a shady thing. Traditional darkroom work is also post-production, but now digital convenience is much more, without spending a lot of money to buy equipment, as long as a computer and software can handle all kinds of work, photos are taken back, add ideas to make hope, will become works.

7. equipment


_iPhone4s, camera + APP shooting + filter cell phone small depth of field characteristics, in this time it is easy to take clear picturesBottlenecks teach me 10 things


_Sony Nex-5N, Adob e-light room retouching takes photos in private, but the ease of shooting becomes the first consideration.Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

8. Change shooting habits (change focus, change shooting rhythm, light)

Change focal length. For example, 90% of the time I used to take portraits myself, I used a 50mm fixed-focus lens, because I like to capture close-ups of people's expressions. Overall, there may be a lack of some people's picture with a view. The picture with a view is insufficient, and the view is more moderate. Later, different focal lengths (such as 24mm 35mm or 85mm 135mm) will be inserted to make themselves jump out of the view of the conventional focal lengths, and the tension of the picture will naturally change.

_Canon 135 mm F2 L (long focal length makes the focusing body very clear)Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

Change the shooting rhythm. Simply put, it would have been possible to press 100 shutters an hour to raise the frequency to 300 or more times an hour, or to take 200 pictures an hour instead of restricting yourself to take 36 pictures (or simply using a negative camera is a way to change the rhythm of shooting). In this way, it would have jumped out of the original thinking of shooting. Come on, more unconstrained or more thoughtful.

_Let the subject get used to your shooting rhythm. It's only about 10 seconds for continuous shooting like this.Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

Change the light. Like my portrait shooting habits of natural light, and take the angle of backlight, want to get rid of the usual photo texture, you can change to smooth shooting, make a small aperture photograph to retain the details of the scene, or take silhouettes, or even use artificial light source (using wireless trigger + flash, with different lamps (transmission umbrella, reflection). Umbrella, flexible hood, honeycomb and so on) can make a lot of changes. By changing the combination of light, add different atmosphere to the whole group of photos. _Use two small flashlights in the dark vegetable market (background: naked light). Person: Add an 80cm transmission umbrella to the top of the oblique right.Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

9. purpose

In the era of foreign photography, it seems that a camera can be a photographer? I found that when I asked some people why they wanted to take these pictures (especially those taken outside of beautiful girls), they said they had motivation, but they didn't really say "purpose". What's interesting is that they can shoot repetitive things without any purpose. Sometimes they say they want to shoot different things, but in fact they just change the theme. If motivation (original intention) is the motivation to continue shooting, then I think the purpose is to give you a direction to review the improvement criteria, after all, photography is a behavior that will have different evaluation of the same picture because of different purposes. For example, if you want to take photos as works, and then you want to take wedding records, but only take part in activities or ask girls to take fashion pictures outside, you feel a little bit like riding a donkey to find a horse. Or if you want to shoot a work, you want to be able to contact the clothes networking, but you always go to the hotel to pick up the girls'clothes (mistake).... Summary is what the target group of the audience is (of course, it can also be very personal, self-satisfaction, making friends, knowing the opposite sex can also be a purpose) before shooting, so it is convenient. Follow-up after review. Filming couples is more interesting and suitable for my stage than just shooting beautiful girls.Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

10. Put down the camera

I really can't help it. Let's put down the camera first. Like my favorite portrait photography, it tends to be close to the good moments in life. If my life is not brilliant, how can it happen with the good and touching? If you open your heart to the splendor of life, the sensitivity of images will come unasked.

Bottlenecks teach me 10 things

Instead of taking pictures of other people all the time, it's better to have a love affair yourself first.


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