2020 spring and summer men's clothing pattern trend prediction - letter deformation

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Style refinement
The change in letters always gives an unexpected surprise. When you feel tired of the straightforward letter declaration, try to deform the letters. Alphabetic short sentences or brand LOGOs are transformed and reorganized by means of splitting, twisting, superimposing, misalignment, etc., giving the letter pattern a new vitality.

Style refinement

Letter fission, overlap / pixel technology
The superposition of different color letters, with the effect of pixel-like splitting, forms a letter pattern with a stylish and slightly technical sense. It can be printed or decorated with a sequin process.

Lines, polka dots/alien letters
The combination of lines, polka dots and other graphic patterns, the simple outline, is applied to the low-key personality. A combination of printing and embroidery can be used.

Misaligned stitching/split letters
The secondary recombination of splitting the letters and then displacing them is very design. It is used in styles and unique styles. Can be used for printing or printing and embroidery.

Twist/letter deformation
Distort the letters to create an abnormal visual effect. It is used in a single product with a stylish personality and a sense of design.

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